RDF dungeon Wild Growth bugged

With the icecrown patch comes a Bug in the Random Dungeon Finder. In the said dungeons from RDF Wild Growth is bugged big time, it doesnt target some players at all.
When im queueing RDF with a full guild group i dont encounter the issue though.
So the bug must be server related “pvp / pve cross server” I’ve tried disabling / enabling pvp tag still it does not fix the issue.

Anyone plays Resto druid that has this bug aswell ? I`m curious, because its highly annoying since Wild Growth is such a big and important heal.

Thanks in advance people :slight_smile:

I did and some others as well, majority of my issues have been solved though by flagging myself as PVP enabled.

Deffo something that needs to be looked at though, as only having 1 AoE heal that doesnt work, is a bit of a pain in the rear!

The thing is…even flagging or unflagging myself for pvp doesnt even work in most of the cases, not even for my friends or guildies that use the RDF. its highly annoying, and now i see alot more Resto druids experiencing this issue.

This is indeed a bug with PvP flagging that seems to have started (again) after phase 4 went live.

It affects more classes and specs than resto druid, for information. Outside of wild growth, it affects spells like shamans chain heal, warriors battle shout and other effects that (should) hit several players at once.

You all need to be either unflagged or flagged for the spells to hit. Casting chain heal on flagged targets will only bounce to other flagged targets, casting chain heal on unflagged targets will only bounce to unflagged targets, etc etc.

Annoying, indeed. But the workaround right now is to write a reminder each time you join a new group to make all party members type /pvp.

Tonight i was doing a Gundrak Gamma with a pally tank, a mage, and 2 DK dps.

The Paladin was the only one that was pvp tagged, yet my Wild Growth only healed me and the Tank when we hugged on Moorabi, so apparently the pvp flag isnt the main issue which is very odd. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I even recorded the run and rewatched the footage to make sure i wasnt mistaken. :smirk:

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