Real Mages Wear Pants

Seriously, the lack of choices from cloth not to have to wear a robe is outstandingly low and annoying. We need more tops that don’t turn into a bloody skirt. ^^

I mean, I guess you have class identity, but I still feel if people had the choice between the fancy robes and actual pants they’d choose the pants.

I want to hear ones opinions. Or maybe even ideas for fancy cloth sets with pants.

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Always proud of my pants and top hat.

Im not wearing a robe! although thats because im a male worgen

No, that is because you can not wear cloth. Just look at yourself and then look at this handsome future Grovi:


:joy: I appreciate you going through the efforts to make me laugh

For realsies though, my mage uses the antorus set mythic, but with the shoulders of normal ( too much on worgins x3 )

Dear god that is beautiful. xD

It is! Grovi looks awesome

I used to use the Kirin Tor sets From Ulduar, blood/void elf heritage has it sorted too. Shame about Nightborne… it’s like they just forgot to give them a pants option. Rip

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