Real reason why Microsoft bought acti/blizz

What do kids love these days ? Call off duty !

What console do they like ?? PS5!

Microsoft being smart just bought the entire company like they did bethesda of course we will still keep our launcher and stuff but forget ever playing any of blizzards console games on Playstation console.



‘Kids’ probably prefer Fortnite. Maybe they should have bought epic.


Kids these days like graphics and fortnite looks like garbage.

Explain Minecraft’s success.


Minecraft is not a shooting game and has a big mod community so thats that.

So kids like good graphics unless it’s not a shoter?

Yeah since candy crush is owned by activision too i see that as a big profit.

Yeah. I rather phrased it like:

Microsoft Wins. Flawless victory…



I don’t think most of the wow players have touched cod at all

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One of the reasons people go for PlayStation are the exclusives. COD is not an exclusive.
Your analysis is flawed.

Cod will be exclusive in a year when the deal is 100%

Don’t think so. But it is interesting to see what will have changed next year.

and then kids are tired of cod. so windows users have to pay sub to use windows hahaha

Diabolo 4 xbox exclusive…

Dunno what else they get from it tbh…

The company isn’t the same billiondollar company it was after all the staff changes recently… seems like Microsoft bought something which already past its use by date… for collector edition prices.

The company is more than Warcraft, however WoW is still very profitable. They also have CoD, and CandyCrush prints money with little effort.

Maybe, Microsoft can buy Sony in the next 5 yrs or so…until Bethesda releases the elephant in their room…TES 6

Lol blizzard is still a billion dollar company

Imagine being so salty at WoW you can’t see that it’s still a huge money making machine


Owning a dead franchise is a flex. When Microsoft bought Bethesda they also stopped the development of the Elder Scrolls series.

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