Reasons to release SSC and TK asap

I have to say I’m not a huge fan of Blizzard artificially trying to milk subs by gatekeeping content that wasn’t originally meant to be locked.
Right now there is about 3-4 hours worth of raid content per week, and sharing 3 tier pieces between 25 people gets disappointing and annoying pretty fast.
Sure you can farm heroics for that one elusive epic from the last boss, or stock up on badges for future patches, but that just means you won’t be doing those heroics for badges later, so its more like borrowed content from the future.
Sure, hardcore guilds will probably kill Vashj and Kael on the day of release, but I’d wager that more casual guilds will struggle with them and it will probably take weeks for some.
I didn’t really raid much in original TBC, but I remember a friend of mine who was in a pretty serious guild, and they raided BT for weeks or months before finally downing Illidan.
Kara and Gruul are still going to be cleared every week for the rest of the expansion, so I dont really see the point of artificially locking content away (apart from the cash flow ofc).

And even if you are a very casual player and feel like you dont want to be “left behind”, you’re not really losing anything if more invested players have some better gear that they will end up having anyway later. In fact it probably makes your life easier.

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I can’t believe Blizzard has artificially extended P1 when there “no real pve content” our guild raids 3h in week clearing 3x kara and both 25mans.

One could play pvp but oh well that’s messed up as well as bg que times being ridiculously long and honor gains lower than they are supposed to be.

If blizz is lining up ssc and tk with season 2 and following original 6 month ± week or two who on their right mind can take current pve content and the state of bgs / honor gains as they are for 4 more months

I just wanna all remind you that only reason why t4 and t5 is split is because of fans demand, they wanted good season 1 and blizz listened, stop being so critical


Most people are not even kara attuned yet.

Stop trying to speed run the expansion


I agree with this.

Retail is there for your content gluttony.


Why does it ruin the expansion because people are not Kara attuned? If you’re not Kara attuned it means you’ve barely touched the game since launch or you started this week, which means you’re extremely casual.

Blizzard doesn’t and has never held back main content to allow super slow casuals to be on par. Most people in the original TBC didn’t start raiding T5 until late 2007 or early 2008 and it was fine, T5 was available on launch in january.

I’m fine with them holding back T5 from launch, but it has been 6 weeks and anyone who made any kind of effort was doing Karazhan in the first week. Those who were making a lot of effort cleared Karazhan the day after TBC launched… Kara attunement is literally 4 normal dungeons, of which 2 you don’t even have to kill a boss.

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Maby it’s time they start doing it then :slight_smile:

Yeah it makes sense for Blizzard to design the content around the people who are actively not playing the game. You should go into game design mate.

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Yeah this season 1 has been super good LOL, dead game already


It was wish of community, dont throw this one on blizz

This is simply untrue.

Please don’t rush the expansion Blizzard. Let us enjoy each phase.


Well it’s kinda true. 50% of my guild was doing kara 5 days into TBC, 80% the week after that. Yesterday I was doing the Kara attunement quests under Karazhan on an alt and I was baffled by how many lvl 70’s I saw there while it’s very much advised that you start the chain at 68.

That said I do agree Blizz should not base their release schedule on people like me and the OP. I’m close to being done on this char, minus a few upgrades from Kara, but I still wanna take my time on an alt. A LOT of people I meet in my HC dungeons don’t even have epic gear from Karazhan yet, let alone Gruul/Mag, so I think this phase should be far from over.

My bet/guess is late September at the earliest. I don’t want TBC, the expansion I’ve looked forward to for so long, to last only 1.5 years.


Minmaxing monkeys are asking for moooooore :joy:


what a bullshiit there sir. if 90% has cleared all content. should we really have to wait for the last 10%? IF THEY STILL CAN CLEAR KARA WHEN P2 IS ALIVE?

think man think use that little brain

You just pluck that 90% out of the air did you?

Some people have serious jobs and didn’t have time to rush through content as quickly as possible. The fact that a lot of players went down the meta route of grinding dungeons to level as quick as possible so they could cheese it through easy starter content doesn’t mean Blizz should rush to accommodate them. Why would they? Those same players will just rush through and not enjoy the new content and then whine and moan for the next content and then whine and moan for WotLK classic.


90% might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I do think that about 70% of the max level players have cleared at least Karazhan.

That said: cleared =/= fully geared. Also to me clearing a raid once isn’t ‘finishing’ it. Getting all you want from the raid is one criteria, another one is just enjoying your multiple playthroughs of that amazing raid.

We are in a unique position now, where kara is current content and not just a stepping stone people need to zerg through to be able to get into SSC/TK/BT etc…, be it attunement wise or gear wise.

So why not savor is while it lasts? I’m not saying they should keep p1 around until 2022 but releasing SSC/TK now would diminish the uniqueness of a ‘phase 1- feeling’ that each expansion has. My opinion anyway.


You clearly have no idea what is a dead game. Wild star is such game. WoW isn’t. Your statement is invalid on all accounts.

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TBC is out for 50 days, (7 weekends). If u didnt manage to get level 70 and clearing kara by now. well that is on you. find urself some new game.


I’m gonna say that most people are at this point. (people who intend to raid atleast)

It wasn’t the community’s wish to destroy S1. That’s 100% on Blizzard with the bigbrain arena changes I’ve seen literally no sane person praise.