Reasons to release SSC and TK asap

If they are unemployed or it´s their job to play the game, then yes. Otherwise no. How can you be so deluded to think that the “working man” can hit level 70 in week one and also get done the kara attune while he or she is at it.

I´ve never seen such ignorance towards people with jobs etc.


Only minmaxers may stop playing for completing each Phase really fast, so even if all the content was release in one go, they would quit the game before everyone else… So anyways, no need to rush the expansion, there are still many things to do


Some people just don’t get that the majority of WoW classic players don’t have those 8 hours a day to play due to IRL stuff like work or family…


i work 40/45 hours a week. been clearing kara since 2nd week and have done all my heroic’s and attunements even for P2.

ur saying?


What cjanges are you reffering to? I know only about tornado

What about professions and reps? Did you bought gold then? I did farm like a crazy guy to get that Blacksmith skill to 375… With only 2 or 3 hours a day to play I don’t know if I can even compare to you and I have done Kara since week two aswell and I’m still not full BIS

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I could apply that same reasoning to you.

“TBC is out for not even 2 months, if you decided to rush the content and are now bored that is on you. Find yourself a new game.”

Why do you think Blizzard should cater to you? As I said previously you’ll just rush the new content they release and then moan about the slow release of the next content. Just slow down, level some alts, prepare for next content releases, farm more gold, have a laugh and do some goofy stuff… or play something else in the interim.


Entire rating system is not what we had in Tbc.
Teams start at 0 rating compared to 1500 in Tbc.
Every season now has a rating req for specific pieces, unlike in Tbc where s1-s3 nothing had rating req (might be s1-s2 not sure)

The only tbc part about arena atm are the maps. All the rest is different.

I think it was only s1 with non rating things? And i really dont think it matters that much. And does the 0rating really matter that much? Like with my 2s team i was on 1500 in like 2hrs

Yes you should.

Learn patience and don’t rush things.



How can you be so deluded into thinking reaching 70 + kara attune takes a long time? 30-40 hours if you’re efficient. More if not. You can ding 70 and the next hour be attuned because you can start it at 68.
Don’t be bad? Ever tried?

Fulltime job here, raidlogging since week 3.


More than plenty. 50x2.5 = 125 hours. You should be 70,attuned to everything, and geared to blast SSC/TK with maxed professions. Not our fault you spend your time ingame unwisely.

Good thing we get a long P1 then :slight_smile:

So you don’t have to worry too much about how you spend your hours or to be efficiant.

Bro don’t flex as if you are a better player or something, Iv’e been raid loggin in classic because there was much less things to do and I finished with 1,298.44 all star points… So you can see I took it kinda seriously… But TBC is whole different story, You have many things to do before you can even raidlog, this is if you care about your performance… I like to minmax my class and to play the best I can, but what you are saying about TBC time consuming just makes 0 sense…


It’s summer. People are on holiday. My guess is that T5 will be released in September. Which is fine.


Why ppl have such desire to rush things?

Can’t you just enjoy the game at a nice pase and not run it like you’re paid for it? Xd


I farmed gold before TBC. Got reps i needed for my char to Exalted, profs are top.
u dont need much gold after ur done with profs and gear.

TBC is out 50 days and 7 weekends. what do you mean rush? if i have free time i play.

I mean, you can still work on your alt and professions that come in handy?

P2 September feels fine.

Spoiler: they aren’t. Let players enjoy the game smoothly. If you are already farming the raids, level an ult, play arenas, go BGs, or max out profs.

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I´m not condemning what you do, but you probably did not much besides playing the game then, which is fine, but it´s not how the majority plays the game.

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I have an alt at 70 and maxxed professions. I like that the same people who cry they can’t get gear fast only from doing PvP are the same people who tell PvErs they have to do PvP to enjoy the game. Maybe if u did some raids u wouldn’t need to get full blue set from honor grinding it for months. We just want to spend more time with our raid teams. 2 small raids that can be cleared in less than an hour is not enough especially that originally T5 was available from the beginning. And god forbid we would want to do BGs together as a raid, we can’t have that because people who don’t want to find a team and put any effort in would lose. It just feels like a mutliplayer game at this point, not massive multiplayer.