Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts – October 2023

To provide more transparency on the actions we take against cheating and exploitation, here is an accounting of the number of actions that were taken over the last month, October 2023:

Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions in October 2023: 203026

All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result in permanent bans or 6-month suspensions. This number does not include other actions such as those taken on accounts with character name or in-game language violations. We continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.


This is great stuff, thanks for the update Kaivax.

Still waiting for your answer on this one → HK’s missing after classic era patch/pvp update - #115 by Bananoid-firemaw

Hope all is well!

Doing their best :upside_down_face:

Not fast enough. But this is just another “let pretend we do something” with some made up numbers. People can get suspended or ban just by trading over 50k gold without knowing about the stupid automatic system that detect them as “gold sellers”.


Still hundereds of flyhack bots in strat and dm on era firemaw.

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Wake me up when you come up with a permanent fix, how hard is it to detect someone flying through the terrain, or fishing for days straight… embarrassing. These random numbers never meant a thing.

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Bots won’t start until they start to permaban the buyers. So what if Blizz ban your bot? If you have managed to sell more than 10 euro/dollars worth of gold before the ban, you have still made a profit and you just make a new account. If they start to permaban goldbuyers, that will quickly kill the demand, and when the demand is gone, the bots will be gone too. The bots are there because people want them there. They want to buy the gold they farm.


maybe it’s time to consider the wow token for classic
The demand is clearly there and it would take massive amounts of gold out circulation.
a fap was 12g on the weekend

Dire Maul is still full of Bots, how many more do I need to report until you guys clean it out? :upside_down_face:

And they are all in retail, well at least 95% are.

Post a number that could be 3 or 500000, there’ll still be bots. This just a con post to give confidence back to players who might be unsubbing?

Evolve your methods eh? Pretty sure active GMs on each realm was the peak evolution, not waiting 6 months or more to ban them once they’ve half wrecked the economy.

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The difference between now and then is that back then there was actually people playing the game, farming non stop as a full time job, while no it’s bots. 1 Person can run 100 bots wich means there are a LOT more bots than there was goldfarmers back in the day. These people make a LOT of money. Some of them make more in a week, than many make in an entire year. You can ban them non stop they will still make a profit. If you want to get rid of them you have to kill the demand. If noone buys gold, there is no profit to be had and they will go away. The only way to kill demand, is to start permabanning gold buyers. Start with the highest buyers, if that doesn’t scare the rest, take another ban wave, and continue ban waves of goldbuyers until the rest get the message. That is the only way to kill demand and get rid of bots. I doubt it is going to happen though. Blizz makes too much money on subbing bots. They don’t want to kill it.

It’s the sites themselves that need to be get rid of, similar to boosting sites in fps/moba games. It’s unreal you are 2 clicks away from any kind of paid service. They are illegal, against tos, how hard is it to shut them down?
And people wonder why noone wants to play multiplayer anymore, this is why. The only reason I’m here because HC doesn’t really have that many bots. Wotlk or Era? How can you guys play that? See bots farming in broad daylight and you are just? ok?

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