Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts – September 2023

To provide more transparency on the actions we take against cheating and exploitation, here is an accounting of the number of actions that were taken over the last month, September 2023:

Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions in September 2023: 136014

All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result in permanent bans or 6-month suspensions. This number does not include other actions such as those taken on accounts with character name or in-game language violations. We continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.


And as usual those numbers are usueless without further explanation:

  • Is that Classic Era only (if not, why post it in the Era forums)
  • Is that EU only or all regions?
  • How come the number of banned accounts is much lower than last month, when we - the players - still see the bots in Dire Maul, Stratholme or even out in the open?

My best guess is those numbers are Retail and a few Classic bots who was so unlucky to be caught. Honestly I can’t tell any difference from a few months ago :frowning:


It’s also the same number on the posts on both EU and US - so I’m assuming it’s therefore across the board?

I suppose we could take it at face value “across the board” … “WoW Accounts” … suggests to me world-wide accounts on all aspects of WoW.

But then both here and US posts are posted on Classic forums … so that suggests they’re ONLY talking Classic (of course that stops them playing retail too … but this implies that the infractions took place on Classic).

Clear as mud … as usual.

And yet they fly to stratholme still.

Makes you wonder if they actually do anything or just pretend?
Like the years of pvp kills they stole and said they would return.

Yet they very clearly did nothing whatsoever. Not a single person I know has had a single kill restored.

Come on man details are needless to say, they gotta keep somethin themselves to be more efficient, “you never tell a criminal how or when will get arrested”,

This sounds good enough for me, at least you are on it.

It is posted on classic era wow eu forum, it if was something else it would have been posted elsewhere, so its for EU classic era wow

It’s not only EU becuase the exact same post is on the US forums.

Can someone with one account be logged in at 2 different regions at the same time btw?

WoW (In all versions) is so infested with bots that 136000 is still in like the 1% of total bots.

yep they can, if u mean “bnet account” so if u have us wow 1 and eu wow 1 u can

So 2 subs with same account 2 regions to play?

They just pretend. They never take action on real bots and gold buyer/seller. Probably on people that do “deathrolls” and don’t know that trading huge amount of gold (like 30k+) will get them suspended.

yeah exactly

Bring clone service back, there a lot of bread to be taken from players

We continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.

You are not doing enough. Hire me and I will solve the bot problem much better than you have done so far. I mean I can keep up with the reporting speed enough that I probably would be able to do that many accounts alone if I would have a full time job doing it manually without any tools.

With 136014 bots a full time employee would only need to ban around 800 bots per hour or around 13 bots per minute to do it manually. That is around the rate that I report the bots in EPL with the in game tools you offer without any action being taken against them.

They keep flying every over EPL every day with no stop day in and day out and your “ban wave” or whatever you want to call it has not changed that a bit. It has been like this every day, every week for quite a while now.

If I would be able to develop simple tools to automatically detect and ban 95% of those bots (with a 100% confirmation that they are bots), that would be enough so that I could watch youtube half the time and still keep up with your track record.

Either you just suck at fixing this problem or you dont care even the slightest.
This is ruining the game. We dont pay to have World of Flying Botcraft. We actually care about things in this game and your incompetence is ruining the experience for us players.

Also… Doing ban waves once a month or whatever you are trying to do is not working since that makes the bots profitable. The ban waves needs to happen around once a day for things to make a dent in any form of profit.

Also please ban the gold buyers. No buyers = no bots.

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