Refund crybabies

Hope your mom allows you to stay up so late :open_mouth:

Wow. Handbags at 50 paces here :older_adult::handbag::older_woman:

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You can buy my feces, gipsy bum

Then why are you crying about people crying

Heck, even using the terms ‘‘Cry’’ is incredibly childish :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like to steal other people’s food.

In what world lol?

exactly hes just here to grief

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please stop i cant take it no more

you are genius

but seriously stop, i applogized

and most likely to be banned cough ^^

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racist and homophobic ok lets report

Already did, flagged for inappropriate. Poor monkey

Well said Demric! :+1:

Jesus… this thread.

Omg, reported for being a racist and intolerant! Do you just assume I am a monkey?! :o :smiley:

Go eat some more sh*t… It will calm you down

Oh, your vocabulary ran out I see :smiley:

I live in a posh area, so it’s like 2 cups of coffee while being looked down on for wearing non branded clothing.
But yes, I agree with you.

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It’s food for 2 days. But it’s not even that it’s hours of reposting crap in retail AH competing with bots with automated TSM to get gold to sub (with no money) to get names that I didn’t have to do because they messed server release up.

Followed by split communities, after 2 weeks of stressing over getting your name again (with multiple fails, not releasing 3 limit on the 1st new 4 group), 7k queue on a low realm that they told people to go to and then next day opened 5 more but now we are stuck with Italian spam, still no Spanish server btw. Now they are increasing cap on servers…that’s gonna do wonders for the economy…

Each day we stray further from…what was sort of expected/kinda-promised…

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Using Twitch emotes outside of Twitch… This ain’t it