Refund crybabies

Seriously, it is pathetic to see grown men crying about long queues and asking for a 12 EUR sub refund. You were warned about queues and now you cry like little pussies and want your pennies back. It’s like 3 cups of coffee.


the only thing that whining achieves is LFR, dynamic spawns, sharding, cross server, mob level scaling etc etc


Relating LFR & scaling to login queues. PepeLaugh haHAA


You make me cry

Hey! 3 cups is the difference between me getting through a day or not :wink:


if i saw you i would take 13euro from you, since you wouldnt do anything about it lol

easy victim


Yeah but you multiply that 3 cups of coffees by the hundreds of thousands of people affected and suddenly the figure is huge for a service that people cant use. Cant let companies like this just take your money and give you nothing in return, you wouldn’t do it anywhere else so why would you let blizzard do it? When i go to buy a cup of coffee i don’t expect to pay full price for half a coffee.

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A loot of us work for our living and have kids. We dont have all the time in the world go stand in que for 120 min to play about 1 - 2 hours afther the kids are to bed…

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People CAN use the service. I played all days since release. Yeh, we might need to wait for a bit, but that’s expected.


dont think so, its only 13euro 3 cups of coffee you wouldnt risk your pretty face for it… or did you suddenly change your opinion about your dumb thread?

still ur blizzards favorite sub, they can threat you like crap and you would say thank you


Do you always eat sh*t ?

And I guess you’re here to give us back what in your eyes is a small amount of money? We paid for something and should get a better experience than what it is now. It’s normal that people are dissapointed and speaking up for themselves.

You’re not in a position to judge other people.

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according to this there are servers with no queue. we can take our friends and go there but even in high queue servers you can play if you wait. noone plays 24 hours a day. you can let it queue and then play for some hours.

Server # of Players in Queue Blizzard Estimated Time (min)
Ashbringer 5,007 87
Dreadmist 784 7
Firemaw 16,757 949
Flamelash 8,660 243
Gandling 5,568 114
Gehennas 18,284 668
Golemagg 17,808 475
Hydraxian Waterlords 0 (Medium) 0
Mirage Raceway 5,299 108
Mograine 12,583 660
Nethergarde Keep 837 8
Noggenfogger 7,216 206
Pyrewood Village 6,500 136
Razorgore 10,431 349
Shazzrah 19,452 585
Skullflame 0 (High) 0
Stonespine 4,165 78
Ten Storms 0 (Medium) 0
Zandalar Tribe 6,768 188

even if someone tries to refund they will tell him to change server because there are server with very small queues


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