Regarding the Forums

it feels like Mods dont really care about flags in most cases.

I flaged 15ish posts where someone is offensive, nor it got deleted neither its poster got punishement. Im gonna start emailing them from now on.

BUT god forbid I break a single rule and make a tiniest joke - they’re there, the silent protectors the watchful guardians! M O D S!!!


Where do you email them? Might have need of that email address soon lol

I kinda want to have more faith in the forum mods but reading this thread has me concerned :confounded:

The fuse on this one was short… Badum Tss.

You can’t, it’s just flag without giving a reason for it. So you could potentially get a multitude of your friends to target a singular post to flag it and get it removed/covered up.

There be a more hands on approach for these sort of things in-game and on the forums. It feels redundant just opening a ticket or posting a thread at all, you’re just stirring the pot/all round unpleasantness.

Flagging also leads to a temporary lock of the thread.

So it’s a system that itself creates even more disruption in order to deal with disruptive posters.


It’s covered in the Welcome post

So far it’s a forum problem (being harassed by someone) and I wouldn’t ask anyone else to flag them for me. I’ll just stick to my current stance of flagging and hoping if no other way to deal with it. I don’t even like flagging people in all honesty :frowning:

If it follows me into game I think might die of embarrassment for the person though lol

Edit: thanks Punyelf, I wasn’t sure of the email address there was suitable as it says if you have been banned. I’ll see what happens next and then escalate it if need be.

They did try going through Goldshire. You know that, you’ve been shown in the threads before:


What about Blizzard going out of their way to disband a ERP guild?


The author for TRP3 went out of their way to introduce a profile flagging feature for material such as ERP profiles, doxxing and other offensive content in BFA.

I’ve even spoken to a GM about it in the past:

Here he explicitly says to report all people engaging in Erotic Roleplay. But if you don’t want to believe that have some blue posts:

Hope that’s a helpful reminder!


Thou puny, you being one of us for along time and then taking it even a step further think you should try to convey some of our feelings about the forums.

Just yesterday some physco was harassing people and upvote/downvoting and flagging people in their thread where they went on and patted and complimented themselves on their main + 9 alts ( I actually checked )

I feel like sometimes the forums are a little bit too lax. and allow crazies to roam free.

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I’m aware, I’m speaking about it being kept in-game through tickets as I would/have done being confronted in such situations. This wasn’t the entirely point towards this thread, nor have there been any names specifically mentioned or hinted towards by myself.

If we are focusing on that however, by all means, as I know some of you have already. Do go towards these individual and report them for these things, I’d just much rather prefer it kept off the forums personally seeing what it brings.

I’m still one of you, I just happen to post in green now. I have no special powers, I’m not a moderator. I can try and help if there is something specific or reportable where someone is breaking the rules.

People posting on their alts to comment on their own posts isn’t a ‘new forum’ thing but the liking/flagging my well be. I’m not exactly sure what the limitations were on the old system. I’m not really a post on alts kind of girl. I wish we were limited to just one posting char. Would make life so much easier.

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I wasn’t talking to you. I was replying to Fairbanks.


Thanks for the links. It’s much appreciated.

I don’t exactly have passion for this type of information so I can’t exactly go ten rounds on a wide range of facts because I simply don’t know a lot of facts on walking the line.

It is confusing still as to why Goldshire isn’t wiped clean. If ERP was truly such an issue for Blizzard it would have been wiped out very quickly, as I said before. Park up in Goldshire and just hit that ban hammer after 10 seconds of reading a /w someone has sent. (And possibly a good minute of recovering from vomiting).

I just fail to see how people ERPing in the privacy of their DM’s is an issue for Blizzard. It’s not exactly hurting anyone and is sometimes a good source of comedy for as long as it’s healthy. (If that makes sense.)

If such stuff is sent in public channels, like what was recently leaked from a certain Goblin guild, then I 100% understand. Get them out of this game.

But people doing their stuffy in relative privacy? If it was so bannable, they’d be banned.
(I’ve repeated some things, sorry)

Previously, you A: Couldn’t see who liked something and B: Couldn’t like from all your alts.

These changes are hilariously bad and make likes even more meaningless than internet goodboypoints already are in the first place.


Aha, sorry I’m not familiar with green powers, but yeah limiting posting to one character would be a dream come true…

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Or just counting all your posts together as one character, as it did with the previous forums. Goes with the whole upvoting too and in this more recent case, flagging.


I personally don’t have an issue with people seeing posts I’ve liked or that people can see who liked any post.

Being able to like on multiple chars is obviously not a good system. I have nearly 50 characters on my account. I couldn’t be bothered to relog onto all of them to like something but there will always be someone who can be bothered.

Although it’s annoying from our perspective each account does have a user ID attached to it that the blues can see on each character on the account so they at least low if you are liking yourself from different alts or using alts to cause trouble. They can also see if you are using alts to flag people so flags from say 10 different alts only count as 1 flag I believe.

Switching between characters, is just a click away. It doesn’t really take much effort to be quite frank. I’ve chosen to stick to this character with all this trust level stuff going on now.

Whether the blues know this doesn’t really matter much though, likes are already hardly worth anything at all and anyone being able to boost their own rates up by dozens (I can even upvote and post with deleted characters lol) is just extremely flawed design, effectively making sure that there’s no reason for likes to exist in the first place.