Reliving The Naxxramas Experience

That’s still stupid. Heck, right now I’m stocking up hundreds of GAE, Elixir of Greater Firepower (well, the mats at least) etc. for AQ/Naxx. Do you really think you’re going to make me more likely to use them by forcing me to waste them on BWL? No, you’re just making me waste valuable resources that would be better spent elsewhere.

You do you.

That’s pretty much what we’re doing. You know, the best part of actually clearing AQ/Naxx will be proving the likes of you wrong.

You can’t clear Naxx if you use a DKP system.
You can’t clear Naxx if you don’t start using consumables in MC.
You can’t clear Naxx if you bring even a couple meme specs in your raid and treat them equally for the sake of gear distribution.
You can’t clear Naxx if you don’t already clear MC in less than an hour in phase 1, and/or if you don’t already clear MC/BWL in the same night in phase 3/4.

And I could go on. The list of idiocies is literally endless. And it’ll be a pleasure to prove every single one of these myths wrong.

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Then let’s see where you will stand in TBC. :wink:

Any of the ppl who’re struggling with Firemaw now would stand absolutely no chance with the likes of Al’ar or Magtheridon. And if C’thun is too hard for some ppl, then they absolutely would be out of luck vs Kael or Vashj. TBC may look “easy” to ppl who’re used to Mythic Retail or w/e, but compared to Vanilla it’s still a significant step up.

I mean, if we go by pserver data (before the whole overtuning started), less than 50% of the raiding pop will kill C’thun (compared to over 70% managing to kill Nef), so if you apply those same percentages to TBC (maybe with slightly high numbers because of stronger catch-up and smaller raid sizes) you’ll see we won’t see anything “for all ages” like Ragnaros in TBC, besides Karazhan^^

Great idea! As someone who did that back in the day, I can say there’s nothing quite like stepping into naxx and having people screaming “why won’t it dieeeeee?!” so I certainly see the appeal of going in blind.

If you get such a group together, please, come back and regale us with your adventures!

Why are you guys from Blizzard not responding to the layer situation? We are many who want to know why only us servers got unlocked.:slight_smile:


Just by recognizing his guild tag, he will stand better than 99% of TBC raiders

I love how everytime a blue poster replies in any thread, the thread gets completely derailed by ppl hoping that the blue poster in question will reply to their issues in that post^^

Has it ever happened, btw?


As interesting as exploring new content is, do you plan to exclude anyone that actually raided Naxx already back in the day, or even raided WotLK Naxx?

Because no matter if you read a tactic or guide now, good players will remember the tactics, and asking them to play dumb and wipe on something they still remember how to deal with sounds not very fullfilling.

I suppose there might be enough new players that have never seen it, but it only takes one experienced player from way back when…

It also died first week of release on this particular server :slight_smile:

Ofc! But the number will most likely be below 20% of all guilds to clear the content.

Just forget

Didn’t you understand by now that all these “no change” promises were just a fog into eyes and all the content in Classic was nerfed to please youngsters?

I’ll be really surprised if Nax won’t be PUGed right from opening in Classic. All the experiences in Classic so far show that there won’t be any challenges, no need for gearing up and stacking any consumables that people are talking about. That’s simply because Activision does not want challenging content - it’s bad for their business: 1% of players bring less subscriptions = less $$ than “LF PUG for NAX” opportunities - that’s all they see these days.

I’ll be more than glad to be proved wrong, but it won’t happen.

u will be surprised :slight_smile:

Nax wasn’t that hard, what was hard was finding 40 min maxing people, and oh ya, maybe having 40 people who didn’t die playing frogger at 3-5fps because most were playing on potato’s.

By retail standards classic mechanics simply don’t exist, you don’t have rotations to worry about for the most part, I mean four horsemen was nigh on impossible in vannila like I said due to required raid numbers and FPS issues… they don’t exist anymore… I’m not gonna say it’s gonna be cheesed in the first week by 100% of the raiding population but it’s not exactly gonna be hard either.

i don’t agree that “most were playing on potato’s” however i won’t deny that some casual guilds had players playing with poor PC’s But it was so easy to get high tech PC at 2005~2006 anyway if you’re working part time.

the real issue for naxx in vanilla was that most people who claims it to be hard? -they didn’t start game early, most of them joined at 2006 after patch 1.9.0 which made them not ready when naxx patch 1.11 arrived.
-on the other hand, most guilds who was farming AQ40 for 6months! has too many players becoming inactive before naxx arrives.

therefore most guilds failed to have active geared roster to progress through naxx, recruitment geared players was not easy option & Not only that! BUT if i recall correctly? Once the last vanilla patch hit game Almost all vanilla servers had constant crash daily at peak time.

if tbc pre-patch was delayed few months? you’d see close to 100% of vanilla players cleared NAxx…But sadly that patch made everyone focus pvp to buy rank 14weapons when it went available for Honor points as a form of currency. & whole game servers was randomly dc’ing every 10min due the insane amount of people in game trying to pvp.

as for current classic 2020?
Naxx will be cleared within ~3hours of release
and speed run will be sub 2hours.

most guilds will easily clear classic2020 Naxx in couple of weeks But guilds that struggle to keep active roster will fail to clear naxx.

Gotta be straight with you, my last progression kill I was actually with was twin emps in AQ and where I was a huntard on ferry duty, after that my then college pc crapped is pants, cooked a graphics card and said good night and I wound up having to try and raid from an Internet cafe.

And while my guild did take nax down boss by boss, by the time I got a new Pc up and going I was off the A-roster and in the subs bench. Only there for split runs on AQ when we had numbers and filling in when one of the other hunters couldn’t make it, so I never personally cleared nax in vanilla, maybe 3/4 of it but never progression kills.

But I do Agree and remember the second welfare epics opened up in AV everyone just grounded their Epic pvp set just to have it, wound up dropping raiding pop a lot.

And like we both said it was maintaining raid numbers was the hardest part for most guilds.
That and gearing up a redundant amount of tanks (or poaching them from other guilds) for 4horsemen.

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Are u retarded? Theres a vast majority who wants to know this.

And again, has it ever worked?^^ I mean, you do you, but it’s funny to see ppl like you trying to “chase” blue posts wherever they are, thinking that if they ask hard enough they’ll get an answer or something :joy:

Great idea: buff locks

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That’s a lot of hyperbole. Addons tell you when you need to pay attention and what to pay attention to and nothing more. A player can choose to min-max or not. If they want to make the content trivial they can collect their BiS, stack buffs and consumables and use an optimized raid composition. MC and BWL weren’t changed from hardcore raids to 40 man leveling dungeons in classic.

That all depends on you and your guild.

I don’t get comments like these. Hardcore guilds that min-max everything do not represent everyone in the game. A raid cleared the first night by a hardcore guild doesn’t make the content trivial.

Because so little loot drops in MC and BWL it could take months to gear up a new player even if all the loot they needed was funneled to them.