Reliving The Naxxramas Experience

I agree that some guilds that are currently clearing BWL will likely struggle in AQ, as it is a pretty big step up, though a lot will still be able to clear it, even if they may not be able to do so in the first week.

The biggest reason why later raids get cleared by fewer people though, is that people quit the game due to content droughts, which cause guilds to have a hard time filling their raids, and eventually they stop raiding, or recruit people from guilds that have stopped raiding.

It’s literally this reason that less people cleared the later raids.
Recruitment issues, throw in the fact that they’d need to be GEARED or you’ll have to gear them in which takes weeks.

Lol, I don’t even use consumables in BWL XD.

But then again, I’m not a dps or tank.

Yeah, and I believe that if you force people to play thier best and use consumes now(I don’t mean popping flask every raid, just standard stuff), you will sort out the slackers and more casuals from your guild and have the once who can put the effort in left. You can now gear those 40-80 people and you will have a stable roster geared to the teeth when naxx comes and you HAVE to use consumes/wbuffs to clear the raid, and it won’t come as a surprise to spend 400g to clear the content.

You can ofc clear current Content with nothing enchanted no consumes etc. But it will be harder and take way more time with AQ out and I believe you won’t make it in naxx. So now you have to recruit new players and gear them in Bwl/AQ at the same time. And I don’t think this will work for many guilds.

Pfft, using consumables.
You’re overestimating the next 2 raids lol.

The hardest part about AQ/Naxx was having the players for it.

That’s a fun idea. Difficult/impossible to implement, but definitely fun.

A big issue is that the raid tactics aren’t so important. “Class tactics” are. “Everyone” knows how to gear and play these days - if not from guides, then from friends. And if you know how to play, Patchwerk won’t be an issue. It was tuned to what, 300 DPS people?

It would definitely take some thinking to re-develop a tactic for more mechanic-intensive bosses, but then, would be hard to make sure that none of the 40 people “cheats”.

Did both on pserver, if naxx is anything close to what it was on Northdale your in for a surprise.

Just because you don’t require consumables for AQ doesn’t mean you won’t require any for AQ or Naxx.

Not using consumables now (except for the occasional mana pot, or flask on tanks etc) isn’t called “slacking”. It’s called “common sense”.

Just wait until most guilds complete it on first week lol.


You definitely don’t NEED consumables for AQ or naxx, but you do if you want to clear them quickly and easily in a single night.

When you’re in AQ and gearing for naxx, or even if you’re in a guild that will have to progress for a while to get through naxx, you still want to be doing at least BWL for certain very strong items as well, and ideally MC, ZG and AQ20 too, though it’s not uncommon for those to be done on off nights/optionally.

That’s where clearing AQ in 2 hours rather than 6 hours due to using consumables helps a lot, as you’ll have everything done in one night rather than three.

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Wasn’t Naxx officially buffed on Northdale? It definitely had a “hidden buff” (everything on Northdale had more armor than in Classic), plus they disabled world buffs.

Classic Naxx will be significantly easier than on all the recent private servers.

However, I agree, some fights will still be relatively consumable intensive. If your average 40 Joes rush in without Greater Shadow and Frost protection potions, they’re likely to face issues.

Classic is a joke, too simple and narrow minded gameplay, TBC will set the good and bad apart.

Bosses have literally no tactics and people stand there spamming one button. Lets not even talk about 5 mans. Creating Classic was a waste of time because it was clear from the beginning that content will be steamrolled.

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TBC also isn’t hard, and that’s not the point either. If you want challenging endgame content, retail is much better for that.

Not if people aren’t use to the idea of spending gold to raid.

You don’t need to have ppl waste flasks in MC to get them into the mindset that they might have to use them for AQ or Naxx lol. Heck, for the first BWL we asked ppl to bring all consumes, and they did, so I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say here. It feels to me as if either your guildies are kids or you’re just trying to justify your own mindless use of consumables.

I specifically said “NOT FLASK” but using mongoose on melee and gae on casters along with gfpp etc

That’s still stupid. Heck, right now I’m stocking up hundreds of GAE, Elixir of Greater Firepower (well, the mats at least) etc. for AQ/Naxx. Do you really think you’re going to make me more likely to use them by forcing me to waste them on BWL? No, you’re just making me waste valuable resources that would be better spent elsewhere.

You do you.

That’s pretty much what we’re doing. You know, the best part of actually clearing AQ/Naxx will be proving the likes of you wrong.

You can’t clear Naxx if you use a DKP system.
You can’t clear Naxx if you don’t start using consumables in MC.
You can’t clear Naxx if you bring even a couple meme specs in your raid and treat them equally for the sake of gear distribution.
You can’t clear Naxx if you don’t already clear MC in less than an hour in phase 1, and/or if you don’t already clear MC/BWL in the same night in phase 3/4.

And I could go on. The list of idiocies is literally endless. And it’ll be a pleasure to prove every single one of these myths wrong.

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Then let’s see where you will stand in TBC. :wink:

Any of the ppl who’re struggling with Firemaw now would stand absolutely no chance with the likes of Al’ar or Magtheridon. And if C’thun is too hard for some ppl, then they absolutely would be out of luck vs Kael or Vashj. TBC may look “easy” to ppl who’re used to Mythic Retail or w/e, but compared to Vanilla it’s still a significant step up.

I mean, if we go by pserver data (before the whole overtuning started), less than 50% of the raiding pop will kill C’thun (compared to over 70% managing to kill Nef), so if you apply those same percentages to TBC (maybe with slightly high numbers because of stronger catch-up and smaller raid sizes) you’ll see we won’t see anything “for all ages” like Ragnaros in TBC, besides Karazhan^^