Remember when Brian Birmingham said chaining drums was ridiculous

Brian Birmingham: "We want to adjust them in some way so it doesn’t feel like everybody who wants to [optimise] their output has to go leatherworking. That feels bad, when it basically gets down to it’s [like] a part wide buff, it lasts for enough time, with a cooldown of enough time, with no [like] shared cooldown or debuff, that you could have, it thinks it’s four or even all five members of you party doing a rotation of drums so that everybody has to have leather working to do that. It’s like okay that’s ridiculous. So we’re going to do some kind of minor adjustment so it doesn’t feel like it’s compulsory for literally everyone to do it.

How have we gone from that to this …

I couldn’t find a better way to sum up my reactions, so i’m just going to reiterate the same clip


The most weird part of it all is that they don’t even acknowledge the 180-degree turn between Brian’s words and Kaivax’s post, despite it being as clear as possible. I’ve often had reservations about Blizzard’s communications, but this tops just about everything I’ve seen in the past.


wait… that reminds me of something… what was it ? AHH yes " You think you do but you dont" :smiley:

But on a second note the actually acknowledge it at the Blizzcon.

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