Remove 2v2, Rated Solo Shuffle and Rated Battlegrounds and just have 3v3 / Rated Blitz

In what statistics are you looking at? Drustvar says its still more lobbies compared to 3s games >_>

If you want to make “3s better” and have more players play it, then both RSS and 2S has to be gone.
In what way, do you believe making rewards easier or add additional ones in 2s would help 3s?
The easiest bracket to gain rewards before were 2s before RSS got a place.

You want less split, but you dont want to remove 2s and rss together so 3s is the one which ppl have to que to get the rewards which would, in your case then, add additional players to 3s bracket.

You dont really care that much about what other players like or want but you are quite prepared to add bg rated blitz while ignoring the normal RBG community then. You have no issues splitting them up.

Im not talking down on you, it were just interesting that you want to split one part of the community, bg blitz vs RBGs but you wanted to make it less split by removing RSS but did not want to remove 2s which would make it even less split in brackets.

these 17 players? Rbg community is close to non existent^^

wasnt the problem before, and 2s is good for newer players, or for peoples who want to try/learn a new class in pvp

but you?

rbg blitz looks more like a casual brawler mode, and I think it will attract more BG players

ofc at the start, some arena players will play it too, and every streamer (because of advertising they are getting paid for it) same for Plunderstorm

just a hype thing because it´s new.

but longterm it´s nice, that bg players have a different mode

i would, if it had more than 17 players BRO RBG is dead, There are a bunch of people who ddose wintrade each other, that’s it

200 Rbg´s are played per Week, while 200k Solo shuffle are played per week, and 1 mio keystones? wasnt it something like that

why? solo shuffle caused more problems than it helped, and 2s didn’t

cuz it had the old mmr system, which is why everyone had free 2.4 in ssn1, try to get 2.4 now in shuffle good luck

Simple, If they see that it is easier to achieve the goal, the chance is there/or higher that they will also take a look at 3v3, or if they are getting bored about 2s or if they think they have learned enough there

actually the same as it was back then, just make to get stuff “easier” there, and they will come from alone

it´s like open a Chewing gum pack in a school class, if your classmates know that they will also get something from it

idk havent checked it now, 3 weeks ago, it was the opposite, 3s is also more inflated than shuffle currently

yeah, remove solo shuffle, make more rewards, make it easier to get some rewards in 2s do something about the mmr system, cuz the current system is bad, thats it fixed

and rework/update the lfg tool system

You sure there are only 17 players who play RBGs?

So RSS is bad for newer players who just want to que up and try out or learn new classes?
Just because something “wasnt the problem before” doesnt mean it cant be changed.

I can look at it from both sides, the ppl who dont like RSS and the ppl who do like RSS.
I can see how its both good and bad.
People say 3s is dead because of RSS but ignore the existent of 2s also taking players from 3s due to easier rating but somehow its more legit because “it existed before”.

So you believe RSS did not attract any casuals?
Im quite sure more casuals started to play because of RSS.

So you are saying theres noone who plays current RBGs without wintrade?

But 2s takes players from 3s?
One of the reasons why RSS is bad is because of peoples mentality that its always someone elses fault instead of trying to improve themselves.
Are you blaming a mode for ppl being actively toxic?

So RSS is either free rewards or its not.
Are you saying current 2s is far easier to get rewards from than RSS? Do that mean 2s is just too easy in general?

So you dont think that applies to RSS but you believe it applies to 2s? :thinking:
Do you think people will have a faster learning curve in how 3s is by playing 2s or RSS and why do you think that?

20 years ago arenas were far better than what it currently is.
Yes im not serious.

You really have high hopes on what will make it “fixed” ^^
In what way would not fixing MMR system, rework and update the lfg tool system also make it “fixed” even with RSS?

You want to remove a mode other ppl like because you feel its ruining the game and you dont like the mode?

In what way did solo shuffle cause more problems?

Why do you think that 2s or 3s is soooo much better than shuffle?

You just are scared that people can play what they like to play and not what you care about

That would be cool too try out, would maybe give 3 a giant boost of players

Would you have too Q every round or can you vote at the end too keep playing until one player of the 3 ditch?

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It would be nice, like in skirmish where you can press q as team after game.

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Dilution of other brackets mostly. When you make something a lot easier to access, it’s inherently going to be more popular. Path of the least resistance etc etc.

There is no way people have a problem with others playing what they prefer?
Its like complaining that because of classic/wrath/sod there are less players in retail?
Or because other games exist there are less wow players LOL?

I think your first problem is lacking the ability to see things from other people’s PoV.

And did you really just make that comparison? YIKES.

You genuinely think the reason SS is so popular is because everyone loves it?

Answer me this. If you have to 2 stores, identical, 1 is 2 miles away, and 1 is 50 miles away, which one do you think you’re going to go to. Now once you answer me that, tell me the reason why you’d do that.

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How about you tell me where are going to be more players 3v3 or shuffle if both had the same rewards or non? :slight_smile:

Thank you for making my point. Purposefully acting obtuse.

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as someone who has sit the bench for almost 13 years of rated bg, i cannot wait for solo rated bg q, and im praying that they don’t F it up, or don’t allow premades or flex or other things in it.


first of all im not “scared” i just have a problem with how Blizzard has completely divided the community

eh, no

it´s the same as Plunderstorm, Most of the players who defend solo shuffle are players who previously couldn’t get anywhere near the rewards in the normal Arena, that they now get for free in Solo Shuffle

I think there are of course people who don’t care about LFG and see solo shuffle as a good alternative. I don’t want to rule that out

but most of the people just want “free rewards”

the community is just cosmetic driven, plunderstorm was the best example

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Yes yes remove all the brackets and then remove wow too

I mean, I understand your points but wouldn’t removing solo shuffle actually decrease total number of rated pvpers?

when it comes to the total numbers yeah

but i think 2s or 3s will be unchanged, or few more people would play it, especially if they add more mmr to 2s so casual players can get the stuff what they want again

in the past 2s was most likely the “solo shuffle from today” but now 2s starts to be sweaty at 1.8-2k

I fear that Cata will divide the player base again, so participation will be even lower in 3s and solo shuffle

There are ppl who have a massively hard time getting to 1800 in RSS but can easily climb to 2.1k on 2s, atleast for like 2 seasons now.
Seen atleast one special person who plays thousands of rounds in RSS and can barely climb but could easily get 2100 in 2s.

More of those casual players will just go through blitz instead since thats still just a que up system. Ppl underestimate the “que and wait”.

what spec does he play?

yeah depends on classes, some classes getting easier 2.1 in 2s, while in solo shuffle it´s harder for them, or they dont like “3s” at all

they pref more the “slower pase” 2s is just really different compared to solo shuffle

but if you are a 2s/3s player i have to say, that solo shuffle is easier until 2.1

at 2.1+ it´s getting more sweaty because of the deflation (was last season more deflated than 3s)

so if you got 2.4 in solo shuffle, u had already a really good “rank”

yeah feels like that solo shuffle killing itself because of the long que time

currently when it comes to arena

Deflation - bad
Que time in shuffle - bad
Outdated lfg System - Bad
Current rewards except glad mount - Bad

Theres so much wrong with every Arena mode currently

but idk how good the Que time for Bg blitz will be, but i assume, that even more casual (especially normal bg players) will play this mode

You know the druid in this forum, not you btw.

Its the same person who kept spamming to delete RSS while having thousands upon thousands of rounds in it.

The only real reason RSS is easier to get certain ratings is entirely based on how much players are playing it.
If you get all those casuals, for some reason to play only 3s, it would be just as easy to get that rating in there. But alot of players dont want to search for players over and over again because of certain requirements or other reasons.

One of the biggest issues in terms of 3s is not really the reward system, its that people play it purely for the rewards and not because its “fun” for them.
Rewards is a carrot, but you also want, atleast some of the ppl, to have fun while playing so they get “hooked” on it and keep doing it.

They might have some ideas for TWW but I dont rly have too much high hopes for it.
RSS atm is one of the few reasons I can even bother to que into rated PvP.
Mainly because I dont have any friends who actively play PvP but also because I cba hunting for “friends” to play with so RSS, even if its not the greatest, still gets me to play something without having to que up and hope someone “picks” me.

I would assume more of the RSS casuals will play blitz instead since its less hectic in certain ways. I know I will put atleast more effort into blitz because I did enjoy playing RBGs back in the day.

Alythena? :smiley:

i mean understandable, thats why i wish we had a better lfg system, pikaboo made a good point

he said, Wow Arena is unique, and a really fun gamemode, but the only reason why it is dead is most likely because most of the people cant play it, even if they would do

to enter the barrier is just too big, besides of the huge amount of addons, u need players, which can play at the same time as you etc

i get the point, and sometimes i wish that blizz would force pvers to play pvp again for the "better items like Rings and necklace like in shadowlands ssn1

but i hope they have a idea to upgrade the lfg tool, or make maybe a extra mode that u can solo que into normal 3s with different rewards?

i mean i agree to a certain point, but it´s also easier, because it´s less cordinated, and u dont play 24/7 against a s tier meta comp (except) against a meta class like dh for some months

i think this is a “overall” problem in wow, this happens also in pve for many players otherwise you wouldn’t see so many fotm players

thats why i play dragonflight most likely casuals, i would like to get the rewards, But the “not having fun” part is bigger, i just dont like how i have to play my class currently

i dont have hopes either, they talked for 40 Secounds about Pvp, and it was only Bg´s :confused: just the casual mode in wow

i give it a try too, i could play Boomy atleast there without getting flamed xd

i think the mmr will be crazy there too for 1 season atleast cuz of high participation :smiley: