Remove Meta groups from M+

Remove meta groups setups from mythic dungeons or move groups away from premades since applications get constantly declined no matter what class you’re in.

Everyone has right to play the game and not get discriminated because own class isn’t in so called “meta”.

That’s a community problem to solve. Make your own group and invite everyone just like I do (: Only then can this happen.


Or make friends. Then you can have your own premades (which was the point of M+ in the first place).


Typical “create thread - thinking is optional” type thread.


Yeah, no, wouldn’t this make the system even more worse than it already is?

Meta is just gonna change from that point. Then that gets banned. Then another meta gets formed. Then that gets banned. Then another meta gets formed. That gets banned.

When will it stop…?

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If only you could make your own grps right?

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More like a tunning problem to solve.

What tuning problem? There’s no dungeon at +20 which cannot be done by any combination of 483 geared players.


Currently, only affliction and MM seems to not get the .1% title, every other spec is getting it… So seems pretty decent to me. Is there room for improvement? Yea… But if 37 of 39 specs can get into top 0,1% it’s not terrible…

While gear rewards stop at 20, it’s not fair to basically say everything beyond that doesn’t matter.

you dont mean meta group clear above rest why not use tools at u deposel

To be honest, people complain if the meta sits for too long. It gets stale and boring. If they did weekly tuning there would always be a meta, but that meta would always change.

And while S3 is very well balanced (considering historic trends) it could be better. It always can.

The fact that a meta will always exist (and we have to live with it) does not justify Blizz to slack on the tuning. Its a never ending job.

I’ll just add to this … Every single spec, except affliction has managed to time one or more +30 keys… There’s been timed a total 3, 33 keys. The rest is below that.

I’d go as far and say the balance has been really well done this season. Yes, there is room for improvement. I’d go as far and say the biggest one that needs looking at is VDH, they offer any group they join an obscene amount of control with double silence sigils and so on. And ofc affliction that needs some changes.


My only complaint is (selfishly) a Shaman rework.

We have been stuck with very annoying mechanics (especially Resto and Elemental) for the whole expansion.

We deserve some love.

And Arms warrior. I also play Arms and there are things that bug me.

Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say there are 2 kinds of rework.

  1. For power.
  2. For playstyle.

Many specs are in need of some kind of playstyle reworks i’d say :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of power. Some tweaking for VDH and Affliction lock is needed.

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We will see what happens in S4.

Because you can offset a lot of the VDH double sigil utility with a shaman. In S2 I had to be very careful with DR of AoE stuns. Because VDH and RShaman combo can shut down packs for eternety… :smiley:

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One meta will be replaced with another. But it is clear you don’t understand this principle. There will always be a meta.

while it is true for the very high end, balance is such a dumpster fire that choosing a non meta class makes night and day difference.
going with 5 metas vs 0 metas is like playing 5 key levels higher.
the utilitt, dmg and healing difference is such a joke.

why my rshaman pumps 50k less hps than my rdruid in less gear while my rsham also does less dmg.
this kind of things will just force meta. only blizzard could balance everything very close, but it would require homogenization

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Meanwhile, I always wonder if it’s worth staying when the leader invites a druid healer to a pug push key. I can’t think of a single successful high key I completed with a druid healer last season.

did they try catweaving and couldnt handle the drop off of hots?

healing on rdruid is fairly simple but quite annoying. if you get lazy people die, but the amount of aoe healing the can keep up is so much higher than other healers.

generally rdruid is the hardest healer to play if you also want to do dmg.

either way the 5% nerf to rsham was just a joke. we have very good short term aoe burst healing but then fall flat on our face if our chain heal procs are used up and just go oom in 5 casts lol
3rd boss in hoi is the first one i go oom with such massive hps. Yes gear will help but higher keys will just set you back in the same way

Why would I know? I’m not a healer. All I know is that the majority of runs I’ve attempted with a druid healer in the last season or so have either been over time or failed because the healer couldn’t keep themselves or the rest of the group alive… including an Uldaman +9 yesterday evening.