Remove the lag please

Batching should be in the game, but not to an extend where it strongly influences the pve encounters as well. They simply overdid it. Lower it a bit to have these pvp scenarious but not as prevelant as they are right now.

I’ve done a wee bit of reading - does this only affect PVP?
I haven’t yet encountered a Horde player. I have done a couple of duels but didn’t notice any issue.

Everybody asked for it, they asked for vanilla and it was a part of vanilla.

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It wasn’t created to combat lag, it was to make the servers process combat data more efficiently.

Is it required with modern server hardware? No.
Would removing it massively affect the dynamics of PvP combat, especially when it comes to interrupts and crowd controls? Yes.

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I agree 100% with this. It’s really annoying. Like for example if you loot someting it takes what feels like an eternity for stuff to accually get into your bags. Feels like you have 300ms or someting.


Yes alot of people asked for it, but as far as i know they never provided actual numbers about it. I am pretty sure thst their current implementation is overdoing it. Especially since we got better ping and fps you can feel it way more. It should be proportional to the average ping, but not an absolute number…

I’m dumbfounded people actually prefer to play with lag.


It “should be” in the game as it was in 2004, regardless if it’s good or bad for some players.

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Not really, people asked to play the game with their current latency, not have a system shoved to recreate 200ms.

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I dont want it to be removed! I want it to be adapted to work with modern connection speeds and hardware.

They always stated they want to recrested the vanilla feel. That huge batchibg window does not feel like vanilla.

problem with that is that many people do still have 200-300ms or more.
It can easily happen if you play on WiFI even with todays internet.

It feels exactly like vanilla because the batching is identical to vanilla.

How can you be so sure that this laggy running garbage game is an accurate recreation. From my understanding back in the day it was a nececcity due to technical limitations. But now it has been artifically remade to mimic the way it was.

If my memory serves me right it was never like this. And i say blizz have done it wrong and the game runs like trash.

People asked Blizzard to provide an authentic Vanilla (1.12 experience).
Blizzard told them they have rose tinted, private server tainted goggles on, the infamous “you think you do but you don’t”.

People told Blizzard they were wrong, so Blizzard went to great lengths to reproduce a truly “BlizzLike” 1.12 experience.

Now people are complaining it’s not what they wanted.

The problem is you seem to think Spell Batching is an artifact of slow internet speeds… it’s not. It was a server side optimization which had dramatic implications to how PvP unfolded.

It may not “feel like vanilla” but it is.

This is what it actually was like to play PvP in vanilla, two skilled mages would fairly commonly end up sheeping each other.

I dont think so. Only if you play on US servers from EU or something.
Lets ask all followup posters whst their ping is. Mine is about 70 and i got bad internet…

Good for you that you remember it differently, but the batching system was incredibly well documented. There’s really no doubt that it worked this way.

I have at times 300ms i got a 150/150 line to my home, when i use the wifi i however get 150-300ms.
If i use cable i am at 20-40ms

Your memory is wrong.

Spell effects were processed server-side every 500 ms. That’s exactly the situation that Blizzard has recreated.

Does it feel like treacle to our overly tuned brains, long since used to double-digit latency and near instant feedback? Yes it does. Doesn’t make it less inaccurate.

One thing to bear in mind that I have not seen anyone else mention is server performance. Classic servers are much more capable of hosting hundreds of players at once before it really starts to become unplayable - this is in part because there are much less effects the servers have to resolve, and because the server ‘tick’ (which is what we are talking about) is set to go off at larger increments than retail.

This is just like how you can set a graphically intensive game settings higher if you limit your FPS to 30 - it is sort of the same thing here.

I would much rather have a game that supports hundreds of players than tens like retail currently just about manages…