Residuum & Gearing issue and why it's totally unfair to PvP players


its what happens when you merge the the gearing for both aspects of the game. Until resilience and pvp gear you would need to do end game raiding to be competitive in PVP just like it is currently. Personally i think the gear for pvp and pve should be different and seperate but i see Blizz reasoning for it.

Not an advocate of templates. Found them restrictive and boring.


See now this is a good start to solving the gearing through pvp problem, implement this right now blizz!

(Looksmaxxed) #23

If residuum would be in the PvP chest as well, the most enterprising of players would gear too fast for Blizzard’s liking.

One week for azerite, instead of 2-3. Can’t have that now, can we? :man_shrugging:t3:

(Caesa) #24

TR solves nothing, you’d need to be 2100 rating to just get the same TR as a +10.

People stuck in 1600s due to gear will slowly save up for 430 rolls, which honestly have worse returns than the conquest system where you can get choosen 415 in each slot by week 7, and work towards guaranteed(or get random) 430 upgrade tokens. M+10 would remain as mandatory as ever.

At the end of the day the PvP gearing right now is M+ with a very nice backup gear weekly. Problem isn’t that PvP is underperforming, but that M+ is way too easy for the reward it offers. PvP stacks up to raiding far more favourably as far as rewards go, both locking better rewards beyond higher difficulties and feeling forced to m+ for superior rewards.

M+ in the end needs to enforce timed runs, and a higher key limit for best rewards as +10 is just silly for repeatable Heroic loot and weekly nearly Mythic stuff. In just a few weeks the 2nd minor slot will be common place, making +10s even more of a joke than they already are.


Well casuls wont be able to reach rating thats equal to M10/15 and I doubt every mythic first guild would bother with pumping higher ratings to get that azerite double bonus …

Also the other dudes idea where you can get it only from one of the chests …

Also at least PvP would be alive a bit more …

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Imo it doesn’t even matter if the PvP chest would require 2100 rating for an equivalent to M10.

Anything other than what is given now probably already breaks some algorithm they have where player on hamster wheel is weighed against what is enough for the player to get off the hamster wheel.

There is no other reason for removing PvP vendors while directing players towards the m+ (reliable ilvl wise but trash on targeting pieces) casino apart from slowing player progress.

(Ananda) #27

Vendor and TR in chest = slightly happier pvpers



+1 as well


  1. Cut out the BG honor requirement to get R 2/3 BoTE (massively reduce it? Like R3 should basically be achieved at 15k that is currently required for R2)
  2. Either remove the rated PvP content requirement that higher ranks of CnS has, or devalue the passive minor effect in PvE. If you need to do rated PvP to obtain it, let it have significantly more value to be used in PvP than PvE.
  3. In the same line of thought as #2, effing nerf the M+ & Raid essence in PvP usage, its Arathi Basin, not an 80s rave party, we were not meant to join a lazer-beam fest.


Just give back pvp specific gear + Vendor for conquestpoints like it worked so well until wod.

Even if they added TR for the PVP Chest it wouldnt solve anything because in Blizzard mind 2100 arenarating = M10. Just a reminder over all these years when title were % based 2100-2200 was usually the duelist rating which said you belong to top 3% of all people who have atleast 20Wins in this bracket.

A m10 not only from skillpoint but also from timeinvestement is a joke compared to 2100.

m+ gearing in general is a joke tho

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Can you guys tell me what’s wrong with 2100 rating items you get from the PvP chest?
In what way are they worse than M10 loot?

Is it like warfronts? Where it says 430 (or 400) but as soon as you get an ilvl equivalent from m+ you replace it because the m+ loot is just a tad better.


Because the investement of skill and time are not comparable

(Abië) #32

Just vendors would make the PvP community so much more happy as well as making PvP much more enjoyable.

The RNG fest is honestly depressing. Whoever thought gating the gear process behind layers of Rng was a good idea is … idk man weird to stay polite.

(Redoctober) #33

It’s much harder to get 2100 rating then to make a m+10 out of time. It’s not even remotely equivalent, therefore badly tuned.

(Abië) #34

Exactly that. Anyone and their moms can complete a +10 unless you are really bad at the game/totally undergeared. And you dont even have to finish it in time !

Getting 2100 in PvP is much harder. You cant just reach this casually without knowing to play the game at a decent level.

You see PvPers get into mythic raiding guilds like Trill with limit or Wallirikz with Group therapy. But you never see PvErs do the reverse.

(Verdill) #35

little OT: can someone tell me WHY they’ve removed resilience? I thought it was good idea to have stat that reduces player’s damage. It was useless in PvE so PvP gear wasn’t that mandatory for PvE players (yeah yeah weapons, but still). PvE players couldn’t overgear PvP players that easily so they weren’t as effective as in PvE (PvE gear was all about damage/healing, without def stats). What was wrong with that system?

(Punyelf) #36

I believe PvP pet battles are the most unpopular part of the game. I vaguely remember seeing some poll on MMO Champion or one of the other sites where it shows the least number of achievements are obtained generally from that section.

(Abië) #37

It was a good system. They probably wanted PvE items to have an impact in PvE.
PvE players would have to PvP and gear themselves again to play PvP whereas now you have 2200+ gear if you do heroic raids :slight_smile:


It’s not about being worse it’s about the fact that 2.1k is around +14/+15 key and since there are alot less pvpers thanks to this garbage system what we have we are facing 2.4k players on 2k mmr
Even if you fail a +15 keystone you get the reward of a +15 chest
So basically you can ignore the timer and still get the best reward of the chest. This is just simply dumb. You’re rewarded for failing something. If you lose in PvP you get nothing.

(Karanze) #39

Sure thing.
Doing a +10 is easy and I can spam them all day.
Getting 2.1k is way more difficult. Atm I’m queueing at 2k mmr, and every single game I’m up against 2.7k+ exp players, with some of them being multi R1 players.

I’m a 2.3k exp player, I struggle extremely hard to compete with people that have 10+ years of experience in this game. I quite literally have to beat the best players in the game, to even get my M+10 equivilant gear.


I agree, I got 2k1 a week ago and it was 10x more difficult than doing 4x +15 dungeons in time