Residuum & Gearing issue and why it's totally unfair to PvP players


I thought people hated the template system :o

But yeah pvp chest should award residuum as long as you get residuum from only 1 of the chests.

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Some people liked it. Most hated it cause it made gear irrelevant. Only ilvl mattered.
Now we don’t have templates which is a good thing but we don’t have the vendors anymore to target the stats we want.

Gear vendors > stat templates > current system full of RNG.
But thats me imho.

Im very curious as to why they didnt put Residuum in the PvP chest in the first place.

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Spot on. The current system is the worst PvP gearing systems we had.

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So what about the best then? to get an idea of what people would rather want because what we don’t want is rather apparent at this point.

I’d say take the wod pvp gear system (I’ve mentioned it often before) invert it and use it across PvE too.

PvE LFR gear becomes equal to PvP unrated gear ilvl wise
All PvE gear above ilvl of raidfinder rewards will be scaled down to raidfinder reward ilvl in PvP.
All PvP gear above ilvl of random bg’s will be scaled down to random bg ilvl rewards in PvE
Open world = no downscaling so this is only for instanced content

All pvp gear becomes entry level in PvE content, but nothing more.
All PvE gear becomes entry level in PvP content, but nothing more.
Every raid content tier with its own ilvl rewards also has a corresponding PvP rating tier with the same ilvl rewards

People can still do either pvp or pve to reach the entry level of both content after hitting cap.

Right now I don’t think people doing PvP for PvE gear is an issue but it was a thing that people actually did way back when pvp gear was more accesible under marks of honour


I’m so glad I love pvp and pve and thus there is not a problem for me at all. I do understand it’s frustrating: for both sides there are advantages and disadvantages. Personally I think it’s better to embrace it, but there is almost never a good, long lasting balance between the two. With embracing I mean: try to join the things you think are awful, because maybe they can be fun when playing with the right kind of people.

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Personally i’ve already done all that. And i don’t want to anymore.

I did Mythic progression with [Sense] in legion and it was an experience i dont want to do again. Its not something i enjoy anymore. PvE isn’t something i was ever fond of. I am a PvP’er to the core and theres tousands of people just like me who could do PvE casually or hardcore but don’t want to.
I dont want to dip my feet near mythic+ either.

Is it wrong to want to play the part of the game i enjoy the most properly ? Is it too much to ask to have a decent gearing system in PvP ?

Theres a streamer who was doing 0 to 2400 arena runs on multiple classes. You know what he was doing in the morning on every classes for multiple days or weeks ? PvE.

Thats sad, pathetic and honestly depressing. I want to PvP only and i just want to have a decent character progression while doing so. Aint asking to get mythic level gear. Just asking to have the option to at least buy what i want to equip.

This RNG system is the worst thing that ever happened to this game. PvE gear is more powerful than any PvP item even nerfed 4 times and the only PvP items that are viable are either broken or copies of PvE effects.

Put residuum in the Weekly chest. Let me choose what i want to equip. Let me target gear like in every MMO. Put vendors for PvP.
They’ve advertise this expac as PvP heavy but they’ve launched only L’s at the pvp community.

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People didn’t like templates for 2 reasons as far as I know:

  • You couldn’t choose secondary stats
    ** Many spec playstyles revolve around what secondary stats you can take; if you are forced into a set of stats, you have to play one playstyle
  • No sense of progression
    ** They didn’t really change rewards enough

I personally loved stats, because I play a Rogue and they don’t matter so much. A mage however has very different styles by stacking haste or not for example (e.g. for faster combustions).


I think you are wrong here. As a bad player in all instances, pve, pvp I had it way easier getting the pve stuff that i want then the pvp stuff. Doing a 10 weekly is way easier then having better rating in pvp, you just want to get the best items from PVE vendor without doing it, it is not fair. As i want the pvp essences, but i don’t enjoy caping with pvp, You get 1 without rating you need 13. I don’t cry about it i just gave up. I wanted it, but when i saw i need to get good at pvp or quit i decided for myself what i will enjoy more from the game. Wanting everything without giving the time needed is stupid. Residium is for items that you can get from dung and it is okey to be given only if you do M+. If you want the item you need, you need to do that content. I have friends that hate PvE, but they play with me to get the items for PvP. It is even easier, because better PvE people don’t lose rating if they help you do a 10 or a raid, but you lose rating if you help a friend cap in arena. So it is even harder finding people to help you when you are bad at that content and it is way easier to get people to help you with heroic raiding or m+ when you are not good at that content!
You should not want to get every item in the game, when you will only play one type of content. This is the best system if you do all the content on mid lvl you will get everything and people who grind everything will get an edge in what they want This is how MMO’s should work and I am happy that WoW is this way. no matter what is the type of content. Doing different types of content and being better then people in it is the best thing for a MMO, because you play to get the edge over your opponents. If you want fair game go play CS:GO or Dota 2 where people have the same things at the start.
They should add a PvP vendor, like the residium guy, that sells the pvp stuff, with a different currency that you can get only from pvp. This will help a lot, but wanting to get the best dung items without doing dung is stupid and they should not change that!

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