Resto druid feels awkward

Is it just me?

My overall hps drops from 70k to 40k.

I have a hard time keeping people alive after class changes.
Nerfs too big??

What do yall think


Yep, made a post about resto druid class design in general.

Overall, nothing feels intuitive or smooth about it.

Clunky CDS that never feel good to press, button bloat, having to shift to do damage risking teammates getting one shot, etc. Hope blizzard reworks rdruid because it’s very terrible.


I would say it feels terrible… heling in mithic + is fine and even fun, swapping to cat form feels rewarding and damage is great. But that is where all my praises to the changes end.
Healing in raid is the worse.

  • You feel like you have to maintain hots spread and cannot be proactive, this results in using tons and tons of mana.
  • You use CD just cause it helps not spending that much mana, groove guardians just dump some so you dont cap stacks. Use innervate the soonest to get it back.
  • The big shinny moments are gone. I remember clicking flourish with tons of hots spread and see how no healing was required at all for a while. Felt amazing to make them coincide with a heavy boss damage phase. Now I just click it on cd cause it helps spend less mana spreading hots…
  • You have to use three form at spam so you can take value on cd reduce and mana reduction.
    It feels like playing a weird dps of try to get you things rolling if you want to heal.
    the nerfed raid talents made now having to deal with all this things that make the class redundant to play.

Yea resto is absolute trash. M+ isn’t as bad as raiding though, everything Docks said is very accurate. The nerf to flourish coupled with rejuv is really, really bad. We also have to use previous season’s tier set if we want any healing at all while raiding. And even then, healing is bad compared to other classes.

PS: Everything is still very doable though, it just sucks quite a lot, while doing it.

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I am quite new to druid and to healing as one, playing only on mythic plus and I am getting extremely overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to control and plan.

If the tank uses a different pull that you are used to, the group is not organized and keep running away from your circle of healing, keep getting hit by mechanics. You are just screwed, because druid is all about planning and getting your hots on the right people on the right time and depending also on you paying hard attention to don’t renew any of them too soon, otherwise you waste mana and a lot of healing. Trying to do the boss mechanics, paying attention to my surrounding while playing a class that feels like I need to take piano lessons on hard mode, while dancing and trying to memorize the song at the same time.

It is just WAY too much for a normal person to manage. Sure there are some who can. But It is so exhausting. In shadowlands I used to heal as shaman resto and it was quite simple and fun. You had your Oh F button, you had your damage combined with healing, placement of totem, but everything was waaay more simple than this overwhelming mess that is druid. Probably another class reserved for the level master no-lifers on WoW.

The dungeons are already really hard and complex and then you got to learn stuff on the fly and like I said, playing a freaking piano while doing it.

I get maximum 110k hps with my 462 iLvL with 2 set-bonus. I probably suck, and I’ve been already told that I suck. but I am not willing to level up another character and do all that painful quests again and have my freaking map full of quests again. I just want to play a fun and chill spec, that is also enough powerful to do a +20 and not be refused outright from pugs since I do not have friends who play this game.

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Not as bad is an understatement for Rdruid in M+. Well prepared to deal with all healing events and best healer dmg by a mile. Only survivability is kinda lacking.
Raid on the other hand…don’t want to think about it too much :slight_smile:

You need to prepare way to much for everything. It takes 5 globals to heal something other classes can heal in 1.

doesnthelp that druid has a bazilion keybinds and then u gotta form weave at the same time i need like 5 more hands

The nerf is definitely too big. The fact that we are bottom atm is not the issue itself, someone always have to be bottom.
However, the gap between bottom and top is way to big in the current state. Compared to mw monks and disc priests for example, we’re considered useless.

They have the healing AND the utilities. We have nothing. I just beg that Blizzard see this and make some adjustments before its too late, but I dont have my hopes up…

chatgpt healing ded or did i miss something ?

The amount of key-binds don’t bother me, what does though is that you need 5 globals to do less healing than other classes do in a single cast.


As a former Druid Main (high level content) the resto druid playstyle is just incredibly boring atleast in raids. It needs more juice so you dont spam reju 247 in raids. Its boring as hell especially in 15+ raids. Imo resto needs some kind of redesign, not entirely but its just mindnumbingly boring atm. Cant stand it anymore.

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totally agree with this, as this nails exactly how my raid experience is. None of our CD feel big anymore. spamming HoTs and burning mana just to keep up with other healers is making my once beloved druid feel awful.

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totally agree, i am playing resto druid on high content, also mythic raiding. And the mana draining ist just insane (i use 1 innervate from other druid if available + 2 of myselve and potion of frozenfocus), our healing is less then all other healers. Emerald Dream is a druid made country, but Blizzard forgets about the druids mainly Resto. The 3% buff was way to less, for sure with our mana issues. Not many resto druids are in top of M+ and raid on warcraftlogs. I hope Blizzard will fix this soon, and hope it will not be too late!

That’s the bit that is slightly mindboggling, with the Emerald Dream you would think Druids might have hoped for some decent improvements

After trying some higher keys ~24-25 with non optimal group setups (no group def cds like darkness, shout or mage bubble) I think resto druid is in it’s worst state with the current damage profile from bosses. There is just no toolkit which prevents the group from being one shot as there is no single group wide def cd.

shaman got their totem + 10% more health for the party, disc is also a nice fit to prevent the damage from the very beginning and pala got it’s bubble. But for resto it’s either full health and pray or death.

Your main healing (in M+) comes from Lifebloom, and Regrowth (Trees are off-gcd), the main part you have to prepare is having two Lifeblooms up (for aoe) or one (spothealing, e.g. Soulbound Goliath).
Our healing is very strong in M+, the only thing we’re lacking is a strong DR or absorb to counter oneshots.

Druid hasn’t been as strong as they currently are in a long time (maybe BfA?). Only comparable season was S1 DF, were Druid started insanely strong.
You are not really complaining about rdruid and mention shaman and paladin as a stonger alternative, are you? Thats an interesting take to say the least.


Resto druid does no damage in raid and does same(maybe even less) healing than a disc priest. Disc priest brings damage reduction and shielding as well. I won’t even compare it with a monk. That would be brutal.

Resto druid needs some attention from blizzard for raiding already.

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I ve always been a resto dudu ,started back with the LK and I loved healing with it ,also I m a spiritual and nature type of person and what I see here breaks my heart .