Resurgance is Recruiting for Our Heroic/ Mythic Raiding Team!

Region: Europe
Server: Tauren Mill
Faction: Horde
Raid Schedule: Wed,Mon (Subject to change)

Is a newly formed Guild looking for Players wanting to raid at Mythic level – Currently looking for Core Raiding Team Members with previous raiding experience (prev exp’s too). Current raid time Wed/Mon 7:30pm-10:30pm Server Time.

Anyone is free to apply at this stage as we will be able to accommodate most classes as it stands, however as our Raiding Spots fill up we will be able to be less lenient towards what we will need for Mythic.

We will start by clearing heroic progressing onto mythic as soon as possible/gear allows :).

If you think that being a part of a new guild and a member of a highly dedicated raiding team is for you then please drop me a message on Battlenet:


or Discord


Current in-house experience: 10/10 N 6/10 H.

Groups and friends Welcome!

We are going to be running a 2/5/13 Composition.

Currently Available as of writing: