Ret paladin solo shuffle

Playing ret now in solo shuffle in World of Wizzard is so frustrating, especially when every lobby you join is a lock, facerool boomie and a mage. You are stuck, in the center, like 3 bullies tossing a ball over you, you can do nothing, you achieve nothing, and you have 0 chance. The opposing team requires 0 mechanic to win, because overall aslong as they blink or port on my 30sec freedom and my horse is tired they have a 100% chance win, i literally join games with caster only and people write RIP to me. It is not fair at all, and extremely frustrating. Waiting 40 min in que as solo shuffle only to get sht on by blizzard because they love casters, but hey, I can roll tank instead in solo, oh…but apperently then I am the worst player in the world for ruining arena. Then Il roll holy pal, hahahahahhahaha, right. How can this be SO imbalanced! DO BETTER F BLIZARD!


You have 20-30yd range on 80% of the damage profile no? Weird situation.

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yes ill kill them with my massive big dam judge’s


They overbuffed ret and then overnerfed it back to where it was before the rework, which makes the rework pointless. PVP talents were gutted as well, and now BoF is dispellable for some unexplainable reason.


Well i got hit for 109k judgement so big dam judge is not even that far fetched.

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sounds painful, specially through a 300k absorb on a 45 second cd, useable whilst stunned.


Casters can only swing a 2h stick to attack people in PvP
Melee can only use their fists to punch the Wizards face in

There you go
Harmony restored

I was on ret myself. :slight_smile:

We have no healing when we attack from range ;).
The damage nerf was oke, but the hard defensive nerf is what is killing us again. Making us again 1 of the most squishy dps to train outside our divine shield. Solo Shuffle is allready harder because people overlap cooldowns and people tend to make more mistakes in LoS’ing each other.

Atleast give us back our defensives pre nerf and the healing on our attacks. It’s freaking funny to outburst a DH and see him heal more than me and thus survive me while I die…

Paladins have no real gapclosers, so we should atleast be more tanky cause getting kited by range classes is a pain allready.

This is what I’m saying but people act like we still SS tier… We back to B tier again. But idiots streamers who place us in high A tier make people think we still op… Even do every game when they see us its focus the RET…

Dude stop lying if that was the case our judgements would hit for 75k uncrit on average haha. Not even with wings thats possible haha. My judgements crit with wings and 388 pvp item level for 90k.

If you got a regular hit for 109k you way undergeared haha.
Stop making up random stories just to convince yourself and others that Ret is fine. We ain’t fine we back to B tier. With the fact that warlocks, druids, DH, Warriors are doing super great. Us paladins are even more screwed… And now Firemages are getting back to the top so 1 more hard counter to us… Blizzard went overboard with the survival nerf and our pvp talents nerfs… The damage nerf was allready 2 big, but I could have been oke with that if they did not nerf all other things as bad…

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I’m not lying. 388 pvp item level is literally nothing. I have full gear. I am not saying ret is fine, i am literally saying they get stomped by any caster cleave. I also said i was playing ret myself when i got hit for that.

Reading comprehension is not yours, eh?

Honestly, Ret has gone back to where it was before the rework. Relaly not worth playing anymore. They need their defensive nerfs reverting for sure.

Ret is just a punching ball in a lobby with full casters.
And his tier set bonus is kinda meh compared to other specs.

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Most melee are in this situation if the healer / second dps aren’t supporting them at all. Ret’s damage is fine generally, connecting for a kill is subjective or requires over commitment vs wizards as per :weary:

Try play dk instead, ret is fine.

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This describes most melee right now. Arms tier is garbage and they’re a punching bag for double wiz. Same goes for dk and assa and outlaw and feral and surv and ww. Its pretty much just enh that does decent into double wiz.

Ret defensives are fine. We just need a clean 10% nerf for like 7 different wizard specs atm

I’d rather be B tier than crying like a baby dont nefr enha we are fine :smiley:

Ye. Thats right.

Bankai minazuki!