Return to Outland on 2 June in Burning Crusade Classic

We need more time for the release. People wanted to take time off work for it, but won’t be able to with such a short notice, nor can people that want to level a shaman get it to 60 without some sleepless nights on work days in this time window.

Make it longer blizz please. This is way too short.


Boosters can smell the gold!


You guys must be joking, in such short noticed? it is truly a shame what blizzard has become


We need more than 12 days to level Blood Elves and Draenei, did you push it because of a perceived need for a gap between TBC and 9.1? I don’t know if you know this but not many people play both


this is insanity… How can you give us such a short amount of pre patch and hasty release date??? You even said that you wanted a longer pre-patch than the original one!!!


WELL PLAYED BLIZZARD! U keep disappointing more & more ! Or should I state WELL PLAYED ACTIVISION!


Oof, you were supposed to give us more of a notice and a longer prepatch Blizzard.


Perhaps they want you to buy the boost? :wink:


Vanilla Pre-patch length was 54 days. WITHOUT Draenei/BE.

Classic Pre-patch length is 14 days. What the hell?

27 days announcement before an expansion release. Most people can’t even get work off to be there during launch. What the hell happening to you blizzard?


Whats the situation with the PVP rankings on the week prior to the pre patch? Am i going to get a rank from the week of 11th to 18th? Or the honor i gain during that week will be useless?


Super disapointing that pre-patch isnt longer.


Unfortunately I can’t say I’m surprised, not in the slightest. Modern day Actiblizz only cares about squeezing the maximum amount of money from their players in form of paid character boosts, character clones and mount shop. Super disappointing, you have let down the community once again. Why not give us release dates earlier, make some hype and have a longer prepatch than just barely 2 weeks when the original was much longer?

No thanks, I will not be playing TBC Classic.


Thanks for ruin my dream of playing a shaman in TBC… 2 weeks to reach 60 is not enough.


ok cool but wheres the dk buffs for 9.1 (pvp)

As a PvP ranker in Classic myself, I also wonder about this. The general concensus on the AV XBG Discord is that only this week (May 5. - May 12.) will count towards your rank progress and thus permanent title for TBC.

What I would like to know is if next weeks (May 12. - May 19.) ranking progress will transfer over to Classic Era servers or just be lost. But I highly doubt we’ll get an answer on this.

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Didn’t you say you would give us time to catch up and level our new characters to 60? How on earth do you expect people with 9-to-5 jobs to even be remotely close to managing this. I am honestly really disappointed in you, straight up lying to us.


Brilliant so rather than doing a 4 week prepatch as it was before you’ve cut it down to two weeks. Also, you’ve given us less than a month’s notice not allowing us to book time off work. Can you lot actually do something right for once and not trigger your community


Do you even realize that Monday is May 31st not June 1st?.
June 1st is Tuesday and June 2 is on Wednesday.

WTF is wrong with you guys?

Can you explain yourselves?


Actually, prepatch in vanilla was nearly double, 54 days.

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Enough time to level a draenei or blood elf my a**.

Sure, we’ve all been anxious and waiting for a prepatch or release date, but this is no excuse to scuff the launch with this horribly timing and scheduling.

Several problems:

  • 2 weeks is not enough time to level up a blood elf or shaman normally. This goes against what was said about having enough time to ‘join our friends in Outland’.
  • This is little under a month away for the actual release, and a lot of companies need 4 weeks notice for time-off bookings. You’ve single-handedly screwed over a ton of full time workers because of your lack of communication over the leak.
  • The dates and days don’t match up in your announcement graphic, which gives me even less faith in Blizzard, and shows how rushed this was. How did you not check to see what DAYS are the 1st and 2nd of June? Literally one simple fact-check.
  • The original TBC pre-patch was 4 weeks long. This is half the length. Need I say more?

Blizzard, you’re so out of touch with your player base. Push release back a few weeks. One to three, ideally two. Suck up your pride, be an actual functioning company who LISTENS TO THEIR COMMUNITY.