Return to the Icy Realm of Northrend in World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King Classic™

Return to the Icy Realm of Northrend in World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King Classic™

Journey through the frozen tundra of Northrend in the next expansion for World of Warcraft® Classic, coming later this year.

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teared a bit…Yes!!!


Was it a moon tear?


Hell yeah, milking that nostalgia. How much store mounts are you gonna add this time?


“No Dungeon Finder.” Way to be inclusive.


So STOKED, but please please please give us enough time to finish off TBC.

WoTLK prepatch in Nov and release at the start of Dec would be ideal for me.


No Dungeonfinder? Why? Thats very sad. Dungeon Finder was 1 Feature what made Wotlk as fun as it was.


“No dungeon finder” is a huge disappointment. I was so looking forward to spamming dungeons again on my tank, meeting new people, chatting a bit. Please rethink this. It was the single most anticipated feature for me. People do not have to use it. Why remove it for the people that want to use this? Can not comprehend.
And dont give me a speech about how I would not understand. I played WoW from the Closed Beta to WotLK. Already hoped for it to be there in Vanilla and TBC. Now it should be there and you still gonna arbitrarily remove it? Sad. Just sad.

If anything it should be there from the start, not added so late.

//Edit: To explain more. Have devs seen the LFG channels on big servers? Its not even remotely manageable without additional addons sorting that mess out for you. And then 25 people whisper for the same role. Its a miserable experience for almost everyone involved and it feels forced, because we all know there is a better solution to all of this. Its not like I gearcheck people im signing up to 5 mans for anyways, the only difference between dungeon finder or LFG channel + addons is the amount of spam, frustration and manual work involved in finding a group. Most of the time you spend what feels like more time finding groups than you are actually in the dungeon. Please dont do this to us.

//Edit 2: I am literally not doing any HCs on my pally tank since months because Dungeon Finder is not there and the pain of putting together grps is unbearable. Not because there isnt enough people, there is too many of them. Easier to just get ZA+Kara badges and sit around in Shatt than doing HCs.


I really think you should do a worldwide poll on LFG. I swear everywhere i look the vast majority of players want it in game.

There is nothing fun about spamming a chat for hours looking for people.
The reason behind it is stupid. In the reveal trailer they were talking about having a random player in your group, you can already bypass that but making a premade group if you want to. But having leveled up in TBC classic, making groups was extremly tedious even on a decently populated realm.
Agian, there’s nothing stoping people who don;t want to use it make their own groups but you’ll find the vast majority of people really desire it.


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No dungeon finder, good job listening to the community … as if classics werent dying already when the only thing in LFG chat are boost spammers and making group for HC is harder than retail mythic raids …


cmon we need dungeonfinder was so hyped for it …


no dungeon finder? then no, I wont return.


I believe the compromise many people suggested was: get dungeon finder in, but don’t make it cross-realm. You act like a bum in a random group, you still get a bad rep on your server instead of just going back to your own realm with zero consequences.

Dead servers? Well, tough luck, cross-realm dungeon finder is not going to save dead servers.


You should reconsider the LFG and limit it to the server you play on, i.e. don’t make it cross-realm. Make it a helpful tool to put a group together, add it, but remove the big flaw of the original. You are updating barbershop, why not the LFG.


So incredibly disappointed that you’re not including Dungeon Finder.

It’s always been an optional aspect of the game, so why take it away from the people who like it , just for a vocal minority who apparently hate it?


”We’ve heard from our community” heard from who? The people that don’t want to use LFG don’t have to, no one is forcing them. I remember at the start of TBC trying to find dungeons groups and everyone already had their premades going, while the pugs wanted tank or healer at most, tried to start groups and after 30+min of looking for tank/heal you’d give up. It was a horrible experience and people would skip the dungeons while leveling altogether because of it. Once we got to HC dungs it was the same thing all over again, past the first week it was not worth the effort it took to form a group and you were much better off doing other things

Sitting and spamming LFG chat for 30 minutes while not being able to do other content isn’t being ”social” it’s just stupid


Blizzard, you need to understand that not all classic players are content creators with 12 to 16 hours a day to sink into spamming LFG chat.

Some of us are working a job and taking care of a family and it makes all the difference that we can put the game time we have into questing while sitting in the looking for dungeon queue instead of the LFG chat.

Hope you will reconsider this.


No dungeon finder? Why? LFG made WOTLK SO MUCH BETTER. All you’re doing is giving more power to the boosters. You said you were listening to the community…what community? The 30 classic stans who think LFG kills the “social aspect”. Have you lot actually played the game, because there is absolutely no social aspect in standing outside a dungeon spamming LFG chat with “LF1M TANK MANA TOMBS” for 3 hours. Then when you finally do get a group NO ONE TALKS ANYWAY. I was sooooo excited for Wrath Classic but now you’ve killed any chance of me coming back to play.


A hardcore 20 years old wOTLK players on private server would say that YOU ARE WRONG

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