Returning player checking in

Hi everyone, hope you’ve been well.

I’m a longtime WoW player and RPer who has decided to come back into the game after about 5 years of inactivity. I wanted to dive back into the game, check out the new zones and instances, and hopefully try and squeeze in some RP in the meantime.

However, apparently my old account got hacked and all my characters deleted, so I’m rolling a new char on a new account and levelling up again to get ready for endgame content.

So this is in part me looking for a casual RP community I could link up with as I level, possibly team up for questing and other activities, and RP along the way, as well as a general enquiry about the state of Alliance RP in 2021. I’ve been mostly a Draenei RPer in the past but am looking forward to trying Night Elves this time around, but I’m flexible and wouldn’t mind rolling a new char to fit group dynamics as I’m just now starting. Horde RP has never been very compelling to me but hey, I’m open to being talked into it.

Anyways, glad to be back and hope to meet some of you along the way!

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Welcome back to the game! If you’re looking for a guild to join that is focused on Night Elf RP, I whole heartedly recommend the Dirge of Teldrassil:

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Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll definitely check it out!

There’s a couple Night Elf focused guilds on AD. Dirge is one of the active ones so be sure to check them out. There’s also Glaivewings worth checking out:

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On the off-chance you missed it, deleted characters can now be restored (and characters above a certain level will never fully disappear) with a button below the character list, unless you were hacked years and years ago

I’ve submitted a ticket to try and figure out what can be done but since I’ve been away for about 5 years I think it’s quite possible they’re gone for good, but thanks for letting me know!

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