[PCU] Worgen/Night Elf RP - Dirge of Teldrassil 🌳

We’ve lost everything. It’s all ash, now.

The witch gave the order, but what of those who cheered as the flames rose? What about those who cut a bloody path through our sacred forests? What about those who loaded the demolishers, who pulled the levers?

They are all complicit. All collaborators. Never forget that.

Elune willing, we’ll take from them just like they took from us. Their livelihoods, their families…

To lose one home and then another by the hands of the Forsaken. What a monstrous fate. Again and again we’ve pulled our punches, again and again we’ve bled for it.

Hello kings,

The Dirge of Teldrassil is (or will be in a few weeks hehe) a guild aimed at night elves & worgen who have lost their homes and so much more with the burning of Teldrassil - a gathering of warriors, mourners and extremists who now advocate for increasingly radical tactics to bring those who they consider collaborators in the great tree’s destruction to their terrible justice, inspired by Tyrande’s defiance of the High King and a string of recent victories in the ash-blasted forests of Darkshore

Functioning as a loose paramilitary favouring guerilla tactics, these elves and worgen are recieve some basic support and guidance from what remains of the Darnassian high command, many of the events will take the form of - for example - hunting down Horde officers who were complicit in executing the “BURN IT” order. In fact, they consider even those members of the Horde that have turned their backs on Sylvanas’ tyranny their enemies - with Saurfang having led the offensive and done nothing to prevent the loss of thousands of lives

Members can be any class from the night elf / worgen lists but should have some stake in avenging Teldrassil’s destruction - anything from having actually lived there and narrowly escaped to losing loved ones. Fel users will probably be looked down upon by night elven members as per their culture but officially their destructive capabilities will mean they’re tolerated

In terms of uniform, you can wear what you want as long as it suits the aesthetic + a Darnassus tabard (since it’s vaguely high res and has a picture of the tree on it)

The Blood War has supposedly ended. A ceasefire has fallen across the world, but what is a treaty but a piece of paper? No scrap of parchment will hold the Horde back when they march once more to war. The High Priestess, Tyrande Whisperwind, has refused to sign anything that the boy-king of Stormwind proposes until the Horde has answered for its treachery, and the treaty is written in Sylvanas’ blood. In this changed world, the Dirge of Teldrassil must adapt…

Pinned to noticeboards in Kaldorei lands is the following message:

A Proclamation of the Formation of a New Unit, for the Purposes of Subterfuge, Counter-Subterfuge, and other Necessary and Vital Efforts for the Defense of the Kaldorei and Gilnean Peoples.

The High Priestess, Tyrande Whisperwind, has refused to sign any peace treaty with the Horde and has chosen to continue the war. Many Kaldorei and Gilneans have banded together and continued to fight the Horde It is therefore declared that the group known as the Dirge of Teldrassil, will be formally reconstituted and integrated into the Army of the Black Moon as a unit of skilled and adaptable individuals, who may be called upon to defend and advance the interests of our peoples where other methods or units may not be suitable.

In these dark times, and against a foe that has shown itself to be dishonourable, traitorous and untrustworthy, methods that some would consider uncouth or distasteful must be employed to ensure that victory is assured, and to counter the foul magics of the Horde, in addition to our more usual methodologies. Any and all resources the Kaldorei and Gilnean peoples can muster must be marshaled and utilised, if we are to ensure that our peoples have a future, safe from the depredations of the Horde.

As such, the purpose of this unit is to engage the enemy in asymmetrical warfare, to perform acts of subterfuge, counter-subterfuge and guerrilla warfare, to spread fear and disquiet amongst the foe, and to target specific criminals and threats for elimination. The Dirge will act, unencumbered by standard military protocol or ethics, and instead focus exclusively and wholly on ensuring the total defeat of the enemy.

With these matters considered and understood, the Dirge of Teldrassil is hereby declared a unit in the Army of the Black Moon, under the command of Falathim of Darnassus, and his appointed second, Archmage Vashava Nethersong.

For more information, you can PM Vashava or Aserynn

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woah … epic ?? cannot wait to fight alongside these gamers.


Celebrate the midsummer flame of Teldrassil


alright this is epic


Well, hug your kids, right? Because you never know what might happen.


You already are. Or has Perroy established a family program and made some new ones? :wink:


i for one am glad the tree burned


It was just one tree I don’t know why you have to go form a SICK KICKING RAD EXTREMIST GUILD as a result.


Also known as the Dark Crest


Yo? Coolest nelf guild ever?!!!

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That’s true actually


I for one am sickened by this blatant violation of the lore. The Night Elves have had their vengeance, they’re supposed to go away and congratulate Tyrande on a job well done now.


It’s always good to see some extra night elf / worgen RP… already sold my soul by joining it OOC, hype time. :first_quarter_moon: :wolf: :dagger:


You have my bow…(subject to name change)

Wake the !#$@ up, Druid. We have Horde to burn.


I can personally go ahead and say that was so weird of Blizzard’s writing because Darkshore is still a warfront, goblins are cutting down trees, Forsaken are blighting the woods just because and there’s still some action going on in Ashenvale.

But from a roleplayer’s perspective, I’m sure one still has more in mind for their night elf characters.

Let’s assume Darkshore was actually liberated and the night elves actually had something to thank Tyrande for. What about the rest of the Horde? To one night elf’s mind, such as a member of this guild, the burning of Teldrassil is just the tip of the iceberg. The Horde still runs rampant across Azeroth and a night elf might take it upon his or herself to help win the war and vanquish their enemy before Teldrassil repeats itself for Ironforge or Stormwind etc…

This is just one example why the concept of this guild works. Anyone can dispute Blizzard’s wild writing such as the night elves getting their revenge, Saurfang is honourable and worgen have tails. Especially in roleplay.


You lived in a tree house, it was one lit candle falling over away from catching fire anyway.

This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to basic fire safety.

(Cool guild idea looking forward to barbecuing you IC.)


Yeah I agree. It’d be poor writing if Night Elves were like “Ok, we have Darkshore, we can have peace.”

The fact is that the core of the priesthood of Elune, excluding Tyrande, within the city were burned alongside god knows how many other Night Elves, Furbolgs and Dryads. This isn’t even considering the swathes of people killed in Astranaar and Lor’danel.


This is pretty epic! Looking forward. :smile:

Based and Dirgepilled.


?? what ??