Returning player Dungeon kick

I recently started playing wow again after a break of a couple of years. I heard news of the expansion and wanted to check this game out again, probably out of nostalgia. I created a new character and experienced the starting zone again, which i enjoyed, i had forgotten the zones story line and it was new again and then i decided to queue up for a dungeon via the Group Finder. Decided to play a Paladin and tank, when i enter the Dungeon nobody says anything, no hi, no “i want to do the dungeon a specific way”, they just start running immediately, they aggro a group off mobs while running and i’m immediately trying to get the mobs aggro and tank them but they just keep running and go off the path and jump down a cliff, running in slalom motion, leaving me alone with the group off mobs. One of them then says “just skip all bosses, go last”. I just barely survive the group because everyone left me alone and then before i can type i get kicked from the group and teleported out of the dungeon. Now i’m standing alone in Stormwind and can’t even queue up again for a dungeon because i have a debuff called Dungeon Deserter. Is this what this game is like nowadays? Like do people not just talk anymore and don’t do dungeons from start to finish? Does everything just get skipped now? I don’t want to skip everything, cheese my way through a dungeon by jumping down cliffs and not doing any of the dungeon except the last boss. What is even the point off doing the dungeon then? What’s the point of playing a game if you just skip everything ?What’s the point off playing a multiplayer game if you don’t interact with other people?

I came back to wow to be immersed in the fantasy world and interact with other people. Is this still possible or should i just unsub again?

I’m sorry if i’m being overly negative, the experience just left behind a sour taste.


probably the answer is to find a cool guild :frowning:

some randoms are nice tho :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Shadowlands ruined the levelling experience.

Their intention was to make it easier for new and returning players. But unfortunately, it seems to be turning more people away than others.

Luckily with your Subscription you get WoW Classic.

I’m playing it at the moment. Give it a go!

People wanna be quick with the random dungeons for the juicy exp bonus. Can’t fault em for that ^^

Kicking you was just silly. Honestly, I jump at the chance to show a newbie, or returnee a few new amazing skips tho, or learn new ones myself! ^^

Like in that one razorfen thingy, where you can just hop on the roots between the stampede guy and the… Totem guy I guess?

Been playing for years and just recently had someone show it to me! Blew my mind :smiley:

ANYWAYS, what you experienced is an exception ^^ I mean, most people don’t chat sadly, true but… To each their own. Random kicks are very few and far in between tho!

So don’t ya worry and welcome back :3

Pretty much any plaguefall I do while levelling alts is just skip to last two bosses it’s kinda sad really

They changed this last year, you have to kill the first three bosses in order to get to the forth one in Plaguefall.

You are not overly negative.
the dungeon kick has been abused since forever and we are still waiting for blizz to do something about it - like at least remove the stupid 15min debuf.
you should give it another try though. there are plenty of nice ppl out there.

Honestly you shouldn’t get the rebuff if kicked especially if by trolls

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Blizz only did that cos ppl were farming Renown I think.

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^^ This

It wasn’t done because of issues with groups skipping, not skipping, it was done because it was used for fast renown farming at the time.

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