Returning player lf guild


Hello everybody,
After short 4 month break, I’m returning to WoW and I’m looking for a new place for myself. To make it clear, as for some of you, it might be viable - my break was mostly caused by unsuccessful history with raiding guild - I got stuck in low-pop server, with a guild that had horrible attitude towards people and for me, really low progression.
I’m playing WoW, with longer or shorter breaks, since WoD pre-patch and have been playing all of the roles - DPS, tank, healer, within many specs, with different results, in BfA, I was playing full time as a healer and those are classes I have currently available:
362 Resto Shaman
355 Holy Priest (Disc is not my kind of thing unfortunately)
355 Mist Monk
343 Holy Pal
347 Resto Druid

However, I’m willing also to play a DPS (not necessarily in the toons listed above) , or swap fluently between healer and DPS depending on situation.

I’m willing to realm transfer a single toon out of the ones listed above and/or level up any other toon from scratch, however naturally it might take some time to get it rolling.

What I can offer is:

  • couple of hours every weekday (18-23) to raid, progress, get myself well and stacked
  • fluent english communication using any type of tool - TS3, Mumble, Discord, whatever guild is using, I’ll be using it as well.
  • due to personal life things on weekends, I’m mostly unavailable either full day on Saturday on Sunday, therefore would prefer guild that is raiding during weekdays.
  • faction doesn’t matter, however Alliance is preferred.

If you’re interested to discuss this further hit me up on Glaeran#2987 so we can discuss things :slight_smile:


Hey there! Our guild on Magtheridon server (horde side) is looking for more friendly people to bolster our ranks. For the raid team we are most in need of ranged DPS, though healing OS is always handy to have :slight_smile:

We do other stuff together outside of raiding, like M+ runs, group up in other games and run fun social events ingame.

I’ve sent a BNet friend request, but you can hit me up on Discord too if that’s easier and you’d like to chat :slight_smile: (Tea003#8087)

(Webby) #3

Hey there, if you’re interested in coming to Horde and Kazzak, check us out!

(Poisonenvy) #4

Hi there. I don’t know if you’re interested in a faction change, but we do seem to be on the same realm as yourself. I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing, as you mentioned you’re “stuck” on a low-pop realm, so perhaps you’d be more interested in another realm.

You also didn’t mention what level or type of raiding you’re after. From your gear level, you’re really only just squeaking in on Heroic Uldir at the moment on a few of your characters … bearing in mind that the new raid is just around the corner which will have a higher ilevel.

I realise that you’ve had a few month break, however, I can see that the guild you’re in at the moment has gone through Normal, Heroic and some of Mythic Uldir … and at least on the character you’re posting on, you had one clear run with them in Normal - although with your shammy you got part way through heroic.

So the main question would be … what do you want out of a guild that you can’t get from your current guild?

I’m assuming from your gear at the moment that you’re not looking at Mythic raiding? If so, we might be suitable for you, but I’d need more info.

We’re an 18+ casual raiding guild … we raid twice a week, Wednesday and Friday, 21:30 to midnight server time. We don’t generally aim for mythic raiding … our focus is normal and heroics as they’re easier to manage as far as flexible raid groups are concerned. Sometimes we can raid with 10, sometimes 30 … just depends on the point in time in an expansion and the raids available.

We are definitely casual … we go raiding to have a bit of a laugh and down a few bosses … but we do ask for a certain amount of dedication in that people who sign up for raids (and you can sign up for as many or as few as you want, regardless of rank) arrive on time, prepared and ready to stay for the full duration.

If you want to learn more about us, check out our website