Returning player


Looking for a guild that’s basically getting ready for Shadowlands. Played this game since The Burning Crusade and I’ve always been a solid player individually. I cleared everything mythic in Legion and unfortunatly going into BFA our guild collapsed when we were progressing Jaina. Finding a guild afterwards proved to be difficult since they were mostly guilds that were quite far behind on progress so I quit for Classic. It kind of felt back in BfA a lot guilds fell apart due to the content just not being engaging enough. I hope with Shadowlands that’ll change.

In all honesty, Classic isnt doing much for me, and Shadowlands is looking really good (from what I can tell), so therefor I’m looking for a guild.

It doesn’t have to be an insanely skilled guild, although I do prefer finding a guild that can clear mythic raids, since that’s what Im mostly playing the game for, although having a solid community also really helps keeping me engaged.

Unfortunatly after having taken a break from Retail, my wowprogress isnt that much up to date anymore, however I hope that looking @ the armory can sort of convince you that Im a reasonable player.

Thanks for reading!

PS. I have no issues realm transferring, aslong as its an English PvE realm :smiley:!

Bnet: Noboru#21697
Discord: Noboru#9371


Please check the below, and give me a /w if you like it.