Revert the game or fix this game b4 everyone quits

it is INSANE how the game was like 1000x better last week the level of incompetence can’t literally be put to words

last week everything was fine some classes could use some tuning but overall it was fine but then patch drops and in literally a span of 24 hours the game just got completely shat on by the most orang utan ret rerollers i will tell you now the harsh reality what this had of an impact to all classes letting those absolute idiots out of the zoo


The only comp which is viable rn is RET WARR / DOUBLE RET / RET HUNTER / MAGE LOCK / ANY DOUBLE CASTER which can hold the water against ret which most likely is only MLD or maybe L$D

just to remind you I play WW i give you a feeling how it is to play WW rn bcuz i cant play with a ret w.o being farmed by the other variations mentioned above.
I log in > q shuffle > have dbl ret in lobby > realize my Fists of Fury is BUGGED bcuz blizzard is monkey business company > lose all rounds or maybe win 1-2 with the ret.
Ok all fine all good there is still 3v3 right? get a DK to play some TWD a comp which i played before the patch and literally won everything > hardstuck on 2300 from 2900 bcuz every game is ret and nothing can die and we just get clapped by the most random 1800 chimpanzee rets the ladder has ever seen.

Its unreal how bad this game right now is and it is just because of 1 specc 1 11 11 111 specc 1 specc 1 1 1 specc the nerfs did jacksht and were not focused on the right thing now let me tell you what sohuld be nerfed:

  1. Final Verdict , Justicars Vengeance Damage reduced by 20-25%
  2. Blessing of Sanctuary Cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 45 seconds
  3. Divine Protection damage reduction decreased to 20%
  4. Avenging Wrath now is 90 seconds CD instead 60s
  5. Blessing of Sacrifice for Ret should be 1.30 mins at min.

IDC if this ruins ret or makes it unplayable the game is literally the worst it has ever been in this state and it shows that ret should be bottom tier for the GOOD of the game when literally only 2-3 classes can play the game out of 11. all highrated teams literally only conclude zugging ret teams and nothing is playable besides ret.

How can you literally push such an insane rework to the game before the season ends and ruin literally the entire season for the rest of all normal human beings playing your game? Unreal

also nerf amp curse of weakness idk why this trash is still a pet sac to an entire team + FIX FISTS OF FURY BUG


That basically confirmed im happy you are not in the balancing team xD
I thought you played fistweaver monk? Arent they kinda broken aswell?


wth is a fistweaver ?

broken mistweaver build, the one that does apparently quite high dmg and heal =p

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got to agree partly with the guy, every bg is 5 pallys jumping in with glider and nitro bubble wings and whiping your team x) after losing about 15-20 bgs my stubborness got me to flame and im banned from wow, so, w/e they do no idc, but its most definetely better to fix this, i agree i was having a ton more fun last week then i was yesterday, yesterday i was really thinking wth i was doing with my life at the 10th bg in a row with 8 dps all retri/hunters just killing you in 0.5

Issue is just they need to remove JOTP and nerf a few things/specs. Its just ppl expect a mass leave after the nerfs when its just been 1-2days and that wont happen. Over the time you will see less rets, but atm you will still see quite alot sadly.

not the main point of the topic, but I agree curse of weakness needs a fat nerf. brainless Perma crit reduction - locks completely destroy your gameplay with 1 button

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well it is true. ret is disgusting and its in every game.
havent experienced a worse state of pvp myself ever.
it doesnt need to be unplayable but ret has to be fixxed big time.


Hehe a fistweaver complaining about balance.

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Thank you blizzard for finally making rets viable. We will repay that kindness by slaying all who treated us with injustice. They who laughed at us. They who abused us. We shall repay that injustice TENFOLDS

you didnt read my thread right ? i play ww lmfao , i just play fistweaver in the time of ret being broken so i can at least play something cuz my class is literally f tier now with the fists of fury not hitting bug on top of that crap

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all these newly found ret players don’t seem to understand the difference between being viable and being in every single lobby in the game

Doesnt fully say you play WW only, so its my bad and I apologize for it. What bug is it with fist of fury currently? I only know theres alot of bugs going around in PvP atm

Jungle is dead after the retri ascendance and so are all the setup comps thank you blizzard joined tonight 30 rated 3s and 28 where ret comps

Imagine ruining entirely the only kind of comp that require the least part of skill in this game…

What a time to be alive xD

Which comb is that dont say rmp or jungle both have become way more broken the last time they needed skill was in wrath they just do way 2 much dmg for there easy cc rota

While i do agree that amp weakness is really toxic pressing mass root, root totem or even fear completely destroys demo gameplay. Nerf that too then i guess?

Then what is a comp that require setup skills?
Mmmm TSG? Lol you guys if you lose to a comp that doesn’t mean it is easy to play but maybe you are just bad at the game :sweat_smile::grin:

So you prefer warrior retri meta? Where they just Hoj healer storm bolt dps and just train one target for the whole game ?
You can play solo shuffle if you like this kinda of gameplay it is pretty similar in there mate :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more. As an enhance main i cant even compete against rets atm. It doesn’t matter on their exp or skillset, i am going to get totally smacked because of their wings uptime and default tankiness. I legit prefer facing rogues every game than ret palas. It is beyond miserable!