Ride the Tides into the July Trading Post

Ride the Tides into the July Trading Post

Let the tides of summer carry you away this month. Take Trishi the baby naga pet with you everywhere you go. She’ll help keep an eye out for you on all your adventures!

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Aaaaw these pets man… is it really rhat much easier making them rather then mogs/mounts?

I need dis


Ugh the costs of these things…
I need like 5 times the tender every month…


Ooo the divers outfit looks nice

Not enough tenders… I like the mount and diver set (my favourite champion in LoL was Nautilus, ridiculously fun support) :frowning:

You made me go back and look, big yikes at 800 tendies for the mount.


Not quite as girly this month :thinking:


Perfect month of goods for my Birthday come the end of July. :+1:



Gimme that bubble backpack! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!

The prices are ridiculous and inconsistent, however.


I’ll probably get the copper diver suit, I like that way better than the one in the picture.

I like it, but it’s way too expensive for my taste.
800 tender for a back piece? Are they for real?

This might be the first month I’m skipping on the vagabond items. I have the summer set from june frozen and I’m gonna see if I can get that one besides the diver’s suit.

Other than that there’s not really anything that tickles my fancy.

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I really want to find the original prices for things, I’m sure they weren’t this steep. Our tendies don’t stretch as far as they used to :frowning:


Stupid expensive but I really, really love it. I don’t know who is going to wear it and I clearly need a mermaid character but it must be mine. I will freeze it if necessary. Just happy I don’t want the diving suit or mounts and I have many fish in bubble pets as is.

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I like the copper suit. 860 tender for the entire set… I might skip on the helmet since I’ll probably never wear that anyway and it’s the most expensive part. It’ll be 640 then, that’s doable.

The TP wouldn’t exist without monetization plans.

They are just trying to nudge the community into praising ways to buy tender.


They got rid of buying stuff and getting tender because of screaming, I’d be quite happy (my wallet not so much).

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It seems prices have varied before.

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I also think I remember when the prices in the preview turned out to be wrong compared to the actual prices on the TP. But, I could be remembering that wrong. I’m not sure.

Some of these prices seem really out there.

I’m kinda happy there’s not a whole lot I really like next month. :sweat_smile:

I despise inconsistency. Despise it I say!