Rip Ret being top PvP Spec 2023-2023

It was fun the 3 days it lasted boys.

Ret is still one of the best speccs. But nice try.


wtf are you talking about its still SSS tier op dmg and heals


Other nerfs will come, it was always like this for us

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I really don’t want to rating bash you… but how is it affecting you anyways?

tbh I haven’t really been pushing PvP this season, I am only at 60 % into the Vicious Mount. I tried 2’s yesterday for the first time in ages since the buff and it felt too oppressive

this seems to be an “you” issue. Ret atm is undoubtedly the best melee in the game


they are still s tier though

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Ita still the best class in the game next to mage


They still explosive diarrhoea on their keyboard and do damage. You’ll be fine.

Abuse it while you can friend :heart:

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Those 3 days were enough to push me to 1800 rating for the elite set so I’m satisfied ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Despite the nerfs I feel that retri is still quite strong. But then again, I don’t know what It’s like to play retri at 2000+ rating.

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Ret is still very very strong, even if they nerf it’s damage again it will still be strong because of it’s toolkit with sanc, judgment dispel, spellwarden, the S tier specs are strong not only because of their damage, look at demo lock for example, by far the best caster but it’s damage isn’t the issue, the issue is that they have more cc than an RMP all by themselves, it allows you to influence and carry the game just by yourself, ret can do the same even if it’s damage is nerfed again.


Judgement of the Pure should just get reworked though, I highly doubt blizz could make it viable and it would end up being op or trash.
Rets should not be able to dispel things like polymorph and stuff by simply just spamming judgement on one target they might be facing and one of the judgement always hits the mage even when u arent even targetting them.

Aye I know I know, Ret is by no means bad now, still great (a lot better than it felt just 1 patch ago).

I think I’m just salty the nerfs happened so fast comparatively to when other classes have been dominating the ladders and didn’t get nerfed for months.

the reason it got nerfed so fast is because so many people rerolled to it. like every single lobby i played since patch consisted of at least one ret, often even two.
it was literally unplayable since ret was over the top by a large margin and it was present in every game.

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A well deserved nerf :clown_face:

Notice the rets are trying to pretend like the nerfs were enough or even went too far… don’t fall for it. Ret is still triple SSS spec.


Can you give examples on vanguard and mes (actual top ret players) saying things like that? x) Or are you just basing it on what random ppl says like usual? hmm

Just came from vanguard stream “ I think ret it’s still S tier but in my opinion the nerf have been done in a rush without thinking at the consequences “
Are you not his biggest fanboy ? You Miss bis words!!!

how can u be salty, people climbed 1000 rating in less than 2 days what other spec did that?

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