Rogue damage is fine l2p!

Rogue attacks me, I go from 100% to around 40% in an instant without the main stun, trinket the main stun, dead.

Nice balanced hero class, you have there! But sure let’s nerf the hunters because they killed someone in WPVP with aimed shot who was unaware!
Or nerf DK’s because they are so good in PVP right now!

But as usual, rogues are left unharmed.

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Damn we’re famous, so many threads about us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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They already got nerfed. These changes will be in effect with the next weekly maintenance

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Heh, that assa nerf is hilarious, wasn’t needed.

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A nerf was needed but they did it wrong imo.

Rogues atm rely on burst to secure kills, that’s wrong and they dealt with this, fair enough.

What about the base damage? Anyone that plays arena knows they’re utterly useless after they do the opening combo, unless they’re playing against undergeared or people with slow reaction.

They should have balanced this somehow. Their damage needs to be consistent to be viable in rated games and without their actual burst, I’m afraid they’re not left with much.

This was a quick nerfbat to please the community and no, I’m neither a pro rogue nor a QQer. I’m just realistic.

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no, it is a mandatory nerf to stop this nonsense.

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Did you read anything I said or you’re just talking for the sake of it?

im being realistic. Nerf was needed.

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You’re just repeating what I said for the sake of being condescending.

It WAS needed but it was done wrong. They gutted the specc instead of balancing it.

We will see how a sub rogue will perform against a tanky team with a solid healer now.

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You’re wrong man, this is the start of a new expansion. Secondary stats are all time low, gear is all time low. Lets all have fun in the upcoming 30 min 2s matches which are bound to happen if it continues like this.

I think the assasination nerf was mainly to combat the cheesy oneshot strat, not because assasination in general is too strong.

Basically assasination rogues would stack all their damage increases and combo points then vanish envenom for a huge (guaranteed) crit.

You both need a nerf.

You both got nerfs.

Step in the right direction!

Says the shadowpriest?

People still say l2p in 2020?

Is my class relevant to the accuracy of my comment?

For instance, if I were “insert bottom spec ever” here would it be more legitimate? No, it wouldn’t, so your post is pointless and frankly a bit stupid.

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