Rogue Privileges

I mean nothing blizzard can do that will surprise us anymore with how they play favoritism towards rogues to make them the low iq wheelchair spec they are

but…is making cloak of shadows a 100 evasion, and removing harmful physical affects like disarm just for the lols?

is it just a funny meme to give rogues game breaking mechanics every other patch or so for no reason what so ever?

is it required to give rogues birthday presents every year or something? i dont get it.

you know they still get to do like a billion healing reduction by pressing a button “shiv” every few seconds right? is…that not enough presents for rogues?

enough presents for rogues. give presents for other classes.


100 evasion? 2 min cd. cloak same :smiley: billion healing reduction ? need wound 5 stack, if u are sub. that stack rly hard up 5 stack. shiv every few second? 25s cooldown, and we have 2 charges… so bro, learn arena i think. and shiv just 6% more healing reduce, cause wound 24%

They should just limit it to assa. Outlaw doesn’t need it and Sub already has 800 trillion ways to escape.

Also remove shadowmeld>restealth while you’re at it. I don’t want to play a goofy night elf.

Also revert sprint honour talent change.

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remove shadowmeld and stealth?

yes you can press shadowmeld and then stealth right in the middle of combat if you weren’t aware

Can we stop making classes overtuned everytime ?
Game is unplayable with enha sub and boomie…
Please for the love of god

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With all due respect, i waited YEARS until they make Shadowmeld work properly and count as a stealth.
Nobody forces you to play Night Elf you meta -boot lover.

No one cares - its a toxic, mandatory racial for ferals and rogues. It also breaks the game every time mana/dampening matters, as instant drinks become infinite value.

Homie you’re playing night elf precog feral with wild attunement and highwinds and you’re calling me a metaslave? I play undead arms warrior and undead assa rogue. My racial is so bad it breaks my stealth. Try a bit harder next time buddy


is it required to give rogues birthday presents every year or something?

u dont get birthday presents every year? :frowning:
jokes aside for hunter its kinda ok the cloak thing as they cant freedomsprint out of steel trap anymore now
and if they waste their cloak for physical stuff i have free hunters mark for some time making their vanish less effective as defensive

Imo make Rogue choose either Cloaked in Shadows or Healing in Stealth as Sub and put short CD on Cheap Shot so he has to Kidney the kill target.

I really dont see how in the current meta Feral is your buggest problem.
And Shadowmeld has always been there the same way it worked since WOTLK.
You fellas only started yapping about it now, once CCs reduction has been nerfed off of Orcs. And Orcs reigned supreme for more than 15 years. Mind you.
Sorry for me you’re just clowning rn.

P.S. Ferals are complete dog in doing single target damage, if you go AOE you cant really pick Cyclone or you wont have the extra range to cleave, so the DMG think you mentioned earlier is a complete LIE fabricated by your idealistic thinking of how feral is in your mind.
Also feral takes 6% more damage and Bear Form loses 8k armor buff making it have the same armor any Plate user has which right about now is 9830, so you can check it for yourself, you also lose 2 PvP Talent slots so you lose 2 of these: Kind of the jungle, Ferocious Wound, Strength of the Wild and/or Thorns.
Bear Form healing is also nerfed by 50% , which means it heals for 16% of your total HP for 3 seconds, add to that 20-25 % of dampening and a Mortal Strike effect and it becomes even less.
I am the only melee without immunity to CC or damage, I got only Survival Instints on 3 mins and Barkskin on 1 min cd.
As powerful Cyclone is, it is still punishable to get out of form to cast a Cyclone, even ferals do not like that this is out only CC.
But let me clue you in:
Incap Roar is a 2 sec incap duh , that breaks form your own bleeds on the target, which means it does almost nothing, on top of that is on the same node as Mighty Bash.
Mighty Bash is a stun that during BFA was reduced to 4 secs and on top of that has a channel-delay.
Coming into DF we lost Ursol’s Vortex and Mass Root so goodluck if you’re playing convoke or you simply want to peel the pets of somebody or yourself. On top of that theyre on the same node.
Entangling Roots- the root that never stays, especially because you are supposed to bleed everyone around you, your bleeds will probably break the root after 1-2 seconds in.
Now, with Shadowmeld we have 1 extra stun, which is great even though it bugs 3 out of 10 times if you do it too fast and does not perform Rake from stealth (which is the stun) but instead it simply rakes (even though is performed from stealth).
So your only semi-reliable CC remains stuning with Maim or Rake from shadowmeld and Bash, which sounds great but they’re all stuns, so everyone would be in DR, since every other class has at least 1-2 stun abilities that they will execute in their rotation,
on top of that we reach the next problem, you need to be in melee range and you have only 1 charge of Wild Charge, so its really difficult to simply CC and do a "go’ as you think it happens,
Its the same with Cyclone, very unreliable, hard to pull off, you’re punished if you dont land it heavily. You’re locked on nature so no healing, no Barkskin, No Roots.

As for Shadowmeld, I get what you’re saying but its not an overpowered ability so you can relax in your chair it will never get nerfed.
And as final thoughts:
What you think me playing on 1 character-> my feral druid for 10 years, ive been planning it all along in some Jailer 6D chess ,that one day i will be meta ? ive always been a night elf druid since vanilla and we’re barely B tear as ferals. So give me a break, we were and still are the neglected child from all the specs, feral design is attrocious and outdated and we were almost never good since Pandaria and a brief moment during the first patch of DF and it was nothing too crazy in fact most of my druid friends quit because it was like doing PvE in PvP.
Also ferals have 0 immunities, them having Precog is 0 issue.

As closing thoughts i just want to say that this season is deflated and it makes everyone frustrated, i believe your pain come from that rather than Feral druids themselves.
As for what you said about boomies i can agree.

Your post is a whole lot of words - so i’ll just sidestep it and get to the point. One of two things is true:

  • Everyone plays the meta race, because its meta, therefore the most played races are meta, and have the best racials
  • The overwhelming majority of serious PvPers pick their race based on RP reasons, and they really love Night Elf lore

Its one of these. Explain to me what this picture shows. Please count the tauren, worgen, trolls, ztroll and kul tirans in this picture.

and then after that please do it here too - while keeping in mind that every single race in the game can be a rogue:

In conclusion - bury shadowmeld, or disable it in pvp.

“Shadowmeld no longer immunes CC and damaging abilities, and no longer instantly drops PvP combat. It continues to untarget you and unfocus you.” Boom, balanced just like that.

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For a single season 2k xp’d player you sure know a lot on what its needed to bring balance to the DEFLATED PvP brackets

Thanks for ignoring the actual genuine effort i put on the matter just so
you can focus on some miniscule bs like the Night Elf Racial.

Yeah do u know for how long the druid community has been complaining that we have no race choices ?
Do you know how bs it was when every PvPer was playing Orc and had 20% cc reduction baseline + another dmg stat trinket baseline on each any every class?
Wish I could be an orc druid tbf, convoke + orc racial would slap so hard. But I cant , cant i ?
Do you know for how long we were begging for druids to have a restealth ability ?
Do you not see the connection or you’re gonna yap how u dont have a proper /focus , /target arena123 macros and it hurts you to retarget ?
Your post is embarassing.
It doesnt bother you that monks onetap 2 people in 3 seconds, the amount of immunities most classes have, it doesnt bother you the crazy amount of pets that fill up your screen, bothering you to see stuff like totems, etc, it does not bother you that Dampening stacks with abilities that reduce healing by 50+ %, warlocks who have twice as much HP as you and freecast and even if you interrupt they just slap you with another spell- this does not bother you , shamans oneshotting , being tanky as heck and having immunity- this does not bother you either,
seems like warrior mobility , immunity to fear, immunity to CC, being able to Reflect CC as your own, warriors being able to cast an undispellable mass fear, spear you into place for 4 seconds on 1 min cd, and have insane defensives this obviously does not bother you.
And it doesnt bother you that humans, undeads have a second pvp trinket amongst purely shadow damage passive that acts like a slighty weaker DPS trinket, that orcs reduce CC passively and have an active DPS trinket that gives poopooton of stats,
what bothers you and what will bring balance to the game and return people into this deflated bracket according to you is disabling Shadowmeld, a racial that very often fails to perform great as a restealth ability or maybe it is that i get 1% haste during the day and 1 crit during the night?
Im really trying hard to be nice to you but you’re clowning out and you’re simply incorrect, now ill give you that theres some truth to what you’re saying about most feral playing Night Elf but thats purely because we have no restealth.
If we move the focus towards Blood Elves instead, give them a better racial, so to Void Elves, and make them playable for druids, that would be great.
But you’re strawpicking some ridiculous BS.

homie you’re stuck at 50% winrate as feral at 1600 in 2s, don’t be talkin now.

and I don’t have opinions on balance - I just look at what is presented before me. For example, last season every single lobby had 4 ret paladins. Huh, maybe, just maybe, that means that ret is a bit overtuned?

Now, every single rogue, druid, priest, mage and DH is night elf. Maybe they’re onto something. Or maybe you’re right and worgen is secretly cracked.

try to formulate your own opinions without needing to checkpvp and seeing what my peak is.

Also, you’ve never been 2400 - i have. guess that just means i’m more handsome than you. It is what it is.

Ishnu’allah, weary traveller


I actually have, during SL i was 2.3 multiple seasons
Yes, im stuck on 50% winrate, cause i dont have a serious partner, neither i am serious about it anymore, bracket is deflated i literally played vs Snupy while i was on 1.6 plus i have other things i need to do IRL.
Also you’re a warrior.
Warriors are always op, alway meta,
a begginer class :smiley:
and last but not least
always lying about their rating.
But it is what it is,
a multi Rival Andy with no targeting macros, mad that target/focus frames dissapear on restealth.

ok? And I was 2400 as holy pala and 2300 as survival hunter. Do you feel better or worse about me now? I don’t push rating. I don’t care about pushing rating. I get the set and the enchant or tabard if it looks good.

and I don’t play meta? And I don’t push on my warrior? The last time I did anything on my warrior above 1800 was in Cata where I played boomkin fury in 2s. I get the set then I stop playing arena on my warrior.

bro you can checkpvp me? I intentionally enabled and updated all of my checkpvp characters so that silly billys like yourself don’t trip up on themselves.

here ya go, educate yourself

I would do the same for you but you’ve hidden yours for some reason

and you’re a 1600 feral that can’t play the game without shadowmeld. Whats up with that?

poggers - and I played against kasu, bicmex, zenlyn, snupy, jazggz, dox and a bunch of other people while getting my set on my rsham:

so guess that means i’m better than you :S?

like lie on the forums and hide your characters on checkpvp?

reminder: you started trying to ego-check me because i think shadowmeld is too strong. didn’t work out that good for you did it?

Meld is 100% busted for Rogues at least when your main source of damage requires stealth (i.e. flagellation in SL, garrote right now). Having an extra full go and being able to save Vanish is stupid.
But blizz don’t care so whatever.

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I’ll try it differently, lets not take Shadowmeld for an example.

Lets think about a new racial, lets say they rework Lightforged Draenei Racial to work essentially like Ret paladins Final Reckoning for some reason. Paladins will likely be the only class to be able to benefit from that, and it will most likely make Lightforged the default meta choice for everyone who wants to play ret, because they will be able to have 2x Final reckoning back to back.

Everyone who is a Lightforged Ret will have an advantage over non-lightforged Rets. Furthermore, everytime we balance Ret now, we will have to keep in mind that some rets will just have one CD twice.

That opens up even more problems, do we balance it so that it is “intended” for Rets to be lightforged, because thats the peak performance DPS? If we don’t Lightforged Rets will likely do even more bonkers damage that anyone else.

Furthermore, noone else can benefit from that racial as Rets can, and there are no other racials in the game to synergize with other classes in the same way.

Is that good design?

I even omitted the 500 IQ potential of using meld to avoid high priority spells.

Oh, another one. Enjoy playing HPal going into a dampen game, and the other healer is a nightelf for easier drinks, an option Hpal doesn’t even have.

this is a major reason as to why garrote was nerfed on assa rogues last patch. night elf rogues had like 40% more garrote damage than other rogues. it was seriously absurd. every other rogue was straight trolling by not being night elf.