Roleplay-Server Policies / Blizzard activity


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The only names I report are ones that are 100% blatantly referring to game terms, celebrities or modern phrases.





You get the idea, anything else is pretty much fair game imo since it could at least be a nickname or title at worst.


This is purely subjective. In my opinion if Blizzard did want to distinguish RP servers, they would have implemented a race specific random name generator. This is how it’s done on PTR, though it’s an optional helping tool there. If mandatory, such name generator would establish a line which would prevent majority of non-roleplayers joining the server (having in mind names are arbitrary on normal/pvp servers) and would keep naming across the realm consistent (not to mention there would not be a need to report names at all).


Astonvilla got banned for two days

Poor guy.


There will always be players with these names because, well, they don’t care. All you can do is to report them. Some names I let be because it can pass as a nickname or such but “lolnoob” and “pwnu” are apparently only for “luls”, so, yeah, report and if there are enough the GM’s will have to take action. I also think not all of these players will stick around.

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except it’s not and is actually defined pretty clearly (with examples) in Blizzard’s rules

hope this helps =)


Alas, considering interpretations, those guidelines are far from being strict rules. Besides, Blizzard had been violating those on numerous occasions. Every second quest associated with goblin or gnome engineering breaks the first rule. The second one? Come on. Harrison Jones, Clarice Foster, Haris Pilton, Floyd Pinkus… Does it ring any bells? I am pretty sure the third one also has its own examples.

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You’re really grasping at straws here to suggest that in-universe goblin or gnome naming conventions are somehow hypocritical / breaking naming rules (which suggests you don’t understand the wording in the Blizzard rules ?)

As for the Paris Hilton etc. references; the RP name rules applies to players and not dumb pop-culture reference NPC’s.

The simple solution is; if you want to name your character “poggersilovereddit” then go on any server that’s not RP i.e where the naming rules don’t apply.


I am just saying that those are written and implemented (if implemented at all) poorly and it’s a shame RP community has to refer to those in order to justify naming policy for the newcomers.


We just want people to name their characters like actual characters, not Xbox gamertags. It’s not rocket science. The naming policy does not apply to NPCs, even the normal naming rules don’t. You can find many NPCs with names that players aren’t allowed to have.


There is/was actually a character called ayylmao, Undead Mage I think. It’s not even a relevant meme.


You gotta wonder what kind of reprobate picks an RP server and thinks “Tehpwnage” (I kid you not) is an appropriate name for their character.


So the guys i reported 9 days ago (not just bad rp names, one guy on alliance side is litterally named “bearpussy” in swedish) and added to the friend list still has their names it seems like…


Bad names that are not in english get reported less so action against them takes longer too sadly.


Hope they move from the server!


I remember when Blizzard cared about these things and responded quickly.

I reported a name that pretty much said Big Ol Dick, saw the player again recently, name got changed but it still said the same thing, he just added an ‘e’ to the name. :upside_down_face:


This has been possible for as long as I can remember. They just have to change their name, the new one does not get checked.


I know, on the plus side, next time he gets flagged, there’s a good chance the GM will get to pick a new name for him.


Oficial rp server be like


Report them again and again and if they repeat the process they have a nice juicy ban to look forward to.