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Hey there fellow roleplayers,
I wanted to sneak in here to spread the good word and perhaps spark a little discussion here as well.
Currently there’s a few big threads going on with the aim of compiling a list of things the roleplay community would like added to the game that ideally wouldn’t require a insane amount of work, but would have a big positive impact. That way they would be more easy to implement and hopefully find their way into the game.

There’s a buncha good ideas out there already like weather effect potions (similar to inky black) for added immersion, easier access to model swaps for rp purposes (cause prisms on a 5 minute timer are an absolute pain), simple height changing potions with extended durations for 5/10/15% up or down to make adjusting height less immersion breaking and many more.

Would appreciate it greatly if you would lend your voice and join the discussion or make the thread a little more known because the more visible it is, the more likely it will probably catch the attention of people that could do something about it.

Thank you in advance if you decide to have a read, and stay safe ^^


This is easily my favourite thread in General Discussion. :+1:


Glad to see that there’s interest ^^
Also greatly appreciate anyone chipping in as it goes a long way to help keeping it alive.


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