[RP-A/H] "The Nocturne" 🌌 - The Inn Between Worlds! - "The Key To Reality." (Hiatus)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Magic and myth, sword- or wordsmith
Nightowl on the hunt, rich folk or runt
All carry the key to leave behind reality
When the night ends and they’d return
The memories remain of The Nocturne
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Nocturne

An inn full of magnificient magics and delightful delusions.
Prestigious persons and prideful patrons await to be entertained.
Valiant virtuosos may present their tantalizing talents on stage.
Every night is unique as the inn travels across this wondrous world.

Anyone may enter The Nocturne, though at times it may be not be simple to pinpoint its location. It is always possible to access it via magical doors if one has received a key to such a door. The Nocturne caters to the rich and the poor, makes no difference between Alliance and Horde and cares only for your talents and for those who wish to become patrons to those with talent. The Nocturne is no establishment in need of coin for it is owned by a wealthy young woman or man - it is at times difficult to ascertain - who desires to witness the wonders of this world; and you, as a guest, are one of them.

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  • :key: How does one receive such a key? :key:
    The answer is fairly simple, The Nocturne is no competitor to innkeepers, The Nocturne actually pays innkeepers for letting curious and/or talented people know that it exists. You’ll receive a key or your hearthstone can be attuned to respond when one of the magical doors are opened again.

  • Why is it not competition to other inns? Because it only opens for one night at a time and though patrons (not any guest) may stay and sleep till dawn, they cannot stay longer than the break of day. When The Nocturne closes its door, it is out of reach for anyone but the staff members.

:milky_way: OOC-Information :milky_way:


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Since I do not wish to completely do this alone, I am looking for experienced roleplayers who wish to be on the work-side of the entertainment industry.

:arrow_right: Important: this is not a guild project though a guild does exist! You can be part of The Nocturne and still remain guildless or in your own guild!


Type Additional Info
Cook / Catering :fork_and_knife: Cooperation with themed freelancers possible
Barkeeper / Bartender :tumbler_glass: Any gender
Bar maids / Waiters :beers: Any gender
Allrounders :spades: “Filling in wherever needed”
Bouncer / Steward / Telemancer :mage: Focus lies on greeting and general help with questions rather than removing people

:spiral_notepad: COOPERATION with other guilds / inns / taverns

Please message me ingame or find me on discord!

• • • • • :arrow_up: • • • • •

  • What is the theme?

The Nocturne is a magical inn that transcends space as it is not bound by a strictly physical location.

Reference ideas are: the Harry Potter universe, 1920s to 1930s Jazz pubs, The Eolian, Howl’s Moving Castle and similar ideas.

Its theme depends on the location that would relate to its current physical location, e.g. “theme is pirates” so the location could be “Booty Bay” or “theme is snow” so the location could be “Winterspring”.

  • Is there a Dresscode? :dress: :high_heel:

Yes, though it primarily concerns the staff members. Since the opening hours are always themed, you are welcome to dress according to the theme and may receive discounts and other specials!

We offer a “transmogrification dressing room” :tophat: and may be able to provide emergency dresses and suits for guests if needed! No peeking!

  • You spoke about :moneybag: PATRONS and :musical_note: VIRTUOSOS?

Yes, The Nocturne is not a generic tavern. We aim to cater to patrons (regular guests) by allowing for special services and requests that will be revealed as time passes.

We intend to invite musicians, poets, dancers, artists, comedians / cabaretists and many versatile and talented people (magicians welcome!) onto our stage. This event will not take all evening, instead, it will be a select few for every event night - preferably fitting the theme - and these performers will be judged by patrons and hosts alike.

  • Judged? Does that mean a Virtuoso can :crown: win something?

Yes! Not only will this boost your reputation but you will also have a chance to find a patron (“sponsor”; second meaning of the word ‘patron’: someone who willingly pays for the well-being of someone else).

This means that less wealthy virtuosos will be able to stay for free at The Nocturne and, for example, will have their new instruments or travels paid for by the patron. In return, they will have to tell people of their patron (reputation for the patron). It is a simple and kind give and take relationship and will increase the amount of people knowing each other!
Example: “I am Jeraiel, violinist, and I play in the name of Lord Nocturne of House Nightlife.

:milky_way: THE NOCTURNE - SPECIALS :milky_way:

Virtuosos and Patrons may receive special titles, special services and offers, including but not limited to: Sleeping at The Nocturne till the end of the night with a free teleportation to any safe and known location (“Hangover service!”), VIP seating (and reserving seats), being formally announced as a guest of honor, etc.

FAQ - will be updated if need arises

Is it hosted on neutral grounds all the time?

This depends on the availability of staff members!

If there are only Alliance members present, then we may only open for Alliance players to reduce the need for elixirs for all guests.

If we have a mixed attendence of staff members, we will open the night for both Horde and Alliance. We were originally connected to: [A-RP] The Melorian Circle 📖 but are now available for both Horde and Alliance without any crossfaction guild issues!

DISCLAIMER: If you come to cause trouble, you will be dealt with swiftly. This is a magical inn and I highly recommend not angering our mages.

Patrons, Money and Charity

Patrons - are remembered by name and title and may receive VIP benefits.

Money - the inn is supported financially by Goldfox Co. and its primary goal is not to generate wealth but to generate art and connections.

Charity - money is also spent to support charities and to help out less fortunate guests financially.

Income - the people who work at the inn will receive a proper salary as well as tips for doing well.

Telemancy and Teleportation

It is unwise to attempt to access the inn without an attuned key or hearthstone for this may result in never arriving.

See our telemancers and stewards for additional information.

RP-Addons and Cross-Faction Elixir

RP ADDONS that will certainly be useful this night (found on https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons):

  1. Listener: chat-addon that helps manage large crowds and can focus your chat on individual characters to read only what they wrote. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/listener

  2. CrossRP: uses cross-faction roleplayer’s TRP3 profiles, if they have the same addon installed. It is vital to form a cross-faction raid. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/cross-rp

  3. Musician: allows your character to play music that can be heard by the other players nearby, provided that they have installed the add-on as well. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/musician

>>> Elixir of Tongues: allows for cross-faction communication, found in Dalaran’s Underbelly: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=110642/fizzi-liverzapper

Questions and Answers

  • You wish to COLLABORATE with The Nocturne?
    I’d love to host and work together with you!

  • You would like to JOIN The Nocturne as a staff member?
    Message me ingame or on discord - you do not need to join the guild!

  • You want to become a VIRTUOSO and perform during the night?
    Feel free to message me on discord, ingame or respond here!

  • You have any QUESTIONS left?
    Ask them and I’ll respond as soon as possible!

Alliance: Jeraiel / Jeraiell
Horde: Jeraielfox
Discord: fizzynoir#1233

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/AEKqw2kuNK

• • • The Nocturne - a night full of magic • • •


The Nocturne

The night is young
Still far from dawn
And you have come
To the place beyond

A gentle tune caresses your ears
Soon you let go of all your fears
Then the wild magic takes hold of you
As you spot the lady with a fox tattoo

Dance for me - dance for me all night
Sing for me - your voice takes flight

She turns around, you take your seat
Off she walks to the music’s beat
The stage lights up and soon you see
That song can truly set you free

Laugh for me - laugh until you cry
Smile for me - tonight all is bright

More guests come in, the music fades
And soon a poet arrives on stage
Your gaze drifts to the bar
And your eyes meet the foxy gal

Listen to me - time is nigh
Talk to me - and don’t be shy

The poet leaves, the magic stays
The barkeep says “It’s gettin’ late”
You feel a gentle touch on your back
As the magic ends, the room turns black

Remember me - for I will return
Here and there - “The Nocturne


I’ll gladly be the first to say that this looks like an amazing, and incredibly compelling idea. I will most certainly be keeping an eye on this!

Finally something original to be excited for again! :heart:


The Inn that is in between


Thank you so much for your kind words, Morrowburn! It’ll take a bit to find people willing to be on the business side and still view it as entertaining for themselves - but I’m not in a rush, I just wanted to get the idea out into the world!

Hopefully, I will find some:

  • people who would like to RP this once a month, maybe twice? (Since organizing this is a lot of work!)
  • people volunteering to perform and be featured guests
  • guilds or individuals who’d like to cooperate and chip in with their specialities (food, service personnel, etc.)

Lovely idea, well worth looking into :slight_smile:


This is a very cool idea, and original :star_struck: are you mainly looking for visitors that come every time you have this going or do you sign up for each time?


This is such a cool idea, damn. I really hope this takes off so I can visit it!!


Bloody love this concept, you guys got a discord server?

  • Visitors who turn into patrons (people who come again and again) are welcome just as much as newcomers!
  • Sign ups for guests are currently not planned, BUT if you wish to become a VIP member or a patron to an artist (paying for the artist so they perform in your name), then you can message us beforehand so that we can provide you with special services like VIP seating, etc.

  • Sign ups for ARTISTS (Virtuosos) are needed because we do not wish to keep people in the audience silent forever. The idea is a specific time window in which artists perform, similar to poetry slams or stand up comedy acts that only last ~5 minutes.

  • If we have 3 - 5 artists perform, that would lead to about 30 minutes of showtime. Then the guests would vote for their favorite act of the night.

  • The act with the most votes will become a VIP guest at The Nocturne, receiving free lodging, drinks and food; this VIP act will potentially be featured and be allowed to play outside the 30-minute window as a “special act” of the night, receiving revenue relative to the whole night’s earnings.
  • All acts have a chance to find a patron, for example: a fancy High Elven lady may become a patron of a poet who writes love poetry, so that said poet can write love letters in her name.

I still have not had the time to create a server as Jeraiel is IC still planning to set all of this up. The circle does not provide her with servants, but instead they’ll be guests and friends to her.

It is due to that that I am still hiring and looking for co-workers or other inns who’d like to help out / cooperate!


Created a tiny discord for Patrons/Virtuosos/Guests~

:milky_way: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/AEKqw2kuNK


Still looking to hire more staff or collaborate with other inns to parttime work at The Nocturne for a change of pace!

Currently on the list for tryouts:

  • Gnome Telemancer and Technician
  • Dwarf Cook and Barkeeper
  • Jeraiel as Jeraiel

If anyone knows any discords worth joining to reach out to people, I’d gladly appreciate a link or info regarding them! :relaxed:

Still recruiting!

Type Info
Cook / Catering :fork_and_knife: Cooperation with themed freelancers possible
Barkeeper / Bartender :tumbler_glass: Any gender
Bar maids / Waiters :beers: Any gender
Allrounders :spades: “Filling in wherever needed”
Bouncer / Steward / Telemancer :mage: Focus lies on greeting and general help with questions rather than removing people
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Can’t help with discords, don’t use them but in terms of people interested who might be worth connecting out too. There used to be a really lovely vintner rper who specialised in kaldorei wines, Woodspyre I think if she is still on the realm. Also try and speak to Kori (not sure on surname) a Kul Tiran specialising in other forms of drink. Both might be interested in this, doubt they use official AD.

It is worth speaking to the organiser of the world festival events such as ‘Love is in the Air’ etc as many traders/etc sign up to those who might endear themselves to this project too.
Can find that out on the AA events listing.

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Thank you for this, Redwillow!

I will definitely try and see if I can work something out with festival organizers! In all fairness, all I am hoping for is two or three characters who’d enjoy working in the inn / pub once in a month. :slight_smile: Hopefully, I will find them as we definitely will need a few more hands, currently being three characters in total.

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I would like to work at such a place as I’m always looking for something new! ^^ i have already send a request on Discord as someone named Simple Punch hope to see a response to this at my desire to rp along

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Hello there Tundrabreath!

Thank you for reaching out to me! Simply message me or join the discord server as it is at times difficult to track who added me and for what reason! :relaxed:

I love this! Sending an request for the discord invite if you would have me. We got some bards and singers and I been curious on joining the tavern RP for a while. With many alts to tend to having a tavernduty that isn’t weekly is quite refreshing :slight_smile:

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I’d love to have more people on board who’d just like to visit as artists/performers/etc! I wish I could post advertisement pictures on here! :sweat:

Still hiring:

  • Waiters
  • Cook (collaboration possible)
  • Bouncer
  • Management (for Suppliers, Event Organization, etc.)