[RP Info] Night Elf Roleplay

New to WoW roleplay in general?

There are roleplay guides pinned at the top of the Argent Dawn realm forums.

Discord community servers have become common for staying in the loop of the many different roleplay scenes revolving around particular themes or areas. The realm forums display only a fraction of all the buzz happening in the roleplay community as a whole. Argent Dawn EU Roleplay discord is one of the biggest ones active, where you can find a lot of other community discords and rp resources.

Argent Archives is a webportal created in 2007 to help tie the AD roleplay community together. Despite running on old tech, many roleplayers still use the site today for creating public character profiles and events, and for sharing literature, visual arts and screenshots related to roleplay. Logged-in users have an access to the archive’s search function.

Useful RP AddOns:

Total RP 3 - for creating and previewing character profiles in-game.

Listener - for keeping track of each player’s chat messages when there is a lot going on, to help you in a crowded setting, such as busy events.


Updated with additional info & implemented the event archive with tons of hyperlinks!


It’s cool to see this initiative picked up again! I’m not that active in the scene anymore, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this for whenever my night elf itch flares up again.


Still appreciate you maintaining the previous thread when I was absent from the nelf scene myself, busy in team red on my orc! Hopefully we’ll see Mythundis around again sometime! :v:

  • Added Elune’s Justice to the guild list

  • Added Guild Info for Sera’diel and Celestial Concord

  • Added link to Warcraft Wiki Timeline

  • Edit: Updated the Emerald Assembly event to direct to the newer forum thread

  • Edit 2: Added Saber Handler and Owl Trainer to character concept ideas


Big + for this initiative. Outstanding work.


This week is boiling with activity!

Wednesday 28th: Crafting Connections

Organized by Morningtide, 20:00 ST

A workshop session in a social setting where characters may work on hand-crafted ornaments, to be kept, gifted, or used to honour the departed. Tools and some materials will be provided, such as stones, feathers, beads, dye materials and wood. There will be opportunity for companionship to gather your own crafting materials from nature.

Location: Root-Bound Sanctuary
No signing up in advance. Due to sharding, a raid group will be formed.

Thursday 29th: Moonball at the Whorlwing Basin

Organized by Sera’diel, 20:00 ST

Sera’diel is hosting a fun evening to play Moonball at the Whorlwing Basin in Amirdrassil. This is by no means an official competition. It is a nice evening to gather, make new friends, practise and challenge former champions.

It is a simple night to have fun! Do prepare to get your feet wet!

Those unfamiliar with the rules can check out the following guide made by Acrona: https://www.argentarchives.org/node/240998

Friday 1st: Night of the Kaldorei Arts

Organized by Nifre, 20:00 ST, Bel’ameth

A gathering for the arts! During these night any and all Kaldorei can come show of their artistic skills. Be it by song, poetry, music, paintings or otherwise!! Contact me if you want a spot on Nifre or dm
Each artist will get circa 10 mins to show off their artistic skill! Be it a poem, a drawing (can link it in your TRP and tell about the inspiration), song (Musician addon!) or anything you think may fit!!

Saturday 2nd: Planning and Debating of the Warden Training

Organized by Elune’s Justice as part of the Warden Community Initiative, the event is aimed at Warden characters. 19:30 ST

On Saturday the 2nd of March at 19:30ST at Arlithrien Lodge we will gather with the purpose of making plans for the future, together we shall brainstorm and figure out which paths should be available for the future generations of trainees.

Debates will be taken up, scenarios are to be crafted, instructors should be chosen, and other resources can be allocated.


Saturday 2nd: Emerald Assembly

Organized by Akulé and Meladriss, 20:00 ST

Brothers and sisters of the wild. The Emerald Assembly calls upon you once more to gather and see what news comes from all around Azeroth. Let us gather and see what we can once more do to aid our home.

20:00 - 20:15: Opening, “introductions” and start of discussions
21:00 - 21:15: Little break
21:15 - 22:00: Continued discussion

Akulé has something planned for the Druids of Azeroth, stay tuned. People are invited to bring in their own ideas, situation to discuss around. Should this not happen, the organisers have further topics to bring up.

Akulé Foresthorn & Meladriss Moonclaw

Desolace - Karnum’s Glade

The meeting is open for every Druid that supports the greater good of Azeroth. Those who end up being hostile will be asked to leave or may be sent away by force.

[Druid event] - Emerald Assembly - 02/03


Added some general pointers in the 2nd post for those who may stumble into the thread being new to roleplay in general.


Both Crafting Connections hosted by Morningtide, and Night of the Kaldorei Arts organized by Nifre gathered quite the crowd in Amirdrassil! Thank you both for the wonderful events.


Happening this week:

Tuesday 5th: Black Raven Apothecary is open!

Organized by Alladar, 20:00 ST, Bel’ameth

The Black Raven Apothecary is opening to offer healing, medical consultations and medical goods.

The store is open to anyone, Alliance, Horde or otherwise.
More details here! https://www.argentarchives.org/node/269943

(OOC location: alchemy trainer.)

Friday 8th: New Moon Ritual

Organized by Cilyrah, 20:00 ST, Terrace of the Moon in Bel’ameth

Priestess Cilyrah Mistborn will be hosting a New Moon Ritual in Amirdrassil. Those who want to receive a blessing are expected to bring an offering or sacrifice.

Saturday 9th: Tall Tales Time

Organized by Frolbar, 20:00 ST, Bel’ameth

Relishing the hospitality of the Kaldorei the Dwarves of the Morodnir invite anyone and everyone to share in a grand old Dwarven tradition. The telling of the tallest tales and sharing an ale with good company.

Saturday 9th: Rite of Passage, Lissarana Nightsong

Organized by Elune’s Justice, 20:00 ST, Bel’ameth

Lissarana “Lisa” Nightsong has proven herself ready to undertake the rite of passage and forever mark her achievement as the first step into full adulthood.
On this occasion, a rite of passage will be held at the center of Bel’ameth and onlookers are welcome to come and honour our sister!
The rite will be held by Elune’s Justice and after the ceremony we will proceed to an inn to celebrate!


This week saw beautiful ceremonies and enthusiastic dwarves visiting Amirdrassil!

New Moon Ritual by the Terrace of the Moon, led by Priestess Cilyrah. Screenshot credit: Rhyn’ri

Many honored the occasion of Lissarana Nightsong receiving her markings. More pictures of the event hosted by Elune’s Justice here!

The Dwarves of Morodnir poured tales and drinks in equal measure, rousing mirth and cheer outside the inn.

Next week:

Friday 15th: Folksmoot (cancelled)

Saturday 16th: Let’s Tell a Story

Organized by Alladar, 20:00 ST, Bel’ameth

Gather one, gather all for an evening of imagination! There’s nothing quite like a captivating tale, told in the serene boughs of a World Tree.

This night, however, we will write a story together.

During the game, the host will begin with one sentence, which the next person will continue with another sentence, which the next person will then follow from, and so on. It’s a game of improvisation and creativity that we can all take part in!

AA: https://www.argentarchives.org/node/270789

Other news:

  • The Amirdrassil Discord hit 400 people this week. What a growth spurt in just a couple of months! Cheers Jai’are, Morningtide and other admins for their hard work maintaining the server.

  • Festival honoring Ursol and Ursoc added to the events (note tentative dates)

  • The next Emerald Assembly is on 6th April

  • The next Crescent Conclave is on 24th March


This week:

Saturday 23rd: Imbel - The Spring Equinox

Organized by Tínwëtar, 20:00 ST, Karnum’s Glade in Desolace

The Kaldorei are closely tied to nature, and as the cycle turns, the spring equinox marks the birth and beginning of spring. A time not for harvest, but appreciation of what nature will grow into with the returning daylight.

A holiday with a heavier emphasis on religion than other festivals, Imbel is celebrated by both Druids and the Sisterhood alike. The theme for the holiday is renewal and growth, and we invite you all to come and partake in this special evening of reverence and worship.

Full event info: [A-Event] Imbel - The Spring Equinox 🌱

Sunday 24th: 8th Crescent Conclave

Organized by Ialluen, 20:00 ST, Astranaar

Elune’s grace, priestess player of Argent Dawn! Spring has arrived, and the time has come to meet for the Eighth Crescent Conclave! If you play a Kaldorei who’s main character concept is that of a priestess or priest of Elune, we welcome you to a night of conversations, discussions and connecting with other characters who do the same. The idea is to give an important part of Kaldorei society a peaceful and social arena to talk and meet, and to exchange information and experiences in a friendly way between groups, guilds and orders - as always! This time, we return to where it all began - Astranaar, and the Hunter’s Hall!

The event will take roughly two hours, and as always we will switch in between open discussion and a speaker’s list so to keep order. Those attending will be asked to keep a polite and cordial tone.

Full event info: [Night Elf RP] 8:th Crescent Conclave 🌙 24:th March

Next week:

Tuesday 26th: Full Moon Sermon

Organized by Cilyrah, 20:00 ST, Stormglen Village in Gilneas

Priestess Cilyrah Mistborn invites both Kaldorei and Gilneans to attend a Full Moon Sermon at the beach of Stormglen village. During this sermon the attendees can bask in the influence of the rising full moon and receive a blessing of harmony, tranquillity and peace. This specific sermon aims to honour the continuous bond between the Kaldorei and Gilnean people and celebrates the reclamation of the Gilnean Kingdom.

The Blackwater Syndicate will be providing food and drinks in Stormglen Village after the sermon has concluded. Any local merchants are welcome to set up their stalls to provide traditional Gilnean goods or aid with the worgen curse.

The Priestess will gather those interested in front of the inn at the eight bell, after which we shall walk towards the beach together. No offerings are required.


Spread around the world, nelves be nelfing:

Watcher Moot in Amirdrassil, screenshot by Brigita

Full Moon Sermon in Gilneas, screenshot by Rhyn’ri

Crescent Conclave in Ashenvale, screenshot by Lysondra

Happening this week:

April 2nd: Black Raven Apothecary (shop)

Organized by Alladar, Bel’ameth, 20:00 ST

The Black Raven Apothecary is opening to offer healing, medical consultations and medical goods.

Full shop info

April 6th: Emerald Assembly (druids, crossfaction)

Organized by Meladriss, Grizzly Hills, 20:00 ST

Brothers and sisters of the wild. The Emerald Assembly calls upon you once more to gather and see what news comes from all around Azeroth. Let us gather and see what we can once more do to aid our home.


Date: 06/04/2024

20:00 - 20:15: Opening
20:15 - 21:00: Discussion about the topics given in the Emerald Enclave Discord
21:00 - 21:15: Little break
21:15 - 22:00: Open discussion about topics brought up

If there is nothing left to discuss, the event will naturally end at the end of the discussion.

Forum thread

April 6th: Amirdrassil Community Gathering

Organized by Valkorian Nightforge/Arcan, Belanaar Harbor, 19:45 ST

A gathering hosted by Valkorian, to bring together the denizens of Amirdrassil, potentially on a regular intervals, to socialise and to seek & find aid.

It is a gathering intended to, hopefully regularly, host gatherings on perhaps different locations of Amirdrassil, to add to the sense of community to those that intend on regularly role-play in and from Amirdrassil’s various regions.

It is an event that is intended to be peaceful, with preferably no planned bloodshed, since the area is one of the well-protected areas of Amirdrassil, with Sentinels and Mariners constantly patrolling.

April 6th: Watcher Promotion

Organized by Brigitá, Tomb of Sargeras

Watcher Promotion of Silvershot and Silvershade!

Eanlin Silvershot and Eldenar Silvershade have walked the path of becoming Watchers for a long while now, and have shown dedication and determination to our cause.
And thus it has come time for an iconic moment of their story, a promotion to a fully fledged Watcher.

On 6th April 20.00 ST we will hold an event in honor of this. All Wardens, Watchers and trainees are welcome to join us in the sacred ritual of the order!

There are three parts to this event, review, vows and celebration. Location of choice will be Tomb of Sargeras.
OOC reasoning: Due Vault’s number limitation.
IC reasoning: A place iconic for the Wardens and Watchers due to the tragedy that has once transpired there during the third war. And yet, as we head for the renewal of the Kaldorei, we reclaim the tomb and see to the bright future!

Forum post


Added a link under the misc section to a fan-made Darnassian font by Feyawen with their permission. Very pretty, and free to download. The page includes other Warcraft inspired fonts as well.



Happening tonight!

Amirdrassil Community Gathering Event Details

Emerald Assembly (Druids) Event Details

Watcher Promotion (Watchers/Wardens) Event Details

FYI, Saleysea has made a cool roleplay initiative on the Amirdrassil Discord server called

The Sentinel Noticeboard

OOC: Hello fellow Sentinel &/or Moonclaw enthusiasts! I want to provide events tailored specifically to a smaller group of sentinel characters - regardless of rank - who are unaffiliated with any guilds and thus lack the means to have their characters partake in this particular theme of roleplay on a regular basis. Note: It is not exclusive to guildless characters. Those who belong to a guild already are of course welcome too, but the scale of events will be limited to ‘one-off’ narratives.

How will it work?

I will announce an event in the form of a sort of ‘call-to-arms’ noticeboard, where my own character acts as a ‘quest giver’ to delegate tasks to the participating sentinels. The one playing the highest ranking character is given temporary command of the others to lead the operation - ranging from escort missions to dealing with threats to the peace in Kaldorei controlled territories (and beyond), and perhaps even expand into training sessions if there is interest for such. After an in-character briefing on the parameters and conditions of success for a mission, travel is arranged (often in the form of a mage that provides a portal closeby to their destination) and from there the event kicks off.

A date is decided once at least two players have DM’d me their interest and the event announcement will be updated accordingly. Message me if you are interested in participating on your character!

Upcoming events tied to the Sentinel Noticeboard:

The Gnoll Toll, Thursday 11th April

Event name: The Gnoll Toll

Synopsis: Of all the creatures on Azeroth, why’d it have to be gnolls? The lengthy trek across the woodlands had left his legs weary from overuse. ‘Azure Span’ indeed, Telarion had thought to himself, for the region seemed to extend forever. Upon encountering the pack of uncouth savages, emerging from mist-covered treeline, his energy spent after a day’s worth of travel, and without coin to pay the exorbitant fee that the creatures had demanded for safe passage through “Gnoll Land”, he retained enough forethought to drop the beacon he took with him from Bel’ameth. As the gnolls closed in around him, he uttered a low prayer to Elune, that its activation was as simple as he’d been told, and that someone would answer his call. Somewhere, below the boughs of Amirdrassil, an arcane crystal thrummed to life…

Note pinned to the board, outside the sentinel armory: The mages of Amirdrassil have received a distress call, and traced it back to one of the neighboring isles. The sentinels are putting together an effort to investigate its origin, but must humbly request for aid from volunteers to go with; particularly druids, or other capable menders. Willing individuals are asked to forward their enlistment to captain Featherwind.

OOC Info
Type of event: Combative/Optional Stealth
Number of attendees: 2-5
Open for NPC roles: Yes
Date: Thursday 11/4
Sign-up status : 3/5 at the time of making the forum post - please contact Saleysea or join the Discord for inquiries

The Collector: Date TBA

Event name: The Collector

Synopsis: Finflink Twistneedle prided himself on many things. His savvy with a rapier. His infallible sense of fashion. His perfectly curled mustache (nourished by only the most reliable gnomish hygiene articles that ever graced the market, thank you very much.) Never in his life would he have thought his crowning achievement were to be a museum, housing ancient relics from various different cultures - both those that currently exist, and those long since forgotten. All financed by the endless coffers of the Steamwheedle Cartel, no less! To think, his father had once chastised his dreams of exploring the world as childish nonsense. It had all paid off, in the end. He had received many threats from those who coveted his hoard, of course, but such occupational hazards were to be expected. Under the protection of his ever vigilant hosts, he felt quite safe.

Note pinned up on the board. One particular name has been crossed out several times, until the author either gave up, or finally got it right: We have recently received intelligence that a particular antiquity, one thought lost in the aftermath of the war for Kalimdor, has found its way into the hands of a profiteer from the goblin town of Tweakfist Tweakwrench Tweakgizmo Tweakfizzle Landing, situated on the northern coast of Azshara. The town maintains trade relations with our eastern allies, and as such, we cannot simply reclaim this item through brute force, as justified as that would be. Nor is the Sisterhood keen on humoring this individual with negotiating a fair price for what rightfully belongs to our people. Unorthodox methods have been sanctioned by the higher chain of commands, and we seek capable volunteers to mount an infiltration of the town, and find means to recover this artifact without jeopardizing any tenuous diplomatic standing we have with the denizens. If you are the person that we need, speak with captain Featherwind in Bel’ameth.

OOC Info
Type of event: Stealth. Slightly whimsical. Ocean’s 11 vibes (hopefully)
Number of attendees: 1-5
Open for NPC roles: Yes
Date: TBA
Note: The town will be represented using a proxy location in Spires of Arakk. You need access to Draenor zones, if you wish to attend.

Hello! Same as the first event advertised here, dates will be determined when someone have shown interest. If any of these premises align with one of your characters, feel free to DM me and we’ll work something out!

Want to attend on NPC duty? You are more than welcome to! DM as you would if you’d want to partake on an OC, and I’ll come prodding when a date has been set.

Adventures await! Please contact Saleysea if you’d like to join the events or have inquiries about them.


The Watcher promotion looked like an immersive experience, have a look at the screenshots!

The Amirdrassil Community Gathering attracted people to spend time at the Belanaar Harbor, thank you Valkorian/Arcan for hosting!

And much was discussed at the Emerald Assembly, you can read the meeting notes here, provided by Scythoïs: [Druid event] - Emerald Assembly - 06/04 - #11 by Scythoïs-argent-dawn

Happening this week:

Thursday 11th: The Gnoll Hunt

Please see the above post about Saleysea’s Sentinel Noticeboard initiative for more information!

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th: Alor’el Spring Festival

Please note the festivities begin at 19:30 ST already!


The Alor’el Spring Festival came and went, thank you everyone who joined the event!

People have noted that activity in Amirdrassil has dwindled considerably since February. Is night elf roleplay at large on the decline once more? No, not at all!

The night elf scene has always been of roaming nature; the activity in a hub spikes and then quiets down again on repeat. It’s never a constant all year round as most night elf guilds are based on an adventuring concept, as are many of the individual characters.

There’s however an amazing number of events coming up in next few months where you may meet new people:

April 27th - 28th: Del’ursdiel Twin Bear Festival :bear:
Event Details

May 4th: Byltan - Kaldorei Spring Celebration :cherry_blossom:
Event Details

May 10th - 12th: Aria’falore :bow_and_arrow:
Event Details

May 18th: Moonball & Bonk-Alore Tournament :crossed_swords:
Event Details

May 20th: Let’s Tell A Story :left_speech_bubble: (canceled)
Event Details

June 7th: Kaldorei Dance Night :dancer:
Event Details

June 16th: Amirdrassil Beach Party :beach_umbrella:
By Nifre, event info TBA

June 22nd - 24th: Jurina’tore :deer:
Solstice celebration by the Nightblades, event info TBA


The event listing in the opening post has been updated.

This week, you’ll find night elves in Feathermoon Stronghold, participating and spectating the Aria’falore starting on Friday!


The event list has been updated. Happy start of summer everyone!


Bladecrest Sentinels added to the guild list + events updated. Prepare your fans, this week we dance!


If you didn’t have time to participate in Jurin’atore yesterday, worry not - the festivities continue tonight!

Thank you to the Nightblades for hosting.

Also the next Emerald Assembly for druids will be on 29th!


Things are in general a bit quiet now as people are enjoying their summer vacations / other game releases / preparing for the War Within.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Feralas campaign!

Also see some of the night elves mages at the War on Magic: The Second Fall storyline!