[Wardens] Elune's Justice! [A-RP]

                                ELUNE'S JUSTICE

Elune’s Justice is a Warden focused guild. As per date of this announcement it is the largest Warden guild with all kinds of Warden-related ranks, counting up to and beyond 50 members. Some old and established names and some new who are yet to bloom. While large at first glance and perhaps intimidating due size, the every-day online is just perfectly numbered to establish connections and bonds and feel welcomed each and every time!

                                Guild concept

The guild represents a subgroup of Wardens much alike the shadow wardens in Cataclysm. Led by their own captain however obeying Maiev Shadowsong in the end as her being the head of the Wardens and Watchers.

Our Warden group is divided into following ranks:

  • :1st_place_medal: Warden
  • :2nd_place_medal: Watcher
  • :3rd_place_medal: Mystic
  • :medal_sports: Trainee

And the hierarchy also goes as listed above. Mystic are not to be misunderstood with shamans. A mystic rank is a general rank referring to Mystics that guarded barrow dens and stood by Watchers in WC3, it being a generalization for characters wishing to remain a druid/priestess/mage while all other roles go by the common ranks of the Watchers organization.

                               What do we do?

We indulge in both day to day RP with the world and hubs, aswell as host our own events with certain narratives or plot points. The amounts of each activity varies based on player desire from within the guild.

Part of the guild consists of trainees. Guiding them to become Watchers and eventually Wardens is part of what we do alongside the Warden duty. In fact it is quite likely that while you’re reading this another trainee is undergoing a lesson! That also means, that there is room to participate in mentor/trainee RP, get that proper immersion of being that Warden just like on the isle mentoring trainees.

The guild does not bind you or your character to stay at certain locations or only take care of a certain task.

The ultimate goal as in any RP is to have fun, and we are having fun by conducting Wardens duty such as ensuring safety of the Kaldorei, tracking possible threats, investigating and eliminating or imprisoning with proper trials.

                            What we are looking for

:white_check_mark: Well mannered, helpful, friendly and patient players.
:white_check_mark: Willingness to work through OOC issues in a mature manner.
:white_check_mark: Players who seek to get to know the characters and players already present in the guild.
:white_check_mark: Mature roleplayers that are well read on the lore, especially that of the kaldorei. Or players who are willing to learn/fill in the gaps in such.
:white_check_mark: Night elves ONLY. No other races are permitted to join the group.
:white_check_mark: Elves that are culturally considered adults. If you are seeking to be accepted as a trainee instead of a regular Warden, this rule does not apply.

We do not accept

:x: Evil, chaotic or corrupted characters (such as Demon Hunters or Death Knights).
:x: Lore unfriendly Warden kit (such being utilization of void, fel etc).

                               How to join

Choose among these options:

  • Find us ingame!
  • Contact us OOC, be it through ingame mail, ingame whisper or a discord. Reach out towards Brigitá preferebly, however don’t shy away from asking others aswell!
  • Complete the “So you want to be a Warden…” quest-campaign. Instructions for which can be found in the Warden discord community.
  • Or simply leave a comment underneath and we’ll contact you!
                    Frequently asked questions and answers

:question: What kind of development can a character have with you?
:blue_square: Many kinds, and such can be discussed too if desired. There are titles to earn. For trainees, it is the gradual progression based on training to promotions.

:question: Do I have to complete the game?
:blue_square: If you’re a Warden, Watcher or a Mystic the game completion is not needed/optional. For characters seeking to become trainees it is preferred that quest campaign is completed as it offers some valuable introduction into what Warden hunt is like.

Thanks for reading it all, and I hope to see you play and enjoy the game together with us!


Hello fellow Wardens! I know the excitement and interactions of “Wardens Day” (it’s what we’re calling the unofficial micro-holiday January 1st now :grin: ) brought a lot on your plate. But after a year-long delay, we’re delaying no longer, and are finally headed out for RP in the open-world.

Find us in Amirdrassil, should you wish! As we’re planning our introduction ceremony & formalities on the 10th. We’d love for you to stop by!

And when finally the 10.2.5 patch comes, I imagine we’ll be there most weekday evenings.


A long due and dedicated trainee, Starstriker has now ascended to the rank of the Watcher!

We salute and welcome sister in arms!
Galleries of event recap, with both pre-works and screenshots aswell as music alongside


The second part of Starstrikers promotion! For Elune’s Justice!


The third part of the promotion!


Thank you so much for hosting this event, it was extremely special to me and i will likely never forget it. It’s been nearly a year since i discovered RP and joined the Warden community. It has led to so many amazing experiences and friendships.
The journey from a trainee to watcher was a long but rewarding one and i look forward to see what the future brings of new RP adventures.

-Lacun Starstriker


A wonderous gathering of Wardens on 21.01.2024! We’re glad to have hosted this month for all of you friends! o7


A small event recap of Warden trial event for Irisandres Shadewind! We’re happy to have hosted and followed through her journey from day 1 of being a trainee all the way to becoming a Warden o7

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Some screenshots from our most recent 2-day event!

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Album made by Orniris with screenshots from the rite of passage that Elune’s Justice hosted for Lisa Nightsong, inviting entirety of the Amirdrassil community!

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Screenshots of promotion event for Irisandres Shadewind, its been an honour!

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Watcher Promotion of Silvershot and Silvershade!

Eanlin Silvershot and Eldenar Silvershade have walked the path of becoming Watchers for a long while now, and have shown dedication and determination to our cause.
And thus it has come time for an iconic moment of their story, a promotion to a fully fledged Watcher.

On 6th April 20.00 ST we will hold an event in honor of this. All Wardens, Watchers and trainees are welcome to join us in the sacred ritual of the order!

There are three parts to this event, review, vows and celebration. Location of choice will be Tomb of Sargeras.
OOC reasoning: Due Vault’s number limitation.
IC reasoning: A place iconic for the Wardens and Watchers due to the tragedy that has once transpired there during the third war. And yet, as we head for the renewal of the Kaldorei, we reclaim the tomb and see to the bright future!

Where Watchers have once fallen, many more shall rise in service of Elune’s Justice!

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Some screenshots from our latest promotion, check out the choreography! We’re honoured to host such ceremonies!


Numbers having been updated since original post countup has gotten a little outdated o7

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One of our recent events, dubbed as “House of Memories”, have a look at the assets!

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Here’s our mission briefing video for the campaign hosted by Rethion Into the Dark! o7 Credits to Fyli’ndel for the video creation!

We’ve been deep diving into the dark campaign, and I’ve gotten a chance to DM one of these story events. Here are the assets and ambience used in the event. Thank you for having us!

This weekend we hosted a blink training for the Warden community!

From one of our latest events, an undercover caravan escort repaying a debt. Credits to Fylin’del for creation of the mp4 asset briefing!

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Recently, Sylrin Shadesteel has been promoted! Much gratulations to her! Here’s a little summary of screenshots from the night and assets of course!

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