RP Realm moderation and RP in eyes of Blizzard

Disagree on the failed concept part but I do agree they need extra attention from blizz to prevent any snowballing effects on faction imbalance.
Though I am of the camp that quite severe faction imbalance is totally fine. I even prefer to play as the underdog faction, say something like 75/25.
But further than that and Blizz needs to step in and limit transfers and character creations to dominating factions and open up to the struggling side so it doesn’t end up 99/1 as many classic servers did.
It’s not difficult they just have to do it and not ignore the problem.

While I disagree with some details, I agree that an RP mode and some RP support tools in general are needed in WoW.

Warmode revitalised wPvP in PvE servers. And RP-mode will do the same for non-RP servers. I am stuck in a non-RP realm which pretty much means zero RP for me.

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Buy a transfer and come over? Or just make a new char on a RP realm?

With trading restrictions gone since a few months, there isn’t a any big downside to being on a RP realm other than maybe a lower stocked AH.

You can raid on the realm sure, but it is there for RPers to go about their hobby.
If someone reported your name, for you to then go “well, I better ruin everyone’s day!” is a bit weird. And also more likely to end up in more reports and a ban. Genuinely not worth it.

Party with someone on said realm so you can get pulled in? Just need to throw on a profile and you’ll be good.

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It doesn’t work that easily. People outside the group would be unable to see his profile, since the data channels of the addons are still realm/instance-bound.

Aside the AH stock issue, I have friends in the realm I am now. And I don’t fancy paying for a realm transfer or making a new char. I hardly have any alts for example, so making an alt for RP is out of question as well.

I love wPvP but I couldn’t do it until Warmode arrived. An RP mode will do the trick for all realms I think.

An RP mode with a few RP tools inspired by popular RP add-ons would make RP accessible to more people, which in turn would revitalise RP in general.

I didn’t think PvP realms existed any more. Or is this Classic related?

We’re all Normal realms in Retail with the ability to opt into War Mode if we wish to play in PvP mode.

I have to admit I’m not comfortable being on an RP realm as a regular player, I have so many realms to choose from that aren’t RP realms. I admire the whole RP thing but it’s not my cup of tea. I am not my character, her back story is literally what I’ve done in game :slight_smile:

There are no rules saying you have to be an RPer to play on an RP realm ofc. The only special rules are not to disrupt and the naming convention.

I don’t understand why some like to go and disrupt others engaging in activities they have no interest in themselves.

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I don’t fancy the idea of adding an RP mode to all type of realms. I think that should be a RP-Realm specific feature. Why? Because otherwise any form of realm labeling becomes obsolete and people that do find RP cringe and want to annoy/grief us Roleplayers in our experience would be an issue on every realm, not just ours.

You really don’t want that.

Classic Season of Discovery issue.

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Ah that makes more sense.

I’m on a PvE realm, safely away from PvP on my Gnome Warlock.

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Neither am I. I just enjoy writing and community activity, it slows the inevitable mulching of my brain.

We only really have Argent Dawn for RP these days, the other realms have a small collection of RPers still but it isn’t much. But such is the issue with dwindling population and people appearing to partake of the atmosphere and not contributing to it.

Anyone who goes on an RP server should at least give it a shot a few times. It can help with the game’s longevity if you have multiple outlets on how to play it.


Yeah like PvE and PvP labels lost their meaning. Still wPvP became a thing for PvE servers so it was still a win…

While I agree that potential griefing could be an issue, I still believe it’s better than zero RP. Also, with the automated bans being in place I am not sure if it is wise to piss many other players at once. With some proper
moderation from Blizz griefers could be reduced drastically.

Blizz needs to give us proper tools. Imagine for example if you could create custom quests similarly to how TRP let’s you create them. You instantly have infinite community-created content…

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The difference is that PvP can only result in griefing when you participate in it pro-actively. Meanwhile RP in an RP mode can be griefed passively due to it relying on gameplay-disconnected mechanics/interactions such as text chat and visual feedback.

Yeah and these people can get reported and banned. That already happens in RP realms for example. If your name is a joke like “yourMama” for example and enter an RP realm it’s like asking to get banned… The same could apply to RP mode as well.

In addition, to the above measure with proper RP tools, griefing can be mostly eradicated. These tools can include the following:

  • Option to enter a dungeon/raid instance and empty it of mobs for RPing (FF14 already does this). We can alco have RP-oriented instances for the same reason. In an instance you control who enters and who is not, therefore if you really want to have an RP moment with no obstructions from other players (or even other RPers), you and your RP group enter there and do your thing.

  • RP-mode could include the option to enter a shard just for your group. Mobs do not drop items and farming nodes do not spawn (to avoid exploitation). But everything else works normally. This shard can be used as the private sandbox for a party or raid, where the leader will be able to initiate a custom quest-line for their group.

Of course, these are rough ideas and I am sure that if someone at BliZ starts caring about RP more tools like the above could be given to us.

Those ideas are very good… And we both know current Blizzard will never bother to invest the resources to do that.

Which is why raised awareness around RP and such discussions in forums are needed … The game could be so much more than just dungeons, Raids and BGs.

I am glad they are investing in exploration, open world content and wPvP again. These are are steps towards the right direction. We just need to push a bit as a community and give Blizz the proper feedback. Then some day these ideas or a form of these ideas might become reality. Heck, people never believed that Blizz would ever add bots in a dungeon but it happened.

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We do also have Defias Brotherhood connected with others as well to have some RP fun.

I am sure you can make them work with Cross-RP addon. It’s supposed to link TRP pages between realms/factions. Bit buggy and takes time to actually load profiles that are not in your faction/realm, but it works.

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