RP realms are dead

Good news! Transfers from HW are open so your problem was solved :slight_smile:


Well I checked hordeside - as is he - 15 minutes after he posted. Double the amount :wink: Allyside way more.
But … workday morning, day after pre-patch … what would you expect?
I stay at HW :wink: Thank you very much.

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Everyone gone to rp as blood elves.

Are you going to RP a lone Night-Elf Hunter in an abandoned dystopian future, wandering the lands trying to find the last scraps of civilization?

  1. This is NOT the one I play :wink:
  2. When ppl have levelled and so on, Classic will once again be populated. Not, thankfully, as much as it was, but decently. It’s finally going to be real Vanilla-like.

I’m gonna be back on Classic Era HW for sure, I love my server! I’ve selected to keep one of my low level characters there, and will definitely make more. I may even make some death=delete characters (as Classic leveling is less easy than TBCC). For now though, I’m enjoying the ambience of Eversong Woods and leveling my Paladin, not to mention geeking out with Mangle a bit too much :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also doing IronMan - what you call Death=delete on HW. We had a guild before TBCC hit, might make one again. Jernpigen is my toon - she stays on as ‘mentor / sensei’ whatever GM maybe even if she should die.
The hard levelling in Classic is a challenge :wink:

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:o i played on horde side of HW but i don’t mind going blue to join a good community what is the name of the guild please ?

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You should be happy. It is Horde side, not there yet, but going to be called Retirement Horde.
Recruiting thread here: [Horde][EU] Hydraxian Waterlords <Retirement Horde>

Were Horde actually, this character is getting abandoned on Zandalar Tribe. :slight_smile:

The guild is going to be called Retirement Horde when its created, were going to create it at the same time we roll out to the server 31.5.

heres the discord link if youre interested discord.gg/zcPmCujF

Oh thats an interesting idea! Ill have to remember that one when im out of ideas.

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No idea where you’re looking but we’re definitely not dead. Pay for a transfer maybe? Unless you mean vanilla Classic then yeah, 'course it’s dead, TBC is out.

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They might be refering to the Classic Era server, not the Classic TBC server.

This Level guy is on every thread that is asking for server merges on Classic Era saying “uhh i dont want merges” - begging to be basically all alone on the server, which is kind of sad because the people, who were used to active servers have to bother with a handful of guys who rather want to play on a basically offline server.

HW has always had far less people than the original RP server Argent Dawn had. It is about half.

Oh really. I trust you on that, but what’s the relevance?
I played on Darkmoon Faire, it was as far as I can see almost the same as HW. I do NOT like it crowded, as you might have gathered from my earlier comments.

I could say the same of you: always begging for Mega-eservers. But I won’t. I’ll try to explain. It’s about different playstyles. You think anything below a certain limit is dead server. I think anything above a certain limit is overpopulated.

If Blizz

  1. merge (or whatever you call it) all PvE into one, and all PvE into one.
  2. leave the RP-PvE and RP-PvP alone.
  3. offer free transfer PvE <-> RP-PvE and PvP <-> RP-PvP.

We’ll all be happy, agree?
Let’s ask for this, then. Because why not go for the solution that pleases as many as humanly possible.

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mate it’s literally only you vs everyone else
not my fault they agree with me

Please read some more of the threads. There’s more agreeing with me, advocating for waiting and so on.

And even if it’s only me and a handful of other crazy people, why does it matter to you if we have our fun on a micro-server while you’re having fun on a mega-server?
This is the real question, not who can get the most followers. I know that I’m a minority, but does that mean that I - and people meaning the same as I do - are not allowed to play how we like?

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What makes you think that? You got zero likes, so its a bit weird youre so convinced that everyone agrees with you. I for one, dont. Im sure Im not alone. HWL is an RP server, it never even got layers, so why would anyone want a merge? If you no longer care about RP you can always transfer away to a merged pve server. RPers on the other hand have no choice, as this is the only pve rp server. If its merged, its gone.

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