[RP] The Roleplay Guild List.

(Esago) #21
Faith and Honour
The guild Faith and Honour doesn't exist anymore but many of us have reunited under a new banner! Visit lionheartedrangers.shivtr.com

(Azmodan) #22
Guildname : Legion of the Horde
Who to contact: Azmodan, Grosolan
Short description: Created by former Scourge-members, now seeking revenge on their former enslavers.
Recruitment: see contacts.
Website: http://legionofthehorde.tk
Restrictions/Requirements: MRP installed, and a good social mindset..

(Zhinlan) #23
We're back and recruiting again, so you can put us in the list :-)

Skull marks the treasure
Who to contact: Zhinlan
Short description: We are a fun and social RP guild for treasure hunters, archeologists and adventurers!
Recruitment: will follow
Website: http://treasure.guildportal.com
Restrictions/Requirements: We are recruiting all classes and races
Other Info: we have been gone for a while but now we are back and recruitin new members, mains and alts alike!

(Draxle) #24
Permission to board the list?!

Steamgear Trading Co.
Who to contact: Draxle or Jinxxie (On Steamwheedlecartel)
Short Description: A Goblin only RP and Social guild. Focused on trading, exploring and crafting.
Recruitment: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13123108167#1
Website: www.steamgear.eu
Restrictions/Requirements: Be a Goblin! Have TRP3 or MRP installed.

(Ferunna) #25
Vanguard of Vigilance (still going strong!)

Who to contact: Snaxie, Tommzan, Chechil, Terrafros (sha'tar for all)
Short description: for the alliance and for the light! investigative/special ops style RP
Recruitment: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13122978622
Restrictions/Requirements: Minimum level 20
Other Info: Need more people to get involved with our events. We also have a raid team of sorts.

(Cerelai) #26
[Deprecated, see Felbane post.]

(Donovar) #27
Ironbreaker Company

Who to contact: Donovar

Short description: Newly founded Alliance-side guild with a Military RP theme mixed up a little with a dash of more Casual or Social RP to keep things varied. Lead by Marshal Alexius L. Donovar, Ironbreaker Company will become an effective and efficient fighting force composed of the best-of-the-best, battling any and all threats to the safety of the Alliance and it's citizens.

Recruitment: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13686809097

Restrictions: There are no racial or class restrictions. And it is unlikely there ever will be in the future.

Requirements: Must be at least Level 20 (Level 70 for Death Knights) to join.

Other Info: Still quite new. So the roster is currently quite bare. I hope that will change in the weeks to come though so that things - RP-wise - can get into full swing.

(Zigil) #28
Correction: Mithril Guard webpage

The Mithril guard is undergoing a small revival under the leadership of our beloved Thane Finna and is now found on the location http://themithrilguard.guildportal.com/

New recruits are most welcome!

//Zigil, son of Zirak

(Showang) #29
Faith and Honour has lost most of its former leaders and there is currently (sadly) no RP. The guild should be removed from the Alliance list to be fair to the list.

Best regards Showang - last of the council.

(Árcfélonas) #30
Guild is Disbanded....deleted.

(Dalathar) #31
The Violet Shroud has changed name, if you could update it on the main post I'd appreciate it :)

The Night Gryphon

Who to Contact: Dalathar-SteamwheedleCartel, Cynndia-SteamwheedleCartel
Brief Description: The Night Gryphon is a group fighting for the Alliance under the command of sir Dalathar Locke, we hold ties to SI:7 and aim to defend the citizens of the Alliance by any means necceary. Anybody is welcome.
Recruitment Post: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12427662808

(Ikabelle) #32
The Nightcloak Partisans

Who to contact:

Brief description: The Nightcloak Partisans is an group of individuals who have had enough, united by common causes, they now work without any allegiance to the Alliance, might dare say, they are opposing the ways of the Alliance and the group seeks to pave way for a new future. Their duties are one and only for the people.
Recruitment Post. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611171353

(Tolson) #33
Silvermoon Guard
Who to contact: Tolson@moonglade or one of the RP Officers (Nathradeon@moonglade & Thellana@moonglade)
Short description: An 18+ Social guild that organizes PVP,PVE, RP events.
Website: smg.guildomatic.com
Restrictions/Requirements: 18+ and Social
Other Info: 150-160 unique active accounts, created in 2009

(Laintro) #34
Hello, we are new to this server group, having moved from Defias Brotherhood and decided to set up an all Night Elf guild. Although we are starting out, it would be lovely if you could include us in this list please. The founders are all long-time roleplayers and hope to be able to get established here. Thank you.

<Heart of the Wild>
Who to contact: Lënore, Laintro, Arìel (or /w a guildy as we may be on an alt)
Short description: HotW is an all Night Elf rp guild. Our plan is to build an OOC relaxed guild for rp-PvP and rp-PvE. We pride ourselves in having a low OOC drama guild and believe strongly in inclusion.
Recruitment: Open, thread to follow.
Website: To follow.
Restrictions/Requirements: Night Elf only, we don't really want DH or DKs as we don't feel that they fit well with the rp basis of the guild. However, if someone can present a good IC reason why they should join then we are all (knife) ears - so please do get in touch.
Other Info: We are new to server so looking to build the guild. Very happy to take those new to rp as well as those experienced in rp.

(Meltheriel) #35
The Illidari

Who to contact: Meltheriel

Short description: A very new and currently very small (just me atm) RP guild representing Lord Illidan's Illidari forces on the Horde-side of Sha'glade Cartel. Also hope to incorporate cross faction RP with Night Elf Demon Hunters as well at some point in the future. Perhaps with an Alliance side Illidari guild if such a thing ever comes to be in the future.

Restrictions: Demon Hunters ONLY for the time being.

Requirements: TRP or MRP installed along with a fairly decent grasp of what Illidari lore is available and an understanding of what the Demon Hunter class entails

(Xarnon) #36
The Felbane Aegis

Who to contact: Hopebringer-Moonglade, any other member if I'm offline.
Short description: Defending Azeroth through technology, knowledge and Trifold Hope: Strength, Wisdom, Unity. Punching a lot of demons, also digging for artifacts.
Recruitment: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/13123848689
Website: http://theaegis.wowlaunch.com/
Restrictions/Requirements: TRP3 required.

(Skullrippa) #37
Shadow Fang Clan
Who to contact: Skullrippa
Short description: The Shadow Fang Clan is an Orcish RP guild for those Orcs of the more boisterous persuasion. We drink, we fight, and we fight drunk. Our traditions are brutal and, sometimes, deadly. We want only the strong, and only the strongest among those rise to lead.
Recruitment: <none yet>
Website: <none yet>
Restrictions/Requirements: Preferably Orc Warriors with an aggressive temperament, but if you think your puny Elf priest can handle life among savages then, by all means, apply.
Other Info: We'll be looking to hold events to bring the larger RP community together be that as friends or enemies, Horde or Alliance. We'll be starting with trying to host regular keggers, fight clubs, and eventually try to create plots that involve the whole community.

(Noviestra) #38
Broken Shadows - Horde

Who to contact: Ryxernath(IC Name = Noviestra Rosevale)
Short description: Gather power and wealth by nearly any means necessary.

Restrictions/Requirements: Tolerance towards darker-minded characters, Demons, thieves, assassins, warlocks and such.
Other Info: New-ish guild, relaxed environment. Still a small group, but hoping to grow.

(Kazgar) #39
Thunder Wolf Clan

Who to contact: Kazgar, Vhalkan, Gorakk, Raginbull

Short description: An old guild focusing on Role-play and Social Interaction and open to everyone who wishes to enjoy and enhance their experience of the game. We are reforming from a hiatus since WoLK and are now recruiting and hope to reconnect with old friends and meet many new ones.

The Thunder Wolf Clan is to be composed of many able and skilled individuals, from solo operators and Lone Wolves to experts in Battlefield tactics and those who dare to else the deepest places of Azeroth to test their skill. All must share only one common goal - to strike at the enemies of those who dare defy the will of the Warchief, and who threaten the survival of the Horde.

Recruitment: [forum post link tbc]

Restrictions: We have no racial or class restrictions and welcome all into our ranks. All we ask is that you be a mature, social gamer.

Class/Level Requirements: We currently have no restrictions on level or requirements and welcome all, new to RP or otherwise.

(Koranith) #40
Crimson Sun Brigade

Who to contact: Koranith
Short description: Neutral paramilitary group that protects Azeroth. We are also available to hire for missions when applicable.
Recruitment: Not actively but we are open to new members
Website: http://s4.zetaboards.com/Crimson_Sun_Brigade/index/
Restrictions/Requirements: Must be neutral.
Other Info: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614743836#1