[RP][Hardcore] Entertaining an idea

Greetings roleplayers!

I’m entertaining the idea of creating a community of dedicated roleplayers who share my passion for immersion. I recently returned to WoW vanilla and found the Hydraxian Waterlords server, which is marked as a roleplaying server. Additionally it seems like the primary server for the new influx of hardcore players. Suffice to say, I was quite excited to try it out. The prospect of losing your character is thrilling and it adds a new layer of intensity to the game.


I am greeted by a literal wave of muggles bumbling around with names so appalling that my poor roleplaying heart near broke into a thousand pieces. Suffice to say the vast majority of hardcore players have no interest in roleplaying what so ever and that’s totally fine…


Can we not try and make use of this potential? This thrill of losing something dear to your heart? Certainly this sort of gameplay is not for everyone. If you’re a dedicated roleplayer, you know all too well the amount of time and effort that goes into creating your character, their background, their personality, their looks… Days, weeks, months… Even years of constant development. The prospect of losing this progress to a random gnoll in Loch Modan seems like blasphemy to say the least, but… Could it not also add depth to the game?

Imagine a guild where all members are dedicated roleplayers. In character all the time. While subsequently playing the game as a hardcore character.
You’re in character while levelling, walking around the city… Even when your character is killed by before mentioned gnoll in Loch Modan…
Your characters power is determined by your skill, gear and- WAIT! Let me finish, I can already sense the fuming hatred coming from you all, at the prospect of limiting yourself to the in-game mechanics, but stay with me!

Would it not add a much needed thrill to an otherwise time-worn and tried old game?

Starting as a fresh recruit and building upon that foundation with a community that supports you and mourns you if your time comes too soon?

The thrill of finding that one item you REALLY really want, and knowing that it’s in character and part of your development?

Now… I’ll be honest, I don’t agree with everything that hardcore add-on brings to the table. For one, you should definitely be allowed to trade among members of the community. But I do agree that using the auction house has some drawbacks looking at it from a roleplaying perspective, considering how the vast majority of items presented at the auction house are farmed by people who are not roleplayers.

Instead of making it a boring farming trip, make it a roleplaying event! We’re gathering copper ore for new weapons! New armor! Trade between community members. The possibility of multiple themed guilds. Suddenly the guild leader dies! What the fudge! New event… Mourning… Funeral… Speeches from people who knew the player…

Also, you should be able to “group up” for any content regardless of playing duo of trio runs. It would make sense for comrades in arms to help each other.
You wouldn’t have to actually party up, merely move as a unit and support one another.

I’ll be honest… I miss the immersion… I’ve seen my fair share of people who afk in the city, waiting to be approached by someone who wants to do some roleplaying… Sitting there, writing elaborate stories of their progress… Their background… But when they actually play the game, it’s just a… Chore? Seems like a wasted potential to me…
Could we not create something awesome here? A new start? A new way of roleplaying, with far more realistic and immersive gameplay? Is that not what roleplayers strive for in the first place? Could “Levelling and gearing” not also be a part of your roleplaying experience?

Now I realise that this is not for everyone, and the guidelines would of course need some polishing, but could we not try and entertain this idea? Maybe come up with something awesome together?

What are your thoughts? Would anyone be interested in giving this a go?
Maybe start out with a smaller, themed guild and see how it goes? Test it out to see how it feels?

Ideas are very much welcome!

Thank you in advance, you’re all awesome!

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Now that would be an interesting idea but if i recall correctly playing in a group is frowned upon by hardcore players which is really annoying , your idea of the hardcore playing is much more in touch.


I get the appeal if you’re purely a hardcore player; you want the challenge, but that specific rule is also the main cause of players standing in queue to kill named NPC’s in open world. Most of the time people just ignore common courtesy and tag the mob with a macro. Glad you approve of the concept though! Hoping at least a handful will be willing to try it out. We’ll try to grow from there.

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I would give it a try I watch a lot of harcore players and no rules is as upsetting as that one no group/help when some streamers not to name it makes first hc aq 40 raid clear no death they are still playing with each others and group together.


It does seem a bit counter intuitive to limit the greatest strength of an MMO. I mean, there are plenty of good MMO’s out there, but a lot of them lack in the community department, so removing the prospect of helping one another is a major no go in my book.

I’d love to add you to the list of people who are crazy enough to give this a go! =P


You can count me on it will definitely be funnier if we are a lot more , maybe some other people want to give it a try ?


Awesome. You got any preference for a starting theme?
I’ve been thinking about an alliance based guild with a martial focus.
It opens up the possibility for a wide array of classes to be played together, and it makes sense to train recruits in batches. Not that we need an actual guild, just entertaining ideas. There’s of course a lot possibilities in creating an open community around a race such as the night elves. You could technically have both martial classes and craftsmen, even commoners for those looking for a more casual approach to the hardcore setting =P


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On a gameplay point of view the Kaldorei starting zone feel much better and kinda easier , elwynn forest can be very problematic and harsher to level and suceed than the others.

There are also some great class combo being possible with the Kaldorei only.

A guild could be great, the more the merrier the only slight problem we might encounter is i believe we need to install an add on to play hardcore and ? and it does interfere with all the other way of playing like regular classic era for me.

Except if if it is already installed i mean when the hardcore realm will launch and it allow greter gameplay like the ability to trade and play in group while your character is still unplayable if it died but without having to install any specific add-on who interfere with the other characters you have on other realm.

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Astariella here o/

I absolutely agree!
I don’t necessarily discourage the use of the add-on but it’s basically just a tool to stop people from cheating and letting them send in an info-sheet for validation once they reach 60, so for the purpose of our little project it’s not a necessity to have the add-on. I suppose it’ll inevitably be up to the individual member to stay true to the guidelines of a hardcore character? In the sense that we’d allow trading between other roleplayers, roleplaying guilds etc, but we’d still adhere to the idea of constantly being in character, levelling, farming materials, doing quests etc. While also keeping in mind that a death during these activities means your character dies for real.

I suppose we should also consider whether or not resurrection by magic is allowed? Say a friendly player comes along to resurrect you? Would you be allowed to accept? Would there be penalties? Etc. Like a time limit for the resurrection or your character being in a weakened state after a resurrection. Or just banning resurrection all together? It would give incentive to not play alone, at the very least =P

I’m all for the elven lands. They have deep lore and the zones are - as you said - more forgiving to new players.

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You decide but let’s be honest if we bind too many rules it will be difficult to attract anyone :wink:

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Hehe, it’s hard enough simply finding a roleplayer. Been scanning TRP in every zone while leveling 3 different characters and I’ve found 4 characters in total. 2 of them being the same player. The other two had nothing filled into their TRP profile >_> Not really sure where to find people to be honest. I’ve been in all major cities with no result.

Some of the hardcore death are so unlucky and or funny or bad it’s amazing you should check some of the death on youtube.

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Seen some of them. Many of them happen to stupid mistakes or being overconfident, while others are just bad luck. See a lot of people who have a hard time gauging the spawn timer on large groups, specially when there are many players farming the same area.

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Maybe we should consider some of teh class with lots of control ability like mage and their nova , armor and etc… I hope those hardcore realm don’t take long now , you got any idea what you would like to give a try yet ?

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Mages sure are good to have in a group.
I may have found another who’s interested. DM’d me on Discord after he’d seen a post there.

I’m open to most concept ideas. I enjoy most classes so I’ll probably pick one we need in the end.

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Sounds like a fun idea and one I could see join in on.


Awesome, I’ll be sure to give you a poke in game.

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The char I use is Alansen, human warrior

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So now that it is official have you decided all your class, race realm , professions, spec ? I can’t wait and I have already made my choice just waiting to consert and see what you two guys decided !

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Oh, I added “Granis” to my friend list and awaited that one xD
I’ll be sure to add Alansen too.
I’m still pretty much playing solo so far. I’ve met a few others who might wanna join in on the community once we get started. Suppose it’s all about getting it going.
You’re free to give me a poke on “Matthews” anytime.