RSS, Solo RBGs, arenas, rbgs - the community will split even more

I thought about it recently and I’m afraid of even longer queues. What do you think about it? I said if few times and I’ll say it again. I’d love to see solo queue merged with premade arenas so you can play solo or queue as 2 dps to look for random healer. So basically if your friends quit and you just came back you can queue and deal with the rust but highest achievments should be achieved with premade comps and teammates. Premades could also be set to proritize other premades in the matchmaking system. It might be also a challenge for some players who want to test them to get glad with only solo queue. This way we get the queues more populated. 6 games format doesn’t really work for me because it’s the deathmach for 4 dps players and 1v1 for healers what makes pushing cr for healers harder. Also the queue times are just horrible. Usually I give up after few minutes

I’m having hard time to see how Solo BGS will be a success since pvp lack of healers either in solo shuffles, rated arena or rated bg anyway.
Why would a healer want to que for a BG, that is long by time and little by reward?
Healers arent being treated properly on arena shuffles and they think they will throw themselfs into bgs. mhm…
If it will be built properly and WORTH doing, than it will be a success tho.

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I said a long time ago i dont think solo versions will save pvp and what happend it made it far worst.

Only thing we can is go on twitter as an army so they dont ruin pvp further.

why do you think solo shuffle made pvp worse?

I do. I think that PvP needed solo queue within 2s and 3s ladder not the solo shuffle.


idc. i wanted rbg solo.


As a healer, I’d probably rather queue solo RBGs than solo queue arena. Healers are strong in RBGs whilst healing solo q is the most frustrating thing in the entire game.

That being said, I hated what they have done with the solo RBGs so far so it’s not looking good.

Regarding OP’s point, the splitting the community thing isn’t such a big issue if blizz just let you queue for multiple things at once, let you sign-up for arena groups without kicking you out of solo queues etc.

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Agree, but there is a simple solution. Just remove regular arena and rbgs, as they are dead anyways.

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I wouldn’t say dead. Also I in opposite to some people am extravert person so I have a lot of friends. Why cannot I play arenas with them?

You can, for now, but why do you want to force other people into your bracket by removing the I hate LFG brackets?

And lets be honest here. Since SL season 3, arena is basically dead. Long before rated shuffle came into the game!


Revamp LFG so it’s easier and more intuitive to find other people to play with and climb
Tweak shuffle

Also, uncap conquest points earlier into the season
implement Conquest TOKENS (F rng boxes) mid-season
Allow conquest bonus (+) points if you start the season late, catch up

The weekly PvP quests can stack if you miss a week , particularly helpful if you are trying to gear multiple classes and forget to do it on one

Get people playing
Delete Aug

Rework some of the other brackets - For example, make 2s a practice bracket
Or create a new practice 3v3 mode where it is unranked, gives a small amount of Conquest and some honor, and is a place to meet players who you would like to play with

Get rid of that absolute garbage blades edge map. It was implemented in TBC(?) and the game has changed so much it shouldn’t be in the arena pool

Not how they brought it out they could have made solo q if u dont have friends you q into normal 3vs3 ladder that way pvp or arena would still be super active and dont split the brackets

I don’t think it would be super active, and I think people wouldn’t enjoy to queue solo that way!

People always think that the issue is the LFG tool itself. It is not! It is that teams split apart after 2-3 games, because the synergy is terrible, you overlap cds, etc. Basically half of a shuffle! You can pick the comp, but have therefore to deal with premade teams with long term synergy, voice and also a solid comp pick! That is why shuffle is way more fair than random team picks with LFG.

And your idea would make it even more worse, because you drop the possibility of picking the comp. You would get everything from shuffle you think is bad on the one side, with good harmony on the other side.

Can’t think of any scenario that would be more unfair, than solo queue into regular arena mode with premade teams!

It will be because these people who play solo queue will play just because no RSS.

cant continue with this split community of some in shuffle, some 2/3s and some in classic and whatever, blizzard needs to introduce % based achievements for each bracket so the partisipation doesnt matter or they need to stop split the already thin playerbase

i think the % based achievement from each bracket would be the easyest solution here without them needing to remove something and ppl can just play, deflations in sl s3 and df s2 etc is just ridiculous now with old system and nobody play the game cause its not fun to play against some r1s when the system tells youre all rivals for 3 months, doesnt make any sense and anyone not r1 will quit cause what would incentive them to play

i dont think the game is suppose to be something which ppl just come play week or two at the end of season anyway, i think this will kill the interest of everyone faster than anything else, whats the point of mmo that no one plays or come play for 2 weeks at the end of season

Solo shuffle > 3s > 2s


Most of the community want solo Q
Solo shuffle has proven this and Solo RBG will prove this even more.
Just allow people to solo Q the existing 2v2 and 3v3 brackets because people will love the 10 second Q time and it will be something to do while waiting in the 15 minute solo shuffle Q for example.
Premade teams will have a slight advantage over solo teams but nothing is perfect also most likely solo teams will outnumber by far premade teams.

50/50 on this tbh

They’ll have a huge advantage in some lobbies due to comp / exp / voice

solo rbg will be the best pvp feature ever cant wait.


Because having 2 other healers help you heal the clueless DPS donuts is a lot easier and much more like a dungeon, requires less thinking.

The Arena Shuffle format allows PvE gameplay by DPS only, healers actually have to use their brains to avoid CC, press cds properly and not get kicked and keep people topped off.

In RBG that isn’t such a big problem - you get sheeped, it probably breaks from random AoE. You get kicked or stunned, some other healer will back you up. Buddy system.

Multiple people can lose a teamfight, but the team’s rogue might solo the enemy Flag carrier. A lot more variables.

Arena Shuffle will likely die out, because RBGs are more fun for casual players by default, since they are less punishing. You might be having fun in Shuffle as dps instantly pressing Icebound Fortitude on a micro stun and AMS to zugzug harder, but your healer is cringing his eyeballs because after that you are permanently dead and hard to heal up. It’s fun for you, but not fun for somebody trying to keep you alive.

I don’t even enjoy RBGs, but I will probably queue it on my healers to cap conquest and vaults, because it won’t make me hit my keyboard every time some idiot dies behind the pillar or doesn’t bubble