Rules of Engagement: Classic Hardcore is Coming to World of Warcraft

Rules of Engagement: Classic Hardcore is Coming to World of Warcraft

It’s official, Hardcore realms are coming to World of Warcraft. Players will have the opportunity to show if they have the edge, the grit, the very will— to engage with Azeroth, its denizens, and their fellow players… to survive.

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Paladins will not be able to use their Hearthstone while under the effects of Blessing of Protection, Divine Protection, or Divine Shield on Hardcore realm.

Oh no!

Love it!!


Looking forward to the stream of “Waaah, I died because of disconnection/bad latency, Blizzard owes us character rollback/subscription time!” threads :smile:

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The fun Idea, I do not want as PVP is there PVE version. If PVE, very fun idea good job you!

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Ahaha, blizzard is desperate. I bet if there was wow glue sniffers, they would make realms for them too.


Glue is cheap, if you are going to do any drug, it might as well be this. You think you are fancy because you spend a week’s salary on your sins?


TBC fresh when?


How does this work with getting disconnected?

I can see the ticket now…
Dear GM, my brother pulled out my ethernet cable because i slept with his GF, please give me my life back


this might actually become more popular than the retail since you now have to actually play the game with your brain.


What about questing in a group? I can’t find anything on it. Will I be able to quest with friends like with the addon ‘‘Duo’’ or ‘‘Trio’’ or is is purely solo?

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Questing in groups and trading is allowed, because there is no threat non-hardcore player will boost you. Everyone will be risking their lives.

Also, don’t think that AH will be full of items, it’s not like someone will spend their entire “life” farming ores :stuck_out_tongue:

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i can´t seem to find the PTR for this mode, is it active? i have the WoW public test 2 which I installed on the classic wow ptr

If the one brain is in his butt cheeks, when he is AFK smashing KB with it, while leveling on tank class, for muh '““challenge””. Also, doesn’t “vanilla is hard” meme, are a bit outdated by this point? Objectively speaking retail will be impossible, since even casual rares here usually have 1-2 mechanics.

for hardcore mode, this is a Yolo mode. it´s going to be very hard.

turns out it´s tomorrow this will be live on the ptr.

N00b question if anybody knows, is this only Classic Classic, or also Wrath Classic?

Curious if i should wait or not lol

its classic era not wrath

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This sounds very promising, My big concern though is disconnections. Is there anything that can be done about this?

Maybe where a player is not in any trouble or risk of dying at the time of the disconnection then this can be appealed?

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Thank you

Wasnt sure since the hardcore addon exists in both wrath and classic

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Waaaat??? You cant die on retail while leveling unless you really try. Retail leveling is so fast and braindead, just go to quest hub pick any quests there is, run around the area while spamming AOE pulling as much as you can before they start leashing away, go back to quest hub and collect your 5 levels in 10 min

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Really wish the trading was gone before lvl 60.