Russians everywhere

(Vurtne) #1

im rly starting to get too much stressed from casual random bgs, ive found 3 times in a row premades of 10man russians all geared, all following up calls, it was a complete stomp, even bgs where we won the teamfight at said “waterworks” they instantly stole mine, and by the time we reached mine, they had already stolen ww… its like playing against rated bg teams, and honestly its getting so much worse that lately ive won 1 in 5 bgs against them, ive posted about this, others have posted about this, for years, YEARS and now its rly out of hand, its become almost impossible to win bgs vs russians, i join bgs even flasked with all buffs, even food for my specific stat and not the 150 stamina, i use banners, i use potions for burst, i can’t kill 1 of them, if they are in team, no matter what i do, they comunicate too fast, even when i lure one of them away or pick off one of them, he either give up the fight asap or half the team comes stomp me and get back to objective, its not been fixed and we asked for a solution for years.
i can post screens, or even videos, i can show u what i mean, idc if u found random russians and beat them, if u find a premade of 10 russian players with gear, chances are ur going to get DESTROYED, and its unacceptable for a 20 minute queue, not to mention how they snipe bgs like “eots, 4 priest 4 shaman ele in mid” “brawl 4 dk, 4 paladins so they cannot be stopped from gathering and capturing” … its just plain stupid. i don’t enjoy 20 minutes queue for 3 minutes of stomp at all. fix this.


yep. my lubebucket is halfway empty and the feeling is coming back to me, but russian premades sure know how to ruin ur day.

(Sauvignon) #3

Oh look, is it premade proofs finally? or its gonna be just 10 russians in score list?

guess what


haha yeah I see that a lot. Auto-assumption that if you lose its because they are premade. Only explanation. Nevermind hitting healers, staying together, going for flag carrier or simply showing some guts.

There are russian premades sometimes but most of the time they aren’t. Russians just play differently and the EU casuals refuse to adapt to it.

(Dashia) #5

People should stop that nonsense about Russian premades. If you are better you win. Possibly the system groups Russians together taking them from their same language realms. It may look like premade but it probably is another group of causuals.

(Vurtne) #6

this is why i always give up on forums, because we are always surrounded by idiots, bet u play like, 1 bg x day 5 bgs x week. u play 10 times, and u see the same pattern every bg, u find russian premades, and suddently its a completely different game, but nvm that i know i can’t convince retarded ppl, i know im getting baited like always to just tell this community to fck off, becasue its always like that, wouldn’t be surprised if ppl defending cheaters would cheat asw, circle of life can be cruel, and sometimes if orget why world of warcraft is so bad nowdays, its because of this community, the comunity is the only thing worse than the game atm.

(Orangephd) #7

here we go again xD there are always some russians to ruin someone’s fun! It’s time to stop! Stop them from q with friends!

(Сиднайт) #8

“h t t p:// p g”

(Vurtne) #9

go on, tell me im wrong about matches like this.
imgur . com/a/LT6BAJd

(Сиднайт) #10

well, you got the guys from different servers, as well as your composition, what is the problem? For the Russians, all Europeans look the same, we do not divide the French, Germans, Spaniards, etc., as well as on Russian servers, not all Russian, many from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and a bunch of other countries

(Yolandass) #11

I am Serbian i am suppose to be matched with Russians going by the logic of this complainer but i get matched with scandinavia and some english people i dont mind them they are a fun bunch but when i do get matched with other Russians i have no problem with them at all.They are just very good players and the person is just salty cause they can work together and other eu people cannot.

(Rhaeve) #12

The sad part is, that people leave as soon as they see cyrillic names. Or they just throw in the towel, before the battle even started. I really dislike that mentality. It’s not that hard to win against an all russian team, but you have to do something for it.


Only cowards leave before the fight begins.

I preffer to start the battle with 8 people rather than having 10 and 2 of them are mentally challenged teamates who are scared someone just because he is from Russia.


There would be one 100% sure way to get rid of Russians in Eu BGs… but it would require all of us, or at least a huge number, to unite, and it require a short time of small sacrifices.

How ? Very simple: boycott any BG where the opponents are a full Russian team. And how to do that? Simple, Russian team = /afk and take the 15 minutes deserter buff.

If a vast majority of EU players do that, Russians will end in BGs either against each other, or aborted due to lack of opponents, and will also have huge waiting queues (which will compensate for your deserter debuff waste of time).

You can bet that after a very short time, the Russians will cry for Blizzard to put them in a separate BG group to avoid that problem. Because it will of course be annoying for us for a while, but for them it will be unbearable.

But that’s only a dream, since there will never be enough EU player to be united enough to do that.


My only problem with the Russians, albeit a big one, is that they often make matches last forever even though they could easily win quickly. In “Epic” BGs, they often play the resources instead of the main objective. Or for instance in WSG, after 2 flag caps, they simply bunker their flag carrier and start farming in the middle only to finish the match at the very end of the time.

Not all of us are kids or unemployed adults with endless time, and that kind of behavior, specially when you know you’re going to lose anyway, is very annoying.

I’ve never noticed such behavior on a regular basis in any other teams than the Russians. French don’t do that, neither do Italians, nobody except the Russians. That’s why I dislike those people, and not because they often have a good team play.

(Lihkan) #16

im going to do this


EU players do the same, yesterday played 2 hours 16 minutes AB score was equal from 500 points to 100. The horde had the advantage in strength, they killed us for the crowd, but they decided not to attack but just stand and wait when with 500 points will be 100. In the end, we won the horde, because they did not make the right strategic step, but if the horde were to attack us, we would have lost. Also, some Orydn teams like to stand near the cemetery of dry blood and not go on the attack, thereby also prolonging the time of the game.


feel free to do so

(Vurtne) #19

they are always 10-15-40 man premades ffs, how can u be so blind, u cna’t tell when someone is a 10man premade?
u manage to pick one of them apart the zerging group, 100% one other is gonna show up to help him, they literally play like they are a premade and u still “well wahts wrong witht hat” MY GOD bfa is bad af, but the community is RIGHT next to it ffs.
give us complete soloq, or get rid of exploiters using tricks and addosn to matchqueue so that they can win 100% and stomp every eu team of solo players gearing up.
u just can’t expect 15 players to win eots, against 15 players premade, we just tried, they are too godamn “good” and not in an individual skill way, they just 3man stealth cap objectives, or control objectives with rbg tactics like tank/healer mid in eots, all shaman ele/disc priest to knock ppl or mc, and rest backdoor bases, and evne if u try to backdoor them back, they are gonna regroup faster and still maange to control objective better, if u FAIL to see how they are unfairly winning this, options are 2
you are either LYING, or UR STUPID.


Rly this russian thingie has gone out of hand. Send them back to their bg fo real.