Russians everywhere


nothing stopping eu players doing the same

(Söze) #22

Thats nothing. I just spent 45 minutes being HK farmed in AV by a Russian premade. 15 healers loads of boomkins and mages. Russians left with 1500 honor and 500+ HK’s.

I couldnt care less about losing a random bg but having to deal with lame spoiling tactics is annoying as hell. Farming at a GY without capping the flag for 30 minutes. I mean…ggwp…

(Sauvignon) #23

Where is the premade?

I v played a lot of bgs in legion as eu player. Never had “problems”
u r mad, get some help

(Vurtne) #24

either people like this are russian cheating in disguise, or they are just plain stupid.


You mean they use common sense? Wow, I can see how you specifically have absolutely no hope against people like that.


Russian ‘premade’ and this and that is a meme tbh.

Just finished an AV on my druid. A shouty DK on our side led the way, and we won 348-0, plus we took down Balinda for fun. This sort of thing happens regularly vs Russians.

Often games can be tougher, because Russian teams generally seem to play harder and muck about less, in my experience anyway.

I’m sure people have had bad experiences playing vs Russians, but I think a lot of that is down to mindset, and people in general like to point fingers when things go wrong. I play a lot of random BGs across multiple characters, and vs our Russian mates, in all honesty the worst thing I have ever experienced is a bit of lag or an asskicking.

No hacking, no exploiting and lol no premade 40 man raids etc.

I’m more and more convinced that the anti-Russian furore on the forums etc is basically just good old fashioned xenophobia lol :rofl:

(Vurtne) #27

i still think most of you are playing a different game, come, join me for a 5bgs session, i guarantee you we will find 1 russian team and we will lose. if we are ublucky we find 4 russian teams and we might win against 1.


Negative reinforcement right there mate. You expect to lose, so you probably will. No positive mental attitude.

Moaning about Russians is like Horde moaning they always lose vs Allies, or vice versa. Cyclical and self-fulfilling.

Just did an AB. Vs Russians. Immediate comments in game were ‘premade’ this and ‘cheater’ that. No PMA. Russians smashed us, not surprised.

Did they cheat? No. Where they premade? Doubt it. What did they do? Obviously communicate, target healers, prioritise capping/defend etc etc.

They did pretty much everything out team didnt do, so they beat us.

Not saying that you haven’t had bad experience vs Russian teams btw, just that you were beaten by better teams, not explicitly because they were Russian.

Anyway, good luck and have fun :fist_right:


Well, for the past week I’ve been playing random BG a lot. Aprox. every 2nd enemy team was with latin names. How many games did we win against EU teams? 1 or, perhaps, 2. The last one we got roadrolla’d, we didn’t manage to get a single kill for the entire match. Well, now I’m crying on forums that EU-premades are ruining my rand-bg experience.

The best thing Blizz can do around this xenophobic theme is to allow players from CIS to have their nicknames in latin. So you won’t have to blame russians (btw, why exactly russians of all cyrillic servers?) in all your loses.

(Sylvare) #30

Idk man tea if they’re more coördinated chances are higher of them being a premade but not going for healers is not something that should be normal in random BGs cause its Just terrible play and many addons show very obviously who is a healer

(Sylvare) #31

The game supports Latin letters so isnt this a matter of changing the local alphabet of your computer? That would allow you to type in the letters in your client on char creation/rename, or does your client give an error when that happens?

Even then we’d still see Russian server names too


When you try to enter latin symbolsas a name on CIS servers the game tells you are not alowed to use them.


I think they are playing perfectly fair, they are using irritating tactics like going 40 men to places and HK farming everyone without capping GYs or stuff like that, but its not cheating, its what the other players can do too.

Its just about the mindset of people. It is like the alliance’s state in warmode. At first it was balanced, then some alliance turned it off, then horde outnumbered the alliance, then more alliance turned it off, etc.

In random epic BGs against russians, the other team usually thinks that they have already lost. They either /afk and leave, or they just do random stuff waiting for the BG to end. Only very few people actually try, but fail due to the other people’s mindset. So those very few people also get into the mind state of “oh russians, great, we lost”.

No, we just need to actually play the game to counter their tactics. I’ve won some, few, but some games against russians when people actually worked together.

However the situation is getting worse everyday because more people who try actually become one of the “we already lost” people.

We cant change this here because most of the people dont even come to the forums. Also, trying to explain this in random BGs wont work where people already did /afk and left, or are not reading chat, drinking their tea.

I honestly dont know what can be done.

Removing russians from EU servers doesnt look justified just because of their tactics, their tactics are perfectly valid. However, removing them from EU battlegroup arent a punishment, and is just a change maybe. They will face others that use the same tactics.

Still, I dont know. The situation is getting worse and we cannot do anything about it.

I know I will try to win, but others wont.

(Liscc) #34

Its not that Russians are better perse. They just play the game differently

Non Russians typically play random BGs to get some gear…in between 70k -120k hp. and 280-330 ilvl.

Russians like to stomp some random BGs in full gear with 380-400 ilvl and 170+ k hp.


Lost to russians on horde then joined a mercenary game where the game was lost vs russians as i joined. Fckging hilarious.


ALL 40 man are vs russians…

(Seffi) #37

fairly easy mix them whit the rest, and same whit german and french, all in one big pool, instead of this russian only groups, what makes no sence at all.


At first I was thinking about the language issues, but then again, EU already has language issues due to having multiple countries inside it. So this seems like an excellent idea.


Yes, EU has language issues, russian teams in EU servers do NOT have language issues. So they have unfair advantage.


Problem not in Russians, main problem is premades overall. But blizzard don’t wanna do anything with it.

Russian without premades, especially on av and ioc - pretty playable.