Russians everywhere

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Even petty playable.

It was a beginning of 2019, people still didn’t know, that they are getting screwed by german and french players on the same basis, but it’s easier to whine on russians only.

The more you read pvp forum, the more you realise how many people require a medical attention in mental institutions.

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This was a problem for long time, but as nowadays fewer players are playing, the chance to get a premade group who speaks on their mother tongue, having some kinda voice communication and no need to mention building organised team, is very common to get. I am getting every night 4 out of 5 BGs is either russian or german and ending with a lose as many players playing on mixed realms can not speak english so do communicate.

Vi, me and my wife has been loyal customers for long time but if not any action will be taken about russian,german, french groups no one can expect such loyalty and we will prove it with our wallets.

And I really can not believe that I need to post on forums instead playing and enjoying so called random pvp. Premade groups are belong to RBG, please dont let your own system *^!? your community, thanks for listening

  • So true man. I made a topic about russian/german premades. But guess what? Nobody agree, that it’s a problem at all. So i’m just giving up on forums. I also won’t send any feedback to blizzard anymore, because EU’s feedback means nothing to them and is ignored. Also agreed, that community is bad. It’s like they are blind to problems and look the other way… I am unable to win vs russian/german premade teams since MOP. It’s 6 years!!! They always are overgeared and stomp our team easily. We cannot do anything about it. If you face germans/russians you ALWAYS lose. How hard is it to understand??? They play on the level of rated battlegrounds, which DO NOT belong on random battlegrounds!!! This is just unacceptable, that NOTHING is being done about it…And people asked for vanilla for years hah. Have fun in classic with such community, really :slight_smile: It’s just laughable. How about BANNING premades on random bgs? That would solve all problems. STOP destroying and ruining all the fun and enjoyment on random bgs ffs. I am playing this game since WOTLK and pre-MOP it was NEVER required to queue up as premade just to be able to win a damn random bg. STOP FORCING me to que as premade just to win random bg.

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I do not even think people realice at times they are against german or french lol, Russians they se becuse of the Cyrillic text, but when facing germans they have no clue they are germans even.


20/1/19 6 bgs all epic and normal ones all against ruski

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and when you play rated you roflstomp 95% of the russian teams, thats probably why they have the need to feel good by bashing randoms when fighting on equal terms are to hard for them.


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I can’t say I lose BGs to teams with Cyrillic names all the time, most of the time it’s 50/50, never less, sometimes they win more. But it’s my experience, if you have another - ok.

All the time ppl see Cyrillic names they seems like on auto-pilot start talking that it’s a pre-made, even when there is no clear sign of it. If you don’t understand - you can still see the difference between letters, and with this - see that there are different servers and a lot of them.

Yes, I’m sure that sometimes there are pre-mades, but not for more than 5 ppl as game system allows. Same pre-mades sometimes happen in any other language. Maybe it’s really the contrast of letters effect - Cyrillic is so different that it stands out…

But here is something that almost shocked me:

I joined BG after it has started and found myself 1 with 39 Cyrillic names around me. Pop up showed up asking me to join Voice chat - and ppl were talking, like - without screams or anything - just talking and coordinating.

I asked them if they were a pre-made and that I never hear anyone talking in a random BG, in response I got - “No we just like talking and it’s faster than typing.”

Needless to say that Horde got stomped in that match without any hope of doing something. And it was probably the easies game I ever had in Epic BGs.

Inspired by it, for the next two days I was asking ppl in BGs - “Hey! Let’s try to coordinate in voice? You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to, just for faster overall coordination”.

Worked once, and it was 1 person. The responses I got were … starting from “Why should I listen to you if I don’t want” to “Who made you a leader”. Never tried it again after that.

That one person who joined - was a German player, and he told me that it happens from time to time on a all-german teams, they have no problem with it anywhere - in Arenas, BGs, Raids, Dungeons.

So maybe this ability to communicate to each other faster - is the main reason for all these roflstomps ppl are complaining about. Players are using something provided by the game, how unfair it must be.

Well, that’s just my experience with communities of different languages.

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Well… There is…

We have a soul, we are good people - You are not :wink:

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wanna prove it ? add me and lets go play against a russian team :wink:

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I don’t have a Horde toon, and Enlisted is for Alliance. But if you have Alliance toon or take enlisted - sure we can do that.

But you understand that I talk about voice comms and lack there of on the English speaking side? After my experience - I can only wish you luck getting ppl in voice.


I might just take you up on that tbf. From my own experiences I don’t notice a difference in game quality depending on language, at least not to a point where I would spend my time complaining about it.

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add me w/e u want

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It’s funny, I never call anyone in the voice, in any BG Russian or English, I give precise instructions for actions in the chat, nobody wrote me anything like that, by the way, on the contrary, something like “hurray, we have a leader.”

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Yep on big battlegrounds on ru horde we coordinate through text chat too. There are always some fellas (both competent and Incompetent) who are willing to lead the raid. It has always been like that: I remember active coordination since wintergrasp and tol barad.

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That’s why I was almost shoked. Never heard it before, or ever since.

Haha, that’s nice!


It promotes multiculturalism and diversity. I don’t have a problem with it.


if u knew how ruskis spam in raid chat u would never regret about that tbh. so much toxic. i play with some friends bgs aswell but i prefer to join eng or ger realms ;D

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just russian randoms no premades here…


1st one is actually could be 2 joint groups
4 players from soulflayer (Свежеватель душ) plus they could pick up a european.
There’s one european more, means he joined with someone.
So that’s 4 + 3 (2 europeans + russian host) or 5 + 2 (1 european plus russian host) at the least.

On the second one looks like 4 pp joined together (3 europeans + russian host)

But joining as a group up to 5 is allowed by default.


Three times in a row now. This game really goes down hill and fast its like 50% against russians these days.