Save ashbringer

What do u think self, I have played classic and horde players destroyed all pvp realms actually, Gehenass, Flamelash, Firemaw, name more. It is the fault of the horde players that we now have 99% ally, or 99% horde servers. I renember I tried back in the past on flamelash biggest horde server that time leveling an ally and… Horde was just litteraly camping everywhere like DOGS that dont care if they kill one ally player 10 times or 100 times, that made alliance quit and use the char transfers. How would u feel like if u keep getting ganked by 4 hordes vs 1 ally player? please use ur brains man if u have some little of them left :rofl:

That is just complete nonsense. It’s not „Hordes“ fault that monofaction realms came up. There are always people that grief, on both sides. I am Firemaw Horde… ofcourse i know the sad part of wpvp, i get constantly ganked by 10+ players when engaging in 1v1. I could say the same thing that alliance are scum, but it’s not true. It’s the players.
Monofaction arose because people played on pvp realms to look cool and then realized they didn’t actually want to experience pvp.

If ur consequence out of that experience is to join what u actually hate (go alliance on 99,9% alliance realm) then this is ur choice. But keep in mind that if u want to change something, then BE THE CHANGE U WANT SEE.
Complaining about something and then becoming part of it yourself and calling me „brainless“ in the process doesn’t make u look very bright


Are now available.


After so long. Are they staying this time?


I love u Kaivax! :smiley::heart:

Updated for 24th.

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wauwww crazy, 300 players, my private counter strike server has 4320 player. and only people in my city knows that. lol and it is not even english website.

14 people alliance in shatr right now… this server is doomed man

People in a capital is not a measure of people playing on your faction. Especially a capital without an AH.

What does that have to do with anything? If you don’t have anything constructive to add, don’t say anything. We know its still low pop. But it is growing.

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8k auctions, clearly dead omg… and when you ask on ashbringer alliance if its worth it and why the server feels so dead youre told not to transfer there and get insta insulted

This has not been my experience over the last 15 weeks. Sorry, you got insulted. Community on both sides has been good from my experiences.

Im glad youre having a different experience… But after having been baited into transfering my human rogue for 25 euros to mograine im really careful with my futher acting in terms of transfering off wellpop servers

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Great news , transfers are now open to Ashbringer, from the biggest servers!, @Balkmog keep us updated the upcoming days!


all nonsense! ignore those frustrated little peons Balkmog! we just transfered and it is rather busy in OG… a lot of people transfered in the past hours since it opened. seems like it picking up rather quickly. instantly formed a dungeon group and brewfest with nice people aswell!
definitely the best pvp server with faction balance right now on EU servers… if not to say the only one!
going strong boys


You sir are a hero.
Thanks for doing this.

I wanted to ask this, i noticed that Blizzard re-opened the transfers for other servers including Ashbringer, are those for both Horde and Alliance?

Are you offering to pay his transfer?

Should be or they would have said so in their blue post (I hope^^): Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available-- Updated 22 November - #787 by Kaivax


I was going to transfer my horde chars to ashbringer, but im on a hold now, if this server ends up like mograine.
I did pay for 3 trans already, but it stops not if blizz gonna make ashbringer a new mega horde/ally server

That’s the whole problem here, people don’t transfer because they expect high pop and lush life on low pop server, so these eventually die because there’s no fresh blood. Endless circle.

I dediced to transfer anyway, if it dies, it dies and my account with it.