Save ashbringer

the future looks promising, indeed. less players than 7 days ago… too bad i have to leave all my gold on ashbringer.

I mean it just isn’t less players than 7 days ago at prime time so /shrug.

The numbers are up and the only thing stopping any growth now is the transfer lock while they sort out the bug.

Transfer wont help if it is restricted to horde side only.

Updated for 23rd.

Going strong… as soon as transfers open (if they ever manage to get it done before wrath) it’s gonna be awesome

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why awesome if it is going to be restricted for horde players only with the free transfers? U know what this means for alliance then.

We don’t know what is going to happen. So let us try to be optimistic despite what has happened before. The reasoning was clear for the initial horde-only transfers, lets’s see how things pan out, until then - I will keep posting numbers in the hope it helps someone.

If the free transfers are both alliance and horde from servers like firemaw, gehenass, thekal then im completely fine with that, Just want ashbringer stays an 50/50 server, I think they open the transfers probably in 3 days then once LK launches.

I think they will open the server once the bug is fixed.


Ashbringer had free transfers a little while ago. They all moved to earthshaker. U guys missed it i guess? Also Ashbringer wasnt 50/50 for a long time. Not sure what this thread is about…

still no news…

Wtf r u talking about? Ashbringer IS 50/50 and has been roughly 50/50 for the past weeks. We aren’t talking about the free transfers FROM Ashbringer. That was ages ago and was the same sheep herd movement that killed all balanced pvp servers (Rip Firemaw)
If they open transfers for both factions we might have a chance!
They opened a lot of free transfer routes for US Servers tonight, if they didn’t neglect the hell out of EU playerbase we would have been able to have an amazing Wrath Launch

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They are likely referring to the transfers when Blizzard forgot to shut the gateway and a lot of people went via 3 server hops via HW to other realms.

This has been acknowledged as a mistake and so for those of us who stayed, waiting for information that we were promised, knowing that the transfer was a mistake, we were subjected to a 15-week wait with no information or news despite constant support tickets, tweets at Devs, and in-game feedback.

Now we might have a chance of a decent server if the bug gets fixed and alliance and horde transfers to Ashbringer are enabled.

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even if free transfers open the pool has dried out(more or less) & not only this but you do realise that once we are 2/3 weeks into WOTLK the hype is dead at that point and people will leave making ashbringer dead again?

the solution is to shut down the server and merge it with an existing medium one

Nah, u r wrong. The hypekids are not joining low-pop servers. The people joining a lowpop server are in most cases here to stay. I have had the best long-lasting experiences on lowpop servers
And wpvp is very much alive. It’s no massive gankfest of 20+ camping some entrance obviously, but epic 1v1s
But yes, we will see how it turns out. I do agree that the transfer opening might be too late by now


People are goin to join low pop servers since majority of the servers are high/full/locked IF there are goin to be queues, which there will be. Yea, maybe they wont come in big numbers, ppl have had 3 weeks to settle where they are goin to play(friends/ guilds etc), also being “hyped” is not a kids thing, its the human nature.

I suspect the only reason they dont shut it down is bc they are using it as a preventive measure if queues are getting to big.

Imo they should shutdown Ashbringer, look at all EU english realms, Ashbringer is the only low pop server. Eventually they will shutdown ashbringer someday, people have brains and wont use free transfers to an low pop server there u cant do anything.

around 650-700 total players peak time online is not enough ( both horde and alliance) .
Idk why blizzard keeps ashbringer alive still, people put crap items on the AH to make it look like its alive, but nobody buys anything anyways.

If u want to feel the HYPE for WOTLK, u need to play on the big servers, if u play on ashbringer it feels like there is 0 hype, and a complete wasteland lol.

This is simply NOT true and mere question of perspective. Many „real“ pvp players are and have been moving to Ashbringer or are still looking to do so. We are a small 15man pvp community waiting for transfers to open to Ashbringer again to transfer there.
I could never understand why you as an alliance player would want to move to Firemaw where it’s 99,9% Alliance.
FEEL the HYPE as you call it is most definitely NOT: running around in the new content areas and never ever encountering a player from another faction. This is more wasteland dead feeling than any low pop server could ever be.
But then again that’s my perspective as a pvp player… if u don’t care about that at all and u prefer having an active faction experience „undisrupted“ by wpvp or other faction encounters then go for it (even though i will never understand why people like u rolled a pvp server in the first place) :wink:


I have to agree here and i have talked about it as well, if Blizzard should shut down a server like Ashbringer because people here say that it’s a dead realm while others spend time asking for new servers instead of populating the low pop ones that already exist, Blizzard should also, to servers like Firemaw or Golemagg and a few others remove them as PvP realms and brand them as PvE.

I’m sure one would feel a huge hype for Wrath playing on a PvP server with 1 faction only…i guess that for some those types of servers represent enjoyment.

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Well it is the community that does things like this, and yes ashbringer is actually the only 50/50 pvp server, check other servers they are all 95-100% alliance, or 95-100% horde. We didnt do this , I would like a 50/50 balanced pvp server tho, but yea people dont like open world pvp it seems like anymore.