Save Big on WoW Black Friday Deals

Save Big on WoW Black Friday Deals

Whether you’re getting into the season of giving for your friends and family—or simply want to treat yourself to something fun—save up to 50% on Shadowlands, Burning Crusade Classic, and more during our Black Friday sale.

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No reduction in service prices…disappointing.


Really strange, i guess thats what people want instead of this, well just no.

On the second hand, Blizzard dont give what the players want.

They would make a killing with sensibly priced (the enthesis on sensibly) (Bulk) realm and (bulk) guild realm transfers/faction changes. But no…


Yeah, that was honestly the only thing on the menu that might have interested me as well. Bit naff, but a buck saved is never a bad thing.

I wish name change could have been for sale or FREE one day at least.

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Pass. Somewhat interested in the set, but not the bundle. Horse is still ugly and don’t care for the goat.

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I think a lot of people do. Say for their loyal customers ( sub 10/11 of the 12 months for example) you could have one name and race change per year … would cost them very little but would make us customers feel valued.

They seem to know the cost of everything and value of nothing…


Sinny will not be pleased !


She’s a superior kind of space goat. I’m sure she snubs her lessers when no one’s looking.

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Amazing, 0% reduction on most things, except for shadowlands that most players have and irrelevant bundles.

I’d call it a “big save” if there would be something like 50% reduced sub cost one time offer, store mounts for 3 euros each and a free pet of choice.


In Legion I bought 8 copies for the same account to use the boost on one licence. They stopped that, the boost in tied to the licence now (does the standard edition even come with a boost now?) .

How about trying to do at least one thing right for players and put some overpriced services to sale

I suppose that’s a sensible price for 50% less content.

the only thing blizz values is your wallet

Isn’t it usually like this by now?

Black Friday they do deals on games, mostly.
Then they tend to have a Holiday sale on pets and mounts.
And then there’s the sale in the summer on account/character services.

So depending on what you’re after, you wait until that time of the year.

It seems fine.

Edit: Isn’t Black Friday next week?

its overpriced still, but then it always has been.

worst black friday sale in a LONG time, #trash

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Don’t buy anything, they are not worth it


Token prices are started to increase after the Black Friday announcement lol :smiley: